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    All My Children CAST - Greenlee Smythe Lavery Dupres Hayward - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Greenlee Smythe Lavery Dupres Hayward Played by Rebecca Budig on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Rebecca Budig (ABC)

    Birthday: June 26 1973
    Birthplace: Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, USA
    Marital Status: Married Michael Benson in 2012. Formerly married to Bob Guiney (2004-2010) and Daniel Geller (2000).
    Real Name: Rebecca Budig
    Height: 5'1


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    Will JR Help Krystal?

    Tuesday, January 22 2008

    Still at Sylvester's, the pain in Greenlee's stomach subsides and she admits to Zach that she is very scared of what could be wrong with her. Zach says she'll be fine and points out that she has won him over - a nearly impossible task. He gives her his coat to keep her warm. "Do you ever miss being in the shelter?" Greenlee asks, surprising Zach. He says he does miss some of the quiet moments they had. They talk about how hard it has been to get back to real life and how they haven't been able to talk to Kendall or Aidan about their time underground. Soon Zach convinces Greenlee that they need to leave. Greens says she'll go with him as long as they don't go to the hospital and they don't tell Aidan about her illness. Zach says that is dumb. Greenlee hugs him and asks him to just take her home. He agrees but warns that he won't give up on getting her to the hospital. Greenlee and Zach return to the penthouse, both chilled to the bone. Greenlee has another pain but Zach doesn't notice because he is using the phone. He stokes the fire and thanks her for talking with him. Then Zach tells Greenlee not to keep her illness secret; she says she is feeling better already so she doesn't need to tell Aidan anything. Zach doesn't believe her; he offers to make them hot chocolate. Zach leaves the penthouse and finds Kendall and Aidan hugging in the hall! Greens follows him out and Kendall angrily asks why neither of them bothered to check in. They go back inside, with Greenlee apologizing to Kendall because she didn't tell her about Zach. "Why aren't we all happy?" Greenlee asks. Kendall apologizes, saying she was just worried. Zach and Kendall leave the penthouse. Greenlee turns to Aidan and tells him she isn't getting better and apologizes for lying to him about her health. He hugs her. She says she is really tired and promises to talk to Joe the next day. "First thing in the morning, all right?" he asks and carries her off to bed.

    Quinton is Frankie!!

    Monday, January 21 2008

    Greenlee finds Zach sitting on the porch steps at the farm. He is angry with himself for losing control with Adam. Greenlee sits with him, telling him that he is entitled for a little control loss. Greenlee asks Zach what Adam did but Zach won't say much. Greens deduces that Adam brought up Hannah. They talk some more and Zach calms down a lot more. Greenlee tells Zach to go home to his wife and kids. They are about to leave when a severe stomach pain racks Greenlee! Zach decides she needs to go to the hospital but Greenlee asks him to just take her home. "I'm afraid to go back," she says.

    Tad and Krystal Renew Their Vows

    Friday, January 18 2008

    In the hospital hall Aidan calls Greenlee. She asks about Tad and Krystal's party but Aidan says he won't go! Greenlee explains how important this is to her and to her friendship with Kendall. He reluctantly agrees to one drink and they hang up the phone.

    Kendall returns to the reception as Greenlee and Aidan arrive. At the bar Zach and Adam are talking about Hannah. Adam brings up Ethan, angering Zach. Adam doesn't take the hint and just keeps talking about Hannah's troubles with Alexander and then about Ethan. He talks about how Zach ignored both Hannah and Ethan. Zach reaches out, grabs Adam around the neck and begins to squeeze.

    Adam Kidnaps Krystal!

    Thursday, January 17 2008

    Greenlee is giggling over Kendall's book when Zach walks off the elevator. She pours him a margarita and chats about the party. Zach gets Greenlee to admit that she is still tired and has stomach pain. He promises not to tell Aidan as long as Greenlee takes it easy. He talks about Hannah and not being able to get her out of his head. "She almost seemed at peace," Zach says and tells Greens about his nightmare. Greenlee asks him what is going to happen to them next. He doesn't know. Zach admits that he has been a bit distant with Kendall and Greenlee tells him to let Kendall see the Zach that she saw in the bomb shelter. Zach leaves for Tad and Krystal's party. Greens turns back to the book with a few ideas of her own. Greenlee leaves Aidan a message about the Valley Inn party and asks him to come along with her. She sits down and calls a friend in publishing about Kendall's manuscript.

    What's Wrong With Quentin?

    Wednesday, January 16 2008

    Babe, Amanda and Annie have planned a huge welcome back party for Kendall and Greenlee. They walk in to the Fusion offices and are completely surprised by the party. Greenlee becomes quiet, remembering the bomb shelter. She is tired of being sick and not feeling strong; Kendall tells her to be patient. They each promise the other no more set-ups or backstabbing or lying. Annie passes around margaritas and the girls make a toast to the future of Fusion. Amanda sees Babe is working on some plans and asks if she can help. Babe doesn't want Amanda's help and tells her off for what she did to JR. Amanda tries to apologize and make things better but Babe refuses to listen. "It's going to be a long day," she says as Ava walks up and asks why Amanda even showed her face at the office. They start arguing and Kendall has to break it up. Meanwhile Greenlee and Annie begin going over the numbers for Fusion Green. Greenlee brings up Aidan and the massage; Kendall talks about her night with Zach and Annie brings up the sex-in-the-snow episode. Annie tells them how different Ryan has been acting. Babe talks to Greenlee about a new campaign possibility with Campbell's Soup; Greenlee says she'll think about it. Greens talks more about Aidan and seeing that Kendall is a little upset asks her what is going on. Kendall says she is just trying to find her feet again after the ordeal. Greenlee buys her explanation and suggests a double-date. Babe then goes to Annie and asks if she has decided to help Richie. Annie refuses to discuss the situation with Babe but Babe won't let it drop. Krystal calls, warning Babe to stop getting so involved with Richie. Babe is afraid Richie will be completely alone if she doesn't help him. Annie comes over and tells her that she won't be bullied into helping Richie. Annie takes the new campaign ideas to Kendall, who loves it. Meanwhile Amanda and Ava have a semi-bonding moment over the latest prints from the Fusion campaign and their shared history with JR. Ava tells Amanda that she and Jonathan broke up and Amanda asks if she can help. Kendall gathers all the girls around and offers up another toast, noting all of the great qualities of her co-workers. After toasting Kendall asks Annie to cover so she can disappear over to Ryan's for a few minutes. She forgot her bag and Greenlee tries to get it to her but a sheaf of papers falls out. The papers are titled "Charm". Babe leaves shortly after. Amanda and Ava stick around; Ava gives Amanda some hangover tips because she is obviously getting a little tipsy. Amanda and Greenlee are the last to leave. Amanda notices that Greenlee seems a little weak and wonky and offers to stay with her for a while but Greens tells her to go on home. She curls up with Kendall's papers and begins to read.

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