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    All My Children CAST - Frankie Hubbard - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Frankie Hubbard Played by Cornelius Smith, JR on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Cornelius Smith, JR (ABC)

    Real Name: Cornelius Smith, JR


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    Seeing What's Right In Front Of Her.

    Monday, September 19 2011

    Randi and Frankie want to celebrate Natalia and Brot's engagement at Krystal's, but the happy couple don't want to go overboard when Jesse and Angie lost their babies and Angie still can't see. Jesse shows up and tells the group the wedding should be held at the house, because Angie got her sight back.

    When Jesse returns home, Angie tells him that after seeing the pain in his face today, she realized how selfish she's been by not letting them grieve together. All she could do is think of herself, but she now sees that it was his love that made all the decision he made. She thanks him for that. As they kiss and get cozy on the couch, Maya stops by with Lucy. Angie is overjoyed to actually see the both of them. Angie holds Lucy as Maya indicates that things aren't great with Liza, so Angie invites them to come back. Frankie, Randi, Brot and Natalia enter and Angie cries as she hugs each one of them. Natalia asks Angie to help her pick out wedding invitations and Brot hands them a bottle of champagne to continue the celebration. They toast to their family, which is filled with love.

    Old Habits.

    Friday, September 16 2011

    Angie briefly sees the light at home, but it passes. She tells Frankie not to tell Jesse because it might never come back. Jesse returns home and Frankie leaves. Jesse asks how Angie's visit with David went. She notes that David seemed a bit defeated and feels badly for all the loss he's suffered. She understands why he's the man he is, calling him a tortured soul. Jesse calls him an accessory to murder. Angie knows the evil Hayward is capable of, but she also knows he's saved a lot of lives. She wants his other patients to be reunited with their families and urges Jesse not to put David in prison so they have that chance. Angie notes how quiet it is without Lucy. She feels it in her bones and fears it will crush her. Jesse will do whatever he can to help her through this, but she needs to find her own way. As Jesse packs up Lucy's crib, Angie's sight returns. She walks over to Jesse and tells him she can see that he's crying, which makes him cry harder.

    It's Never Too Late.

    Thursday, September 15 2011

    Randi and Frankie run into Maya and Lucy at Krystal's. After spending some time together, Frankie and Randi leave to pick up Angie. Liza enters and overhears Maya on the phone saying she has to drop her classes because she can't get a job to accommodate school. Liza thinks Angie and Jesse would help her, but she can't ask them for anything more.

    In the interrogation room at the jail, Angie empathizes with David, who she thinks just needs love and to feel connected to someone. That's why he does the things he does. However, he's not the only one who has suffered loss. David is sorry for the loss of her daughter. She says it's been torture, but the only way to deal with pain is to stare it down with the help of people who love him. She urges him not to put up his walls and to let her in. He assumes she just wants to make sure he continues treating her, but she assures him she cares what happens to him. She thinks there's hope for him yet, but David notes he's probably going to prison. She counters that it's never too late and urges him to give Pine Valley the people he's holding back, including himself. Frankie enters to pick up his mother. David asks Angie to visit him in prison. She assures him he hasn't seen the last of her.

    Frankie brings Angie home. He turns on the lights, which Angie tearfully announces she sees.

    David Makes A Confession.

    Monday, September 12 2011

    After Jesse takes Angie to her doctor's appointment, Maya assumes Frankie stayed behind to make sure she didn't leave with Lucy. Frankie tries to convince her that staying with Angie and Jesse would be good for her. Maya understands why they would want Lucy to stay close, but she has to do this on her own. Frankie wonders how she's going to cope any better now than when she gave Lucy up. Maya explains that she knows her baby now. She's a mother. Frankie is scared Angie won't be able to survive losing another child and begs her not to take the baby away from his mother.

    Don't Try So Hard.

    Wednesday, September 07 2011

    Jesse and David stand over Angie in her hospital room as she wakes up. Angie is told the new cells were implanted, now all they have to do is wait. Frankie joins them as David explains how her eyesight should come back slowly. Jesse gets a call from Brot, who says he just pulled Ryan over for reckless driving while Zach was holding a gun on him after finding him breaking into David's lab.

    Frankie and Jesse bring Angie home. Frankie discovers that Maya and the baby are gone, but Maya's things are still there. Frankie leaves to look for them, as Jesse tries to reassure Angie Maya wouldn’t just take off. Frankie returns with Maya and Lucy, who were in the park. Maya assures them she won't leave without saying goodbye. She thanks Angie for all she's done, but she has to raise Lucy on her own. She won't leave just yet and will make sure Angie gets time with Lucy before she does.

    It's Real, But Different.

    Tuesday, September 06 2011

    Tad finds Jesse waiting at the hospital, as Angie undergoes surgery. Jesse is more worried about Angie forgiving him though. Tad suggests Jesse let Angie mourn Ellie and deal with whatever comes next. It will take time, but he knows Angie will forgive him. David comes upon them to say Angie's surgery is going as planned. Once Tad has left, Frankie and Randi show up to wait with Jesse. When Jesse beats himself up over deceiving Angie, Randi empathizes with him. Jesse just hopes Angie can forgive him some day. Frankie knows she will. Tad returns, as Jake brings Krystal to wait with the group. Everyone eventually leaves Jesse alone to breathe, except Tad who declares he's staying. Frankie returns to tell his father Angie's surgery is over.

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