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    All My Children CAST - Wes/Richie Novak - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Wes/Richie Novak Played by Billy Miller on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Billy Miller

    Birthday: September 17 1979
    Birthplace: Grand Prairie, Texas, USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Billy Miller


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    Somebody's Spying On Pine Valley

    Friday, February 22 2008

    Richie stops by Babe's. She tells him that JR is the donor match! He pretends to be surprised and then really is surprised when she says JR has volunteered to be the donor. "He's on the way to the hospital now," she says! Richie doesn't believe her when she says it was JR's own idea. She says not to worry about it and just get on with his life. He asks if she could be in his future but Babe won't commit to anything. A friend calls so Richie goes outside. "You get to live, you get Babe and JR gets the short end of the stick," he says to himself.

    A Whole Lotta Lovin'!

    Wednesday, February 20 2008

    At the hospital, Richie is finishing a treatment and flirting with the ward nurse. He asks her to check on a few things for him and she leaves the room. Once she is gone, Richie goes to the computer and begins to search to find out who his donor match is! Finally he gets through to the marrow donor list and finds that JR is the donor match. He can't believe it! Richie quickly sits down and the nurse returns, telling him she couldn't find his things. He flirts with her a little more and then leaves, telling the nurse he'll call her. Richie returns to the Pine Cone where a couple of friends are waiting for him. He shows the goons a picture of JR and tells them to find him. "JR and I are going to go on a little trip," Richie says!

    More Questions Than Answers

    Tuesday, February 12 2008

    Babe is talking with Krystal at conFusion about Tad's behavior lately. Krystal thinks he is having an affair! Babe asks if they are really together now; Krystal evades answering by asking Babe about her love life. Babe tries to change the subject but then they spot Richie across the room. He waves. Krystal sends Babe over and she asks about his treatments. Richie says they found a donor but the donor isn't interested in giving marrow. He asks if she can help him get the donor information so he can talk to them himself. Babe doesn't like the direction he is going and Richie backs off quickly. He leaves as Krystal returns. Babe asks Krystal to help her save Richie's life! She tells Krystal about the donor match, hoping that Krystal could talk to Joe and Tad and then asks Krystal to help her break in to Joe's office!

    Down The Drain

    Wednesday, February 06 2008

    Annie drops a few things from her purse at the hospital. Richie has just gotten copies of his medical records and offers to help; Annie tells him to get away from her. Joe walks up with information on doctors who specialize in memory loss. He leaves. Richie asks Annie what is going on and she tells him. Rather than joking, Richie tells Annie how sorry he is. She doesn't believe him. Richie says he is leaving for Mexico for a new drug that could work for him. Annie wishes they could be a real family with real feelings and no secrets. She knows that can't happen and leaves. Richie goes back over his medical file. As he is leaving, a nurse catches him and asks him to talk to Joe before he leaves. He stops by and learns that Joe has found a donor for Richie - from Pine Valley!

    Adam Knows About Krystal's Plans!

    Thursday, January 31 2008

    Ryan and Annie call Richie over to the penthouse to confront him about Emma. Annie goes to get Emma and Ryan demands that he tell the girl the truth! Richie turns to Emma and says he is very sorry that he upset her but he didn't know that little girls couldn't be donors. He says he will find another person to help him. Richie leaves. Ryan and Annie settle in for the night. They put Emma in to bed with them and go to sleep. Ryan has an uncomfortable night. The next morning Emma is jumping on the bed and wakes Ryan - who doesn't remember Emma or Annie at all! She sends Emma out of the bedroom and tells Ryan he isn't being funny. "I don't know what happened here," Ryan says, "But I have never seen you before in my life."

    Frankie Refuses Treatment!

    Tuesday, January 29 2008

    Richie runs into Annie and Emma in the park. Emma spots a friend and goes off to play. Annie apologizes again and says she would have offered her bone marrow if they were matched! She apologizes for lying and putting him in jail, too. Richie says he's over it. Emma comes back, asking for hot chocolate and Annie goes off to buy some. Emma asks about the cancer and Richie says maybe she can help clean up his blood! He says they have to keep it secret from her parents. Annie returns and Richie says he and Emma were talking about gardening. He leaves. Ryan arrives; she tells him about Richie. Emma pipes up that she could help Richie if they would let her! Annie is horrified. She and Ryan sit down, telling Emma that she is too little. They promise her that Richie will get help from a grown-up and say he won't be upset. Ryan distracts Emma by "flying" her around the park for a few minutes.

    Richie goes to the hospital and begins his blood transfusion for the chemotherapy treatment.

    Annie Can't Give Richie A Transplant!

    Monday, January 28 2008

    Babe and Richie are having a couple of after dinner drinks at conFusion. She orders him a health smoothie that Richie really doesn't want. As they drink they chat about what they want to do with their grown-up lives. He tells her his only dream is her. He goes to the bar to get real drinks and when he returns, Babe tries to keep things on a friendly level. Richie says he doesn't want to give up his dream of her, making her laugh. He asks about JR and Babe says her ex has moved in - and out! - of the condo in record time. Richie gets a call and learns that Annie isn't a donor match. Babe tells him they will find someone else. Annie calls and asks how he is doing. Richie says he'll live - for now. She asks if there is more she can do but he says no and hangs up.

    Jesse's Back In Town!

    Friday, January 25 2008

    At the hospital, Annie tells Ryan that she was compelled to help Richie because they have worked things out. Ryan can't believe it. Richie tells him to just chill out and Ryan goes after him! A security guard comes in and drags Ryan off of Richie as Annie says it was her decision and Richie didn't make her do anything. Ryan sits down heavily in a chair and apologizes to Richie. The guard asks Richie if he wants to press charges and Richie says no. The hospital workers leave; Richie backs away when Ryan approaches him. Annie promises to keep him in the loop and he leaves. Turning to Ryan, Annie says, "You're going back to the doctors because something is obviously wrong." Annie says Ryan is making too many changes too quickly and that he is becoming irrational. Ryan says he isn't but when Annie pushes he agrees to see Joe soon. Ryan and Annie go to the park and she shows him Richie's confession. That relieves Ryan a bit; he goes after drinks and hot dogs and Annie calls the hospital to leave a message for Joe!

    Babe walks into conFusion and sees Amanda. They are both headed to the same barstool and decide, reluctantly, to sit together. Babe pulls out some files for the Campbell's fashion show but Amanda doesn't want to talk about work. She tells Babe that she just wanted to get even with Adam - and JR - and asks Babe to understand that. They talk about Amanda's new lifestyle and Amanda tells Babe about the things she has been buying. They bond a little over Amanda's bamboozling of Adam; Amanda tells Babe that she is also making sure Janet is taken care of. The bartender takes their drink orders; the girls call a truce. As they chat Richie walks in. Amanda leaves so they can be alone; Richie asks Babe if she'll have dinner with him. She refuses at first but Richie plays on her sympathies, telling her that Annie just got tested and he really doesn't want to be alone while he waits for news. She agrees to have dinner with him. They sit down and talk; Richie tells Babe that he couldn't answer Annie's question about what he planned to do with his life because he really doesn't know. "That's almost scarier than dying," he says.

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