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    All My Children CAST - Jesse Hubbard - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jesse Hubbard Played by Darnell Williams on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Darnell Williams (

    Birthday: March 3, 1955
    Birthplace: London, England, UK
    Real Name: Darnell Williams


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    Fill The Void.

    Monday, September 02 2013

    At home, Angie encourages Jesse to open his own detective shop, especially with Tad undercover. Later, Colby joins Cassandra for a movie night with junk food. Cassandra wants to go back to bed but Colby won’t let her.

    David taunts Jesse in the square. He offers to put in a good word for him to be a security guard at CorTech - unless he’s cool with wifey taking care of him. One day Angie will realize she can do better.

    Angie calls Jesse from the hospital about a meeting with the doctor. He lies that he is meeting with a realtor. She’s proud of him for moving forward. Tad calls Jesse, whose sources tell him Uri is about to resurface. Tad’s on the next flight home.

    The Eagle Has Landed.

    Monday, August 26 2013

    Jesse drinks Zach’s hangover concoction at Jane’s Addiction. He’s determined to make Uri pay. Lea enters but Zach isn’t interested in talking. Outside, a criminal taunts Jesse about losing his job. Jesse slams him against a wall. Without his badge he’s more dangerous and pretends to shoot him with his finger.

    Cassandra is home with Jesse and Angie. She goes to lay down while Angie pushes Jesse to tell her about his job. He wants Cassandra to rest first and instead changes the locks. Later, Cassandra overhears them talking about him losing his job. He tells her about Uri’s blackmail. Cassandra blames herself but Jesse doesn’t. Nothing is more important to him than his family.

    Throw Him A Bone.

    Monday, August 12 2013

    Lea is surprised to see Jesse so drunk at the bar. She suggests he get a cab and he suggests she shut the hell up.

    At the gala, Brooke promises the investors they threw JR a bone because of his name. Later, Dr. Anders congratulates Dixie on being named director of the Miranda Center. She thinks perhaps tonight they can get to know each other better. Brooke interrupts. She should have never trusted JR with the reel. Dixie is worried about what is going on between Adam and JR. Outside, David comments to Cara about JR’s quick temper - classic JR. Cara joins Brooke and Dixie as JR emerges. Adam asks to speak with Dixie and Brooke and they go in. Outside, JR tells Cara that Adam said he was an embarrassment. Cara points out his outburst was a little over the top and he accuses her of turning on him too. He calls her a fake for leading him on when all she cares about is hiding her son from David. He tells her to drop the act and go to hell. Inside, Adam tells Brooke that JR won’t be a problem. Dimitri watches as they hold each other. Upstairs, AJ is upset. He believed JR when he said tonight would be a new beginning. Miranda is the only person who doesn’t disappoint him. She pulls away and he calls her out for avoiding him whenever things get personal. He gets close - he always wants her around. Heather enters and invites him to join the dance contest. Downstairs, Colby looks for Adam but Brooke tells her he is already on his way to the airport. Colby plays it like she doesn’t care. Later, Brooke tries to talk shop with Dimitri as they dance but he just wants to enjoy the rest of the evening. Upstairs, Angie runs into Oliver and she offers to tuck him back in. Downstairs, Dixie admits to Anders she is worried about JR. David gets Angie to dance. Jesse enters and begins to fight David. The men pull Jesse off. David apologizes to Angie and offers to take her home. She doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Meanwhile, Oliver wanders downstairs and eats some candy. Outside, his grandmother looks for him and Opal recognizes her as Cara’s mom from Tad's wedding. She lies and says her name is Carmen. Inside, Colby dumps a plate of food on Celia, who retaliates by dumping water on her. David finds Oliver unconscious on the floor. Outside, JR begs for Cara’s forgiveness. She wonders how he could question her feelings for him. They kiss, but she pulls away. He is her patient and she can’t go there.

    Daddy’s Here.

    Monday, August 12 2013

    Jesse drinks alone at a bar. Billy Clyde joins him and orders a Stinky Pinky on the rocks. He heard about Jesse losing his job and assumes it had to do with his daughter. Jesse won’t give up finding who did this. Billy Clyde offers help. He has no children but if he did he would break one of God’s commandments and hope for forgiveness later. Billy Clyde reveals he won the lottery. The lord works in mysterious ways. Jesse has more drinking to do.

    I Should Be Grateful.

    Monday, July 29 2013

    David interrupts Jesse as he is packing up in his office. David says it's good he's back to help Angie and Cassandra. Jesse says the charges were dropped and David laughs. Jesse tells David that he’s not the savior he thinks he is. David says he’s lucky Angie is still with him and that he does nothing but make excuses. He blurts out that Cassandra had an abortion and Jesse storms out.

    In her hospital room, a crying Cassandra tells Angie that she should have left her in the trash when she was a baby. Angie tries to calm her down. Dixie enters and tells Angie to take a break. Dixie gives Cassandra a necklace and tells her to wear it to get over the pain. In the waiting room, Jesse apologizes for not being there. Angie tells him that Cassandra thinks she hates her. Jesse tells Angie that he had to resign as a part of the deal. Jesse informs Cassandra that he loves her. Dixie tells Angie that everything will work out for the better. Angie lets Dixie know that Jesse had to give up his job and how she should be happy to have him and Cassandra back but isn’t.

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