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    All My Children CAST - Frankie Hubbard - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Frankie Hubbard Played by Cornelius Smith, JR on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Cornelius Smith, JR (ABC)

    Real Name: Cornelius Smith, JR


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    Sara Lavery.

    Thursday, May 19 2011

    Ryan watches from the window as the medical team works on Sara. Frankie comes out and tells Ryan she has developed pneumonia.

    How Classy Is This?

    Monday, May 16 2011

    Frankie returns to Caleb and JR and tells them Asher might be paralyzed. He says he's going to bring a neurologist in and then walks away. Caleb thanks JR for helping to save Asher.

    Something Has To Give.

    Monday, May 09 2011

    Frankie helps Cara get Jake into a hospital bed and tells Cara to go before they all get in trouble. She tends to Jake first, which Tad and Cara witness. Amanda walks in the room and sits with her husband, as Tad leads Cara away.

    Sometimes Lunch Is Just Lunch.

    Tuesday, May 03 2011

    On the way to her appointment, Madison bumps into Frankie at the hospital. They talk about her issues with Greenlee and Frankie reminds her she could blow Greenlee out of the water by exposing her secret. Madison won't do that because it's in the past. Madison heads to her appointment, as Frankie meets with Maya. He offers to give the girl some pharmaceutical samples. Jesse walks up and meets Maya. Frankie runs into Ryan and rails at him about Madison and brings up the fact that Madison fell on Christmas Eve and was taken to the ER.

    Don't Look Back.

    Friday, April 22 2011

    Frankie visits his mother at home and learns about the experimental treatment that could restore her sight. Angie admits she still doesn’t trust David, but that doesn’t mean the treatment won't work. Frankie is wary of David and his vendetta against the family. She reminds him David wants his medical license back, so he won't hurt her. David stops by and Angie says she is ready to talk about his research. Frankie leaves and David and Angie discuss the procedure. Jesse walks in and is unhappy to see Dr. Hayward with his wife. Angie asks David to leave and he says he'll be in touch. Once David is gone, Angie tries to explain why she needs David right now. Jesse isn't sure she can trust him. Angie knows that but she just wants to give it a chance. Jesse sighs that he understands, but he wants to run everything by Frankie before she does anything. Angie agrees. He says he's onboard and Angie hugs him.

    Looking For Assurance.

    Tuesday, April 12 2011

    Frankie brings Angie and Lucy to the station, as Brot tries to talk Jesse down from worrying about Lucy's biological mother. Jesse takes a call from Mayor Blanco, while Angie and Frankie tell a guilty looking Brot they owe him for helping Angie when she gave birth. Jesse returns to tell Angie and Brot that Iris is worried Griffin will be given special treatment because she is married to his close friend. Angie goes to the interrogation room to change Lucy, as Brot reminds Jesse to take a deep breath because his secret is safe. Jesse responds, "For now."

    What Happened Here, Didn't.

    Thursday, April 07 2011

    In an examining room, Cara asks if Jesse is okay. Angie says he's just had a rough couple of days. Cara asks about the night of the delivery again and Angie recalls it taking awhile for Jesse to hand the baby to her after she regained consciousness. Angie wishes Jesse would relax and enjoy what they have. Jake arrives to see Cara holding the baby. Angie leaves to find Jesse, as Cara tells Jake the baby is fine. Jake brings up the time they thought she was pregnant. He hopes she can have a family of her own some day. She doesn’t think it's in the cards for her. Amanda walks in, as does Frankie, who holds his baby sister. Frankie leaves with Lucy to find Angie and Jesse. Alone, Amanda tells Jake it's the perfect night for them to make a baby. Jake tells her it's not the best time because they're having some problems. Amanda thinks having another baby will release all the tension between them and help them focus on what is important – their family. Jake says they will have another baby, but not now. He then gets called away.

    Miracle Baby.

    Thursday, March 31 2011

    The paramedics bring Angie in as Jesse and the baby follow. Jake brings Angie into a room as Cara tends to the baby nearby. Cara questions the umbilical cord being cut and Jesse lies that he did it. Jake orders a full examination of Angie and Jake asks Jesse to leave the room. He reluctantly does so and waits in the hallway. Frankie and Randi show up and Jesse assures them Angie is fine. Jake wheels the baby out to run tests on her and Jesse asks to go with him. Jake and Frankie both think it would be better if he didn't. Jesse anxiously watches Jake take the baby away. Back in Angie's room, Cara wants to talk more about he delivery and then presses on her abdomen. Angie experiences pain and Cara notes something isn't right, as Jesse returns. Cara tells her Angie discovered clotted blood, which indicates a clot in the uterus before going into labor, indicating the placenta separated before she gave birth. Angie deduces that's why she passed out. Angie thinks there would be signs of damage to her baby, considering most wouldn't survive that kind of trauma. Cara calls it a miracle. Jake returns with the baby and announces she passed all her tests with flying colors. She even has the same blood type as Angie. Brot joins them as Angie tells Jesse someone was watching out for them and they have their miracle baby. Natalia, Randi and Frankie join their family, as a concerned looking Cara leaves the room. Jesse talks with Brot in the hallway and learns the mother of the baby left a note for someone to take care of her child. The only other thing left behind was an earring. Brot then takes Jesse to where he buried Ellie.

    Kendall Gets Her Answers.

    Monday, March 28 2011

    Natalia surprises Randi, Brot and Frankie at Fusion, as they prepare to go to the Angie and Jesse's part. As Brot and Natalia catch up, Randi makes an excuse for her and Frankie to leave the room, giving them some alone time.

    At Jake and Amanda's, Tad helps the couple set up for Jesse and Angie's party. Tad notes Cara isn't coming because she has a date with Ricky. Amanda wonders what happens if Cara actually finds someone she likes while pretending to be married to Tad. Jake knows Cara wouldn't jeopardize anything. Amanda isn't so sure. Jesse, Angie and Krystal show up to their party and Tad and Jake present them with a photo album of their history. Angie says even though she can't see, him she's never felt closer to Jesse. Jesse sees a photo of them getting married at the Justice of he Peace and recalls that day. Brot, Frankie and Randi enter and reveal that Natalia has come home for the party. Angie looks uncomfortable as everyone gives speeches about the Hubbards and their baby. She asks them to stop lavishing praise on her, when she's scared out of her mind. Jesse brings Angie out in the hallway. She expresses her fear over not being able to protect their daughter over dangers she can't see. She wonders if she made a mistake by pushing for this on her terms. Jesse assures her he has faith in her and that he's there to help her and the baby the rest of the way. Jesse and Angie return to the party, as the group agrees to take turns helping Angie out.

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