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    All My Children CAST - Wes/Richie Novak - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Wes/Richie Novak Played by Billy Miller on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Billy Miller

    Birthday: September 17 1979
    Birthplace: Grand Prairie, Texas, USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Billy Miller


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    Greenlee Can't Breathe!

    Thursday, January 24 2008

    Richie stops Annie before she can leave the hospital. He signs the confession so she'll be tested for the transplant. "If you get another chance, what do you plan on doing with your life?" she asks. Richie has no idea what he'll do with his life and admits as much to Annie. She is impressed with his honesty and believes Richie may be turning a corner - from psychopath to normal adult. She walks away. Ryan calls Annie's phone, which she left behind, and Richie answers! Ryan asks what Richie is doing with Annie's phone and Richie says he and Annie are getting reacquainted!

    Meanwhile, a nurse is getting Annie ready for the blood tests. Annie learns there is only a 30% chance she will be a donor match. Before the nurse can finish the tests Ryan burst in, and orders them to stop everything because Richie is a dangerous man. Annie calms him down, saying she decided to do the test on her own. Richie watches the exchange.

    Kendall's Book Deal!

    Wednesday, January 23 2008

    Annie and Richie meet at the hospital for the marrow donor test. Richie is very friendly and Annie tells him to back off. She says she isn't doing the test for him; she is doing it because of Ryan's change of heart. Richie asks what will happen if she is a match. Annie says she'll give him the transplant if he will confess all of his sins and then move far, far away from her. She hands him a sheet of paper to write on. "Clever," Richie says, sitting down, "You're more like me than you know." Annie says she doesn't care where Richie goes, and says his confession will never be seen by police as long as Richie leaves town - for good! The nurse comes by to see if Annie is ready for the test. Annie hands Richie the paper but he won't take it. "Good luck," she says and turns to leave. Richie asks her to wait.

    Quinton is Frankie!!

    Monday, January 21 2008

    Richie is alone at the Pine Cone. He tries to call Annie at home but no one answers. He wonders where his sister is now. He does push-ups. The more he works out, the angrier he gets. He leaves the Valley Inn and sneaks into Wildwind! Richie waits until Corrinna has put Emma down for the night and then walks in to Emma's bedroom! Richie stands over her and says since Annie won't help him, Emma will have to! "I promise it won't hurt. Not much," he says. Richie is about to bundle Emma up for a trip to Mexico when Annie calls. She says she will be tested for the transplant! Richie is stunned and asks why she changed her mind. "You'd never understand," she says, looking at Ryan. Richie hangs up, tells Emma he is sorry and leaves the room.

    Adam Kidnaps Krystal!

    Thursday, January 17 2008

    In the parking garage Annie tries to turn away from Richie but he grabs her and won't let go. Annie points to a scar on his neck and says she'll do that again if he doesn't leave her alone. He changes tactics from anger and intimidation to desperation and tries to manipulate her. Annie refuses to be manipulated. Richie brings up Ryan, making Annie worry that Richie did something to her husband. He says he didn't do anything but that Ryan is crazy with a capital 'C'! Annie doesn't believe him, gets in her car and leaves.

    What's Wrong With Quentin?

    Wednesday, January 16 2008

    Julia gives Richie a shot for his treatment. He tries to flirt with her but Julia isn't having any of that and ignores him. Joe walks in and tells Richie that he has been placed on the national donor list; Richie says he'll get Annie to be his donor one way or another.

    Josh stops by Ryan's penthouse and asks why he's been making such drastic changes. Ryan says he wants the most out of life and that includes helping as many people as he can. Josh pulls out a stack of papers to help Ryan start on disseminating his funds. Richie stops by and asks to see Annie. Ryan invites Richie in so they can talk. Josh leaves. Ryan sits down with Richie and says Annie will never be his bone marrow donor, however, he promises to help Richie find a suitable donor. Richie doesn't believe Ryan for a second and wonders what he is really up to. Ryan remains calm, points out all of the horrible things from the past and tells him this is the best offer he'll get. Ryan dismisses Richie. Kendall arrives and Ryan wraps her up in a big bear hug and then kisses her passionately!

    Annie is just getting into her car when Richie walks up and tells her she has to help him out!

    Ryan Acts Crazier and Crazier

    Monday, January 14 2008

    JR is rude to Richie who has shown up at Babe's unannounced. Babe asks what is going on; Richie says he was released from prison - and the psych ward - and turns to go. Babe asks him to wait. Telling JR to go back inside, Babe goes to the porch with Richie and asks what he really wants. Richie plays the victim - again! - and insists that he just wanted to see her and let her know he was released and found to be perfectly sane. She asks if he has contacted Annie about the donor list but Richie refuses to talk about his sister. Babe tells Richie that he can't have a place in her life because she has to focus on her career and her child for the time being. Richie asks her to hear him out and brings up his life expectancy. He says he wants to be with her, as more than a friend, and he isn't willing to wait any more. Inside, little A asks JR where Babe is. JR says she'll be back inside in a second. JR sees how uncomfortable Babe seems and goes to the porch. Babe hurries inside but JR stays to chat with Richie, telling him to move on. Richie says he isn't finished yet. When JR returns inside, Richie watches the family for a few minutes. "I'll see you around," he says and leaves.

    Hannah Falls From The Falls!

    Friday, January 11 2008

    In another part of the hospital Richie meets with his case workers to find out when he can get out of the hospital and back to his life. He tells them how Annie stuck him in prison for a crime he didn't commit but says, though he came to Pine Valley for revenge, he has changed his way of thinking and just wants to live now. The doctors are taken in by him. They ask about friends and Richie tells them all about Babe. He then suggests contacting Dr. Chambers from the prison for more information. The doctors say Dr. Chambers was killed in a prison altercation that morning! Richie pretends to be stunned. The doctors agree to his release. Richie calls a prison buddy of his and thanks him for offing Dr. Chambers!

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