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    All My Children CAST - Frankie Hubbard - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Frankie Hubbard Played by Cornelius Smith, JR on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Cornelius Smith, JR (ABC)

    Real Name: Cornelius Smith, JR


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    Exactly Right.

    Wednesday, August 18 2010

    Madison continues to be there for Frankie at his place, as Natalia walks in and sees them embrace. Madison takes her last box and leaves. Natalia wonders where Randi is and then gets a text and leaves.

    It's Not You. It's Me.

    Tuesday, August 17 2010

    Frankie helps Madison bring groceries into Ryan's apartment. She notes she doesn’t know when Ryan will be better, but she has to remain hopeful.

    Let Me Be There For You.

    Thursday, August 12 2010

    At the hospital, Jesse and Angie fight about her condition and him shadowing her. She wants him to trust her to handle what's ahead and him looking over her shoulder all the time is undermining her confidence. Frankie walks up and Angie says their son can help her, as well as Jake if she needs it so he needs to try and get his job back. Angie walks away and Jesse instructs Frankie to keep his eye on her. Frankie tells his father about some research he's been doing, but hasn't come up with anything viable. Jesse tells him to keep working on it.

    Outside Ryan's hospital room, Kendall asks Jake if he thinks Greenlee did all the things people are accusing her of. Jake thinks since she's married to David she could be capable of anything. They discuss their plan with Ryan and Jake is hopeful it will have an effect on Greenlee. After Kendall has left, Angie approaches Jake, upset no one told her about Ryan. She thinks Jake is protecting her like Jesse is, but Jake assures her there's nothing for her to worry about regarding Ryan. He encourages her to take care of herself, as Frankie walks up. Jake tells him to take his mother home so she can rest.

    Frankie brings Angie home who talks about keeping her faith. He says she has always been there for him and now it's his turn. She wants him to go back to his own life and he agrees, but vows he will come back. Frankie leaves and Angie climbs a ladder to get something out of a cupboard, but her vision gets blurry. She gets down and sits on the couch counting her blessings. She tells her baby how lucky he/she is to be part of the Hubbard family, but she's the real lucky one because she gets to welcome him/her to the world. Jesse runs home to see if Angie is okay and she tells him about her episode on the ladder. He's upset Frankie left her alone, but she tells him she's happy she handled it without help. She adds she wasn't alone because of their baby.

    Randi and Frankie meet at Krystal's where Frankie tells her about what's going on with Angie. He tells her no one outside the family can know.

    What Is Wrong With You?

    Wednesday, August 04 2010

    Frankie comes out to his kitchen to find Randi, who made him some espresso from their new machine. She shows him photos of all the places in Italy she wants to take him to. They start to kiss and he tells her how much he missed her. They make plans to spend the day together but then Randi gets a call about a photo shoot she has to get to in an hour. She feels like she's disappointing him, but he tells her she could never do that. She says they could use the money anyway and bemoans the fact that David is cutting his shifts.

    Madison finds Frankie in the hospital and learns Ryan will be fine if he just stays put for a few days. Frankie worries that Madison is putting in so much time with Ryan at the hospital, but warns she's not the only one who's hanging around.

    Elsewhere in the hospital, Greenlee informs David their new arrangement includes her having access to his money. If he wants her to play the part of the trophy wife, he needs to pay for it. David walks away after he gets paged to the nurses' desk. He sees Madison and tells her she needs to persuade Ryan to stay in the hospital, for his health of course. He adds if she needs help keeping unwanted visitors away from Ryan she should give him a call. David gives her his number if she ever needs his help and walks away. Frankie walks up, after overhearing everything, and she rips up David's card.

    Ryan comes to the conference room Greenlee is in to further question her about David. She asks him to let it go as Frankie walks up tell Ryan he needs bed rest or else he could end up with serious brain damage, or worse. Greenlee tells him she doesn’t want his help so he should listen to Frankie. Greenlee declares how much she and David love each other as David walks up. Another argument ensues before Frankie leads Ryan away.

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