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    All My Children CAST - Dr. Angie Baxter Hubbard - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Angie Baxter Hubbard Played by Debbi Morgan on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Debbi Morgan (

    Birthday: September 20, 1956
    Birthplace: Dunn, North Carolina, USA
    Marital Status: Donn Thompson (March 15, 1997 - present)
    Real Name: Debbi Morgan


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    Adding To The Mystery.

    Friday, September 02 2011

    At the hospital, David tells Angie he won't greenlight any procedure until he knows what's going on with her. Angie explains what Jesse did. David knows all about loss and recalls how Leora died after Joe wouldn't let him in the operating room. He thinks receiving a substitute baby would have been an insult to her memory. Angie has faith she will accept what has happened one day, but for now she just wants her sight back and orders him to perform the surgery.

    Angie meets with Jesse in the exam room after her consultation with David. Jesse explains he tried to save Ellie. He also tried to save Angie from the pain. He just loves her so much. Angie knows he does. She loves him too.

    It’s Yours Maya.

    Thursday, September 01 2011

    Jesse joins Angie again at the gravesite. He couldn't leave her there and she can't leave her baby. She claims she’s seen the baby in a dream and describes her baby’s looks in fine detail. She cries, "Why, why?" She looks up to the sky and talks to God. She asks him to tell Ellie that her mom will always remember her. She looks forward to holding her baby in heaven. Jesse says, "Amen." They comfort each other and sit quietly.

    Later at home, Angie recalls the joy she felt at her baby’s birth. She won’t let Maya wait one more second to learn the truth. Jesse says he loves her and goes to work. Lucy cries and Angie holds her close. She tells Lucy she loves her and Maya walks in. Angie starts talking about the two beautiful babies they’ve had and Maya asks if someone found her baby. Angie says it’s right here and tells her the baby is hers. She explains how Jesse found her in the squad car. Maya expresses her sympathy about Ellie and cries with happiness. Angie offers to hand her the baby. Maya worries that Lucy will remember she was abandoned. Angie assures her that Lucy knew she was special. Maya takes her and kisses her again and again. Angie asks her to stay on until she finds a place. Maya agrees and asks Angie if she wants to hold the baby. Angie says maybe in a little while.

    Leave Me Alone With My Baby.

    Wednesday, August 31 2011

    At the gravesite, Angie cries and asks Jesse to tell her all about Ellie. He cries and tells her she was tiny and had her dimples. She was an angel. He should have told her right away but couldn’t. He comes there every day to tell Ellie how much she’s loved. Angie asks where the live baby came from. She remembers she called out to hold her baby and he handed her Lucy. He says that’s almost exactly how it happened. He wanted to will their baby back to life when he heard a baby cry. He thought it was a sign. The baby was left in a box with no identification. Suddenly she realizes the baby is Maya’s. She is mortified and asks when he found out. She can’t believe he let Maya look after her own baby. Angie screams at him. They have to tell Maya the truth. Jesse wants to go home but Angie won’t leave her baby. She’s angry that Jesse kept all of this from her. She tells him to leave her alone with her baby.

    Mommy's Here.

    Tuesday, August 30 2011

    At home, Jesse takes Angie's hand as he tells her their baby is gone. Angie freaks out worried about Lucy. He tells her Lucy is fine, which only confuses and upsets her more. Jesse gently says, "Lucy is not our baby." He tells her what really happened to Ellie. Through painful sobs, Angie wonders why he is being so cruel. Jesse just wants to tell her the truth. She asks for it and he recalls the night their baby died. Angie breaks out into more sobs and lashes out at Jesse. After calming down a bit, she asks what he did with Ellie. Jesse explains she's under a beautiful tree. Angie orders him to take her there.

    Jesse brings Angie to the place in the park where he buried Ellie. She kneels down to the ground and frantically digs in the dirt demanding her baby back. She says, "Mommy's here." She's sorry she never got to hold or kiss her. She breaks down into tears on the ground, as Jesse watches over her.

    I Have Something To Tell You.

    Monday, August 29 2011

    At the Hubbards, Maya tells Angie she made a mistake and can't live without her baby. When Angie finds out Maya left her baby in a cop car, she asks her to trust Jesse enough to let him help her. Angie picks up Lucy and tells her she might have a playmate soon. After Maya leaves, Jesse returns home. Angie tells her husband that Maya wants her daughter back and she wants him to help her. As Angie rattles on, Jesse orders her to stop. He has something to tell her.

    No Drama. No Stress.

    Friday, August 26 2011

    In David's office, he tells Angie they might have to accelerate her treatment because of Griffin. Angie thinks she can appeal to Griffin, but thinks Griffin wouldn't be going to the FDA if David wasn't playing God. Maybe if he revealed who his other patients were, people wouldn't be attacking him. They might even work with him. David scoffs, wondering when anyone in town has ever worked with him. Angie declares she will. David says right now they need to focus on her eyesight. Angie doesn’t want him to shut down now. She asks who else he saved. She wonders if he saved Babe. David responds that he will reveal who he has saved when it's in their best interest, emotionally and physically. Jesse arrives to pick up Angie. Angie tells her husband the surgery has been moved up. Jesse worries it isn't safe, but David assures him it's fine. Privately, David tells Jesse that Angie has high blood pressure, which adds risk to the procedure. His job right now is to make sure Angie stays as calm as possible – no drama, no stress.

    No One Knows The Whole Story.

    Tuesday, August 23 2011

    Maya, Angie and Lucy walk the park. Maya tells Angie Mookie is in California. She fears she's all alone. Angie points out she has the Hubbard family, which includes Lucy.

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