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    All My Children CAST - Greenlee Smythe Lavery Dupres Hayward - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Greenlee Smythe Lavery Dupres Hayward Played by Rebecca Budig on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Rebecca Budig (ABC)

    Birthday: June 26 1973
    Birthplace: Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, USA
    Marital Status: Married Michael Benson in 2012. Formerly married to Bob Guiney (2004-2010) and Daniel Geller (2000).
    Real Name: Rebecca Budig
    Height: 5'1


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    I'm In Love With David.

    Friday, July 15 2011

    At Kendall's, "Erica's" family and friends confront her about her strange behavior. When Bianca and Kendall share their concerns, "Erica" tells them to stop depending on 'mommy' to make it better. Opal can't believe how she's acting towards her daughters. "Erica" is rude to Opal and Kendall thinks her mother is sick and just trying to push them away. She opens her arms for a hug, but "Erica" just laughs. They continue to worry about her especially where David is concerned. She doesn’t expect anyone to understand her relationship with him personally or professionally. Jack demands to know what that means, as David comes to the door. "Erica" lets him in and announces, "I'm in love with him." The room is stunned by the declaration. "Erica" tells them how Greenlee caught them tucking in and buttoning up at the hotel. Stunned, Jack just says, "You and Hayward?" "Erica" admits they are sleeping together and that she loves David. She gives Jack her ring back. He thinks she's just out of control and that she needs help. Jack leaves and Opal tells "Erica' her gal pal is gone. Greenlee calls David a son of a bitch and David accuses her of being jealous. Kendall thinks David is blackmailing "Erica" into being with him, but "Erica" assures her it has nothing to do with her. David tells a skeptical Bianca and Kendall they are right, there is something he wants from "Erica." He gets on one knee and proposes.

    You've Created A Monster.

    Thursday, July 14 2011

    At Fusion, Ryan shows Greenlee the symbol of Project Orpheus. She doesn’t specifically remember it, but she's still thrown by it. Ryan leaves to talk to Griffin, as Greenlee says she's going to check out what's going on with David and "Erica."

    Jane shows up at David's hotel room ready to hit the sheets. She pushes him on the bed and playfully tells him he created a monster. David jumps up saying he has an appointment with the hospital board, but Jane continues to come on to him. He says he appreciates her passion, which sets her off. She feels like he's treating her like a business acquaintance. She says she wants him and she will have him. She threatens to expose him, but he turns it on her reminding her she took over Erica's life and could go to prison. Jane doesn’t care about Erica's life, she just wants him. David relents and says he loves her fire. He kisses her and carries her to the bed. After they have sex, Jane basks in the afterglow as David just calls it nice. The fire alarm goes off so David and Jane get dressed and run out the door. They see Greenlee who pulled the fire alarm in the hallway. Greenlee lashes out at "Erica" for cheating on her father. "Erica" storms back into the room as David tells Greenlee it's just sex between him and "Erica." There's no romance. Greenlee slaps him and stalks off.

    "Erica" enters Kendall's home and finds Kendall, Bianca, Opal, Jack and Greenlee who tell her this is her intervention. "Erica" insists she is clean and sober, but Kendall knows what they are dealing with is far more serious than drugs or alcohol: David Hayward.

    Taking It Slow.

    Monday, July 11 2011

    At Fusion, Ryan tells Greenlee about Project Orpheus. He's not sure what it is, but he will find out. He tells her the myth of Orpheus who descends into Hell to rescue his wife, but loses her forever because he disobeyed the rules. Greenlee in turn tells Ryan "Erica" never went to the spa she talked about. They wonder who she is with. On his way out, Ryan passes Madison. He takes note of her new look and says she looks like a woman who knows what she wants. He hopes she gets it. Ryan leaves and Greenlee agrees to spend some time on Madison's toned down concept.

    Jack and Greenlee meet at Krystal's and discuss "Erica." Greenlee tries to reassure her father that "Erica" will eventually come to her senses where David is concerned. Jack is surprised by her show of support, but Greenlee just wants what he wants.

    Madison finds David at ConFusion. She tells him she took his advice and won Greenlee over. "Erica" finds them together and gets a little jealous. Madison leaves and "Erica" asks David to take her back to his room. Greenlee approaches as they make plans to meet in his room the next night.

    Underlying Anger.

    Tuesday, July 05 2011

    At the Yacht Club, Kendall, Greenlee and Ryan muse on the possibility of "Erica" cheating on Jack with David. Kendall suggests they not tell anyone about this until they find out what's really going on. Kendall and Ryan leave, leading David to find Greenlee alone. He taunts her until Greenlee accuses him of being sleeping with "Erica." She warns she will come down on him if he is hurting her father. Jack joins them as David continues to insist that he and "Erica" aren't sexually involved.


    Friday, July 01 2011

    Greenlee surprises Ryan in a knight's armor costume at home. Greenlee explains that she finally believes that they are truly together. She wants to honor what they have and shows him a camera and a backdrop set up for their wedding photos. She says this represents what they are because he is everybody's hero. She accepts that and won't resent it when he leaves her to save someone else. They take some photos and then Ryan plans to save Erica today. Greenlee wants to help, but Ryan wants her to stay out of it. Greenlee goes to change for work and Ryan calls "Erica." Jack picks up and tells him "Erica" spent the night working with David at the hospital.

    Madison walks into Fusion with a new look for her product idea. Randi is blown away by all the black leather and dark eye makeup. Madison thinks they've been limited in their products and their vision, but she's found it. When Kendall and Greenlee arrive, Randi helps Madison present her pitch. Madison's bad ass image presents her take no crap, total domination, women empowerment line idea called Fierce. A stunned Greenlee and Kendall call her concept amazing, but think they have to shape it. Madison believes it's complete, but the bosses think it's too intense for the consumers. Randi offers that there's nothing wrong with a little tweaking. Madison is offended and leaves. Greenlee and Kendall discuss the line and then Kendall brings up Griffin. She says she'll miss him, but again gets defensive about how she really feels. Greenlee leads her away to get her out of her bad place.

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