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    All My Children CAST - Dr. Angie Baxter Hubbard - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Angie Baxter Hubbard Played by Debbi Morgan on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Debbi Morgan (

    Birthday: September 20, 1956
    Birthplace: Dunn, North Carolina, USA
    Marital Status: Donn Thompson (March 15, 1997 - present)
    Real Name: Debbi Morgan


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    No Longer Open For Business.

    Monday, July 15 2013

    At the station Lea promises she was only trying to protect Zach be he won’t trust her again. Jesse is brought in and Zach orders the cuffs be removed. Angie arrives – she didn’t want to hear this from Joe. Jesse tells Angie and Zach he wouldn’t let Uri kill Cassandra and felt he had no choice. Zach would have done the same and won’t turn his back on Jesse. Jesse hopes Angie understands why he did it.

    Back at the station Angie wonders why Jesse keeps doing this to her. The truth always comes out and now he might go to jail.

    So Broken.

    Monday, July 15 2013

    At the hospital Cassandra tells Angie she doesn’t want the baby. She considers it a disease and hits herself as Dixie rushes in to calm her down. Cassandra tells Dixie the baby reminds her of the men who degraded her. She would hate the baby and hate herself for it.

    Angie visits a therapist, Dr. Peterson. Angie wants her daughter to get past this dark place. He assures her it will take time and understanding. Angie has to hold on to hope that even in the worst situations something good comes out. Cassandra was always so sure and stubborn and now she is broken. They degraded her in every way and the pregnancy is just too cruel. But, she doesn’t want Cassandra to regret not having the baby. Dr. Peterson wants Angie to share with Cassandra that she is torn. Angie fears alienating her and cries for her daughter.

    Jesse finds Angie outside Cassandra’s room but is arrested before he can tell her anything. He apologizes to a hysterical Angie.

    Lurking For Any Opportunity.

    Monday, July 08 2013

    Angie is upset with Jesse for never being at the hospital. David chimes in and Jesse thinks it’s inappropriate for David to be comforting his wife. Angie insists David is a friend and walks out. Later, Jesse calls Uri and tells him the feds know. Uri demands Jesse fix it or his family is at risk. Jesse assigns a guard to Cassandra’s room and tells Angie that Uri is still alive.

    So Hot, So Fast.

    Monday, July 08 2013

    At the hospital David comforts Angie. He wants her to prepare herself for the possibility that Cassandra has an abortion. Part of Angie feels she should fight for the baby but the damage from the heroin could have already been done. He trusts whatever she does will be from love. They hug as Jesse looks on. Inside, Dixie tells Cassandra she has family, friends and options.

    Reminders Of My Dark Past.

    Monday, July 01 2013

    Cassandra has nightmares in the hospital and wakes as Jesse holds her. Later, Anders forcefully instructs her to walk around. Outside, Dixie asks Anders to work on his insensitive bedside manner.

    Angie joins Cassandra in her room and tells her she’s pregnant. She holds Cassandra as she cries.

    A Little Extra Juice.

    Monday, July 01 2013

    At the hospital, Anders tells Angie and Jesse that Cassandra tested negative for all STDs but she’s pregnant. Angie worries about the effects of the drugs on the baby. Inside Cassandra begs for something to take the edge off. Angie assures her she and Jesse are there for her, but Jesse is gone. In the hall, Jesse calls Uri and demands a meeting.

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