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    All My Children CAST - Dr. Angie Baxter Hubbard - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Angie Baxter Hubbard Played by Debbi Morgan on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Debbi Morgan (

    Birthday: September 20, 1956
    Birthplace: Dunn, North Carolina, USA
    Marital Status: Donn Thompson (March 15, 1997 - present)
    Real Name: Debbi Morgan


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    Donuts, Meditation And The Female Mind.

    Wednesday, July 27 2011

    After Jesse and Angie argue about Maya moving in, the new nanny shows up. Jesse quizzes her and then Maya gets settled in her room. Angie wonders why Jesse is giving Maya the third degree. Jesse points the girl is moving in with them and will be looking after their child so he wants to be sure. Angie assures him she checked her out, but tells him she is trying to get out of an unhealthy relationship. Jesse is concerned about that, but Angie only sees it as them helping the girl get back on her feet. Frankie walks in and Angie asks her son to talk to Jesse. Maya emerges and Angie volunteers to head to the mansion with her so she can quit her job with JR. Once the women leave, Jesse tells Frankie he did a background check on Maya and discovered she gave up her baby. Frankie doesn't see the problem, but Jesse muses that Maya could start having second thoughts about her own baby, noting baby's have been kidnapped for less. Frankie explains that he treated Maya and learned she wanted her baby to have a good family and that the father doesn't even know. Frankie thinks Maya is just looking for a fresh start.

    Tad visits JR at the mansion. He tells him what he said in his drunken stupor about seeing Dixie, but JR doesn’t remember anything. Tad also points out that he went to Krystal's looking for AJ. JR is relieved that AJ wasn't there. Tad gives JR some drawings and cards he made for Dixie as a kid. Tad points out how odd it is that both JR and Kathy 'saw' Dixie and that he just got a box of her things. JR angrily tells Tad that Dixie is dead and that she isn't trying to communicate with them. He thinks maybe Tad is the one who needs help. Tad admits he might, but reiterates that JR should go to a meeting. Tad says he's there if he needs him and walks out. Maya and Angie show up. Maya quits as Mookie walks in and learns Maya is leaving. Maya heads upstairs to grab some of her things and Mookie starts to follow her. Angie grabs his arm wanting him to give her time to do this alone. Mookie and Angie exchange heated words. Maya returns and Mookie angrily storms out.

    Mookie lurks in the hallway as Angie and Maya return home.

    Cara finds Amanda waiting for the doctor at the hospital. Jake joins them and Amanda thanks Cara for being so kind to her. Amanda tells her she was really jealous of Cara's past with Jake and that's why she called INS on her. Cara appreciates the sentiment says she knows she disrupted their marriage when she came to town. Jake is fascinated by the female mind and how the women are being so understanding of each other. Amanda again apologizes, but Cara is grateful because her actions led her to Tad. She lends her ear if Amanda ever needs someone to talk to about her cancer. Jake and Amanda meet with the doctor, who tells them they need to take several tests to make sure the cancer has remained localized. Once they get the results they can discuss a treatment plan. Amanda worries she might not be able to have any more children.

    The Test Results Are In.

    Tuesday, July 26 2011

    Brot calls Jesse at home to tell him David made it through surgery and that Lucy's DNA results are in. After Jesse leaves, Mookie brings Maya over for work. Mookie engages in small talk with Angie as he cases the place. He swipes a statue, but Angie hears it and tells him it's been in her family for years. He wonders how she knew he was looking at it and she explains that her hearing is more acute now and informs him she has memorized everything in that apartment. Before he leaves, Mookie instructs Maya to answer her phone when he calls. Once he's gone, Angie tells Maya Mookie reminds her of her controlling father. Maya defends him, but Angie knows she tenses up when he's around. Angie tells her how her father convinced her to give Frankie up for adoption, which makes Maya cry. Maya insists she's fine, but Angie wants to help.

    At the hospital, Jesse learns Maya is Lucy's biological mother. Jesse doesn’t think it's a coincidence that Maya got a job looking after her own kid and fears she wants the baby back. Brot tries to reassure him it'll be okay, but Jesse worries what will happen once Angie finds out their baby died. Jesse finds his son and asks him about Maya. Frankie assures his father Maya can be trusted.

    Jesse returns home and learns from Angie that Maya will be their live in nanny.

    Erica's Not Making Sense.

    Friday, July 22 2011

    Jesse brings Angie to the hospital for a consultation with a surgeon that David set up. Jesse is worried about David's involvement, but Angie assures her husband Hayward has earned her trust. David frantically runs into the hospital asking a nurse if a Jane Doe has been admitted. Jesse and Angie find him and wonder why he's late to their appointment. He tells them they had to reschedule it and urgently walks away. A nurse approaches Jesse and Angie saying the surgeon wondered why they didn't show up to their appointment. Jesse knew David couldn't be trusted.

    Angie sits in the park alone until Jesse can join her. Dixie walks by her and Angie calls out asking who's there. She says she's a doctor and can help, which makes Dixie back off. Later, as JR wanders the park drunk, he sees Dixie passed out next to a bench.

    Sitting Still.

    Tuesday, July 19 2011

    As Maya helps Angie at home, she ignores a few calls. Angie asks if she's in trouble. Maya lies and says it's just her aunt. Her phone rings again and she answers to tell Mookie that she can't talk right now. Angie knows Maya lied to her and asks about Mookie. Maya explains that she hasn't told him about her new job, but she owes him a lot because he moved from New York to be with her. Jesse and Frankie walk in. As Frankie helps Maya with Lucy's bottle, Jesse hears her talk about the baby she gave up. Brot drops by and Jesse talks with him privately in the hallway. He tells Brot that Maya gave up a baby and that he's worried Lucy is her daughter. Brot thinks it doesn’t make sense since Maya is Hispanic and Lucy is black. Brot assures him it will be fine and walks in to see Lucy. Mookie comes to the door looking for Maya. She drags him in the hallway and he wonders why she didn’t tell him about her new job. She tells him she'll call him later and he says she better. He grabs her hard to pull her in for a hug. Back inside, Frankie and Angie change Lucy's diaper, as Jesse panics that Maya's boyfriend is black. Brot orders Jesse to stop worrying. Jesse tells Brot he wants to do a DNA test on Maya and Lucy.

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