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    All My Children CAST - Greenlee Smythe Lavery Dupres Hayward - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Greenlee Smythe Lavery Dupres Hayward Played by Rebecca Budig on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Rebecca Budig (ABC)

    Birthday: June 26 1973
    Birthplace: Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, USA
    Marital Status: Married Michael Benson in 2012. Formerly married to Bob Guiney (2004-2010) and Daniel Geller (2000).
    Real Name: Rebecca Budig
    Height: 5'1


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    Mommy's Here.

    Tuesday, August 30 2011

    Kendall and Zach meet up at home. She asks where he was. Zach recalls meeting Griffin at the clinic, but just says he had to take care of something. She doesn't like the sound of that. He had to do what needed to be done. Ryan and Greenlee enter and tell Kendall that Zach bought the property Ryan wanted. Zach says it was a business decision for him and David. Greenlee and Ryan lay into Zach, who leaves the room because it's not up for discussion. Kendall follows Zach and asks if he really needed to do this. He thought she was with him. She says she is. He orders her to stop questioning him then. She's taken aback, but Zach asks her to trust him and tells her a secret off-screen. Zach says he had to do it, but she's worried he went so far. Cara stops by worried about Griffin. Ryan wonders if Zach has something to do with his disappearance. Cara gets an email from Griffin on her phone saying he went back to Doctors Without Borders. Cara apologies for freaking out over nothing. Zach walks her out, as Kendall defends Zach to Ryan and Greenlee.

    Not The Same Man.

    Thursday, August 25 2011

    At home, Greenlee finds Ryan thinking about Gillian. Greenlee wonders if it's possible that she is alive. Ryan doesn't think so because David would have used her to ruin their relationship long ago. Ryan says Gillian and Leo are part of them, but he knows Greenlee loves him. He feels the same way about her. He declares this is their time now. He tells her he put a bid on a property to house the Cambias and Fusion offices together. She thinks it's perfect.

    Greenlee stops by Kendall's as she prepares for Zach's homecoming. She tells Kendall she came clean about Gillian with Ryan and it all worked out. Kendall in turn admits to her friend that Zach is different. Greenlee knows Kendall doesn’t like Zach teaming up with David any more than the rest of them. Kendall will stand by Zach no matter what and asks Greenlee to just be happy for them. Greenlee leaves and Kendall starts to head out to pick up Zach, but runs into Griffin at the door. He thinks Kendall is miserable because Zach is not the same man she lost. He's acting like David. They don't know what David did to bring Zach back and he's concerned about the side effects. Like mind control. Griffin can see in her eyes that she thinks he's right. He pulls her close as Zach walks in.

    Ryan and Greenlee meet up in the park. He tells her Zach beat them to the property. Ryan won't stand around and watch Zach act just like David.

    Goodbye Princess.

    Wednesday, August 24 2011

    Greenlee finds Ryan packing at home. He tells her something just came up. She knows it's about David and wants him to let it go. She recalls David taunting her about Gillian, as Griffin shows up. He tells Ryan they can't let David take down Cara. Ryan leaves with Griffin, despite Greenlee wanting them to back off.

    Ryan ambushes Cara at ConFusion to warn her away from David. Greenlee surprises them both by appearing and doing the same.

    At home, Greenlee admits to Ryan that David told her Gillian could be alive. Ryan doesn't believe it and tells Greenlee they have to stick together against David. Greenlee heads to bed and Ryan recalls his past with Gillian. He turns around and sees a vision of his old love. They say they love each other. She mouths, "Goodbye." He says, "Goodbye Princess."

    No One Knows The Whole Story.

    Tuesday, August 23 2011

    In the on-call room at the hospital, Griffin finds a photo of him with Kendall. Greenlee finds him and declares it's not easy letting go. She thinks Kendall will need him now that she and Zach have aligned themselves with David. David enters and taunts them about Zach and Kendall teaming up with him. Griffin and Greenlee remain resistant to him and walk out.

    Zach tells Kendall in his hospital room she should walk away from their marriage so she doesn't get hurt again. Kendall is with him no matter what. He just wants her to be safe and happy. She realizes he found out about her and Griffin. He thinks she needs someone stable who can keep her safe. Kendall gets upset and declares she is with Zach always. Greenlee walks in and the women leave to talk. David stops by and the men talk about Orpheus. Zach reveals that he knows there are other people David has saved. David is grateful for his support, but he doesn’t trust Zach to share anything just yet. Zach vows to earn his trust whatever it takes. Kendall and Greenlee return after David has left. Griffin enters demanding Zach get Cara off the project. Zach says if David wants her there it's good enough for him.

    It's On.

    Monday, August 22 2011

    At the hospital, Ryan is outraged that Zach is backing David. Griffin enters and gets filled in on Zach siding with Dr. H. Zach defends David saying they have a chance to do something good with David's work. He wants Ryan to get onboard. Ryan wonders how David saved him without knowing about the plane crash. Zach recounts that he knew his casino partners were after him so he told David to stand by and revive him like he did for Greenlee if something should happen. Griffin leaves, as Kendall says she is with Zach and will stand by David because he brought her husband back to her. Ryan continues to bad mouth David, but Zach says if he goes against David, he's going against him. Zach asks for a minute alone with Ryan and the women head to the hallway. Greenlee urges Kendall to be careful in regards to David, but Kendall says she's made up her mind and so has Zach. Meanwhile, Zach tries to explain his stance to Ryan saying David factors into his plans.

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