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    All My Children CAST - Babe Carey Chandler (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Babe Carey Chandler (Past) Played by Amanda Baker on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Amanda Baker

    Birthday: December 22 1979
    Birthplace: Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina
    Real Name: Amanda Baker


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    Not Done Yet.

    Wednesday, March 10 2010

    In heaven, JR is talking to Dixie about how things changed with Adam when he learned he was sick, and about how selfless Marissa has been all through dealing with the cancer. They hear Krystal talking to JR - she talks about his love for Babe and AJ. She says if he has to leave them, she knows he will find his way back to Babe. Just then, JR sees a blurry vision of Babe, but when he approaches her the door closes. He tells Dixie he wants to stay with Babe, but then he hears Marissa saying she loves him and misses him - and AJ does too. Marissa says she doesn't know how she will do it without him - she wants a life with him. JR admits to Dixie that he has much to live for. He talks about his shortcomings, and feels he needs to go back and make things right.

    The Best Town in America!

    Tuesday, January 05 2010

    Loss is discussed next in the documentary. Erica remembers Mona and Myrtle - she likes to think they're driving around together in a convertible. Tad muses that he still speaks to Dixie all the time. Palmer also remembers his beautiful Dixie. Opal and Greg talk about losing Jenny. Brooke shares the loss of her daughter Laura. Krystal and JR talk about Babe passing away. David thinks everyone would miss him if he was gone. Ryan is asked about Greenlee's death, and Mateo and Maria remember Julia. Adam pays tribute to Stuart, but becomes overwhelmed.

    Brooke and Palmer say no one leaves Pine Valley for good. Lily lists off the times that the buses leave town. Brooke says she'd come back, but someone would have to warn Erica. Maria, Lily, Jackson, and Brooke all say they still call Pine Valley 'home'. Jake, Jesse, and Angie describe the tornado. Krystal thinks about her losses due to the storm, and David laments not getting to the hospital before Babe died. Tad boasts how the residents rebuilt. Adam claims he kept Erica alive in the tunnels - she owes him her life! Erica remembers Kendall being in a coma, and Bianca giving birth. Bianca thinks her daughter, Gabriella, might grow up to be the strongest Kane woman of them all!

    Killing Me!

    Monday, June 29 2009

    Alone at Babe's grave, JR tells her how much he misses her - he'd give anything to have her back! Suddenly, she appears to him! JR tells her his regrets, and that she should have been able to meet her sister, Marissa. JR says he doesn't think he'll ever be able to love anyone as much as he loves her. She reaches out to touch his face before disappearing.

    You Have Me!

    Thursday, June 04 2009

    Stumbling around Wildwind in a drunken state, David is stunned to see Babe standing there asking him why he's so sad - is it because of her? He says everything fell apart when he lost her. She's seen the things that he's done - it's wrong to treat people that way! David says it was all for Little Adam. She urges him to be a good man - it's in him! He talks about how he came back to town to explain, but it was too late, she was gone. Babe tells him that Amanda loves her baby. David shouts that it's his baby too - is he to be alone the rest of his life?! Suddenly, Marissa is in front of him, saying, "You have me." She offers him aspirin, and he asks why she's doing this. She wants to understand him - there are enough people judging him. As Marissa talks about David manipulating the people he cares about instead of letting them in, he sees Babe again briefly. He asks Marissa how she knows all this - she says she's not sure - she just does!

    A Ghost in Pine Valley!

    Friday, October 31 2008

    Back at Wildwind, David drinks scotch and sees Babe! She tells him she is okay and isn't in any pain. "You'd be happy here, too, with me," she says and reaches out to him. She disappears and David breaks down. He gets his gun, loads in and then sits down alone. Krystal comes in, sees him, and tells him not to do it!

    Vigil With Kendall.

    Monday, October 27 2008

    David talks to Babe’s dead body in the basement. He swears that he won’t let the Chandlers get away with this. He tells her that he loves her so much and wanted her to be happy. Krystal walks in and says that Babe and J.R. were really truly happy. David says he wants his daughter back and tells Krystal to leave them alone. She tells David that he has to let Babe go. David says Krystal is as guilty as the Chandlers are. David says Babe deserved better and Krystal made Babe hate him. They argue and shout at each other about what each of them did wrong in Babe's life. David leans over Babe and tells her how beautiful she is. He says he won’t allow anyone to touch her but him. David says he will take her back, but Krystal says, no, we will both take her.

    When David and Krystal bring Babe out of the basement, they see J.R., Tad, Bianca and Adam. They stand behind David and Krystal while David places Babe gently on a bed and covers her body with a sheet. He kisses her sweetly and cries. Krystal walks over and covers Babe’s face with the sheet and cries. David sobs, “No!” David accuses J.R. of killing babe. He says she is dead because of him. Adam says, “Back off!” David lunges at J.R. Adam and Tad try to break it up. They are held apart and shout at each other. David says, “Babe’s blood is on your hands. All of you will pay!”

    Babe Dies!

    Friday, October 24 2008

    David opens the door to Babe’s room to see J.R. holding her crying and saying goodbye. J.R. says, “She’s dead." David cries, “No!" and uses CPR to try to revive her. He’s in anguish. He talks to Babe and says she was the reason he came back. Krystal and Tad walk in. Krystal holds Babe and cries for her daughter. David leaves. Babe is ready to go to the morgue; Krystal and J.R. say their last goodbyes. J.R. says he loves her and always will. He kisses her tenderly. Krystal goes through a few items of Babe’s while J.R. watches. Krystal cries into Babe’s blouse. Tad enters and comforts her. J.R. pulls their wedding rings out of his pocket. Tad embraces J.R. as well as he cries for Babe. As they leave the Chapel, Ryan sees David and grabs him by the throat knocking him to the ground. He is sure that David has Emma. Joe interrupts to say this isn't the time. Babe just died. David says he arrived too late and that J.R. killed her. He walks away.

    David, in the basement, holds Babe’s body in his arms and talks to her about how J.R. finally killed her. He kisses her and swears to God that, “They will pay for what they’ve done to you!"

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