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    All My Children CAST - Dr. Angie Baxter Hubbard - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Angie Baxter Hubbard Played by Debbi Morgan on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Debbi Morgan (

    Birthday: September 20, 1956
    Birthplace: Dunn, North Carolina, USA
    Marital Status: Donn Thompson (March 15, 1997 - present)
    Real Name: Debbi Morgan


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    It's Never Too Late.

    Thursday, September 15 2011

    In the interrogation room at the jail, Angie empathizes with David, who she thinks just needs love and to feel connected to someone. That's why he does the things he does. However, he's not the only one who has suffered loss. David is sorry for the loss of her daughter. She says it's been torture, but the only way to deal with pain is to stare it down with the help of people who love him. She urges him not to put up his walls and to let her in. He assumes she just wants to make sure he continues treating her, but she assures him she cares what happens to him. She thinks there's hope for him yet, but David notes he's probably going to prison. She counters that it's never too late and urges him to give Pine Valley the people he's holding back, including himself. Frankie enters to pick up his mother. David asks Angie to visit him in prison. She assures him he hasn't seen the last of her.

    Frankie brings Angie home. He turns on the lights, which Angie tearfully announces she sees.

    Visiting Hours.

    Wednesday, September 14 2011

    Jesse finds Angie folding laundry at home. They talk about Maya and Lucy leaving before Angie gets a chance to actually see her. Jesse remains positive that she will get her sight back. He will always believe in her whether she forgives him for what he's done or not. David's name is brought up. Angie says she wants to talk to David because she wants to bring Babe back to Krystal if she's really alive. Maya returns to find Jesse and Angie sitting with Lucy. Maya tells them she and Lucy are moving out today. Despite Jesse's appeal for her to stay, Angie knows it's better if Maya makes a clean break. Angie says a tearful goodbye to Lucy as Jesse painfully watches. Maya returns to the room to collect her daughter and leaves. Angie tries to remain strong and looks for a distraction. She decides to pay David a visit. Jesse doesn't understand why she needs to do this. She just needs to make something good come out of everything that's happened. She cries as she says how badly it hurts. Jesse consoles her, as Frankie drives up to take Angie to the jail.

    Angie visits David, who wonders if she's seen any light yet. She hasn't, but hopes he's about to.

    David Makes A Confession.

    Monday, September 12 2011

    After Jesse takes Angie to her doctor's appointment, Maya assumes Frankie stayed behind to make sure she didn't leave with Lucy. Frankie tries to convince her that staying with Angie and Jesse would be good for her. Maya understands why they would want Lucy to stay close, but she has to do this on her own. Frankie wonders how she's going to cope any better now than when she gave Lucy up. Maya explains that she knows her baby now. She's a mother. Frankie is scared Angie won't be able to survive losing another child and begs her not to take the baby away from his mother.

    As they wait at the hospital, Angie tells Jesse their life has become a shadow of what it once was and she doesn’t see any light coming through. Jesse knows he can't fix her eyesight or keep Lucy for her. Angie in turn can't make that okay for him. As they talk about Lucy, the nurse tells the Hubbards the doctor is ready for them. Angie takes Jesse's hand as he leads her to the doctor. After their visit, Jesse gets a call and urgently tells Angie he has to go to work.

    Angie returns home and asks if Maya is going to stay. Maya doesn’t know how to make that decision without Angie's advice. Angie opens her arms and hugs the girl.

    Don't Try So Hard.

    Wednesday, September 07 2011

    Jesse and David stand over Angie in her hospital room as she wakes up. Angie is told the new cells were implanted, now all they have to do is wait. Frankie joins them as David explains how her eyesight should come back slowly. Jesse gets a call from Brot, who says he just pulled Ryan over for reckless driving while Zach was holding a gun on him after finding him breaking into David's lab.

    Frankie and Jesse bring Angie home. Frankie discovers that Maya and the baby are gone, but Maya's things are still there. Frankie leaves to look for them, as Jesse tries to reassure Angie Maya wouldn’t just take off. Frankie returns with Maya and Lucy, who were in the park. Maya assures them she won't leave without saying goodbye. She thanks Angie for all she's done, but she has to raise Lucy on her own. She won't leave just yet and will make sure Angie gets time with Lucy before she does.

    Adding To The Mystery.

    Friday, September 02 2011

    Jesse returns home to find Maya holding Lucy, as Angie silently sits nearby. He offers an apology, but Maya tells him he has nothing to be sorry for. She knows Jesse lied to protect Angie. Frankie races in to find out why Angie's surgery was postponed. Angie angrily asks if Jesse did that. Jesse explains he had to because of her stress level and explains things to Frankie. A stunned Frankie wants to see his sister. Jesse agrees to take him to her gravesite. Angie then rips into Jesse for canceling her surgery. She needs something good to happen in her life since she lost two children in one day. Despite Jesse's resistance to the surgery, Frankie backs his mother. After Jesse takes Angie to the hospital, Frankie questions Maya on her intentions towards Lucy. She doesn’t want to hurt the Hubbards, but she doesn’t know how she can give up her daughter again.

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