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    All My Children CAST - Wes/Richie Novak - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Wes/Richie Novak Played by Billy Miller on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Billy Miller

    Birthday: September 17 1979
    Birthplace: Grand Prairie, Texas, USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Billy Miller


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    How Long Are We Crashing At Satan's Fortress?

    Wednesday, March 12 2008

    Krystal calls Babe to give her the news about her new address. Babe is stunned and doesn't like the plan at all. She decides Krystal needs backup and packs her things and little A's things to move in, too! After they talk, Babe goes to the hospital to visit Richie and finds JR already in his room. Richie tells them that he is doing great post-transplant. Babe doesn't like JR being there and says with his illness he shouldn't be around Richie. JR leaves. Babe sits with Richie and says she is glad he's back. Richie pulls her to him and kisses her. JR watches. Babe pulls away and tells Richie can only be friends. She leaves the room and runs into JR, who tells her again that he was set up. She still doesn't believe him and changes the subject to Krystal's news. She says she is moving in, too. After hearing about Tad's case JR is relieved she will be safe. He asks why she is willing to give Richie umpteen chances but won't give him just one more. She says she is done giving him anything and leaves. JR says he won't give up on her.

    At the hospital Angie and Joe are talking about research possibilities surrounding Richie. Joe likes the idea. He is distracted and Angie asks what is wrong; he tells her about Robert. Joe is afraid that Rob may want to hurt Tad for some reason. A little later Angie and Julia go to see Richie. Angie tells him that he is doing well and should be ready to leave soon. She says she would like to use his case for research. Richie is just happy to hear he'll be out of the hospital soon.

    Arts and Crafts in Pine Valley

    Thursday, March 06 2008

    In his private hospital, Richie asks his doctors if he can leave yet. The doctor says he has to stay in their care for a while longer, annoying Richie. Treena arrives and tries to flirt with Richie. When she won't leave he grabs her, twists her wrist painfully and says she better watch out! Treena apologizes and when Richie releases her,she backs out of the room. When he is alone, Richie gets out of bed but before he can leave the doctor returns and warns him that he could get sick if he leaves their facility. Richie says he'll only stay in one hospital - in Pine Valley! The doctor agrees and a few hours later Richie is wheeled into Pine Valley Memorial - and right past JR's hospital bed! "Howdy, partner," he says with a smile.

    A Declaration of Love!

    Tuesday, March 04 2008

    At the Martin home, Babe is still waging a war against JR and refusing to believe anything he says about his night with the hooker. Because he can't remember anything Babe is certain that JR did get drunk and did sleep with Treena. Krystal defends JR, which angers Babe all the more. JR has another pain in his back and falls to the sofa. Krystal leaves. Babe brings up Richie, saying at least he is honest with her. JR sadly says he doesn't expect anything from Babe but he still wishes she would trust him a little. He stands up for a few minutes but quickly loses his strength. Babe sits with him on the sofa. JR asks what is really going on between her and Richie and why she can believe everything ex-con Richie says but can't believe anything JR says. Just then Richie calls, he tells Babe that his donor was a sweet old lady and he'll be home soon. Babe hands the phone to JR, which annoys Richie. JR and Richie talk uncomfortably for a few minutes; Richie makes a few jabs about his relationship with Babe. JR hits back by saying Babe is forever taking in strays! He hangs up on Richie. Annoyed, Babe says he could have been nicer. JR says he loves her and kisses her! Babe pulls away. JR says she should admit she still loves him. She does! "But where has that gotten me?" she asks. Babe says they have a lot - good sex and a son among the good parts - but that until JR respects her and trusts her they can't have a real relationship. She walks out.

    Richie is still in the pseudo-hospital. The doctors say he needs more time in treatment before they release him. The doctor wonders why Richie isn't happier. Richie says there is more to life than a clean bill of health.

    Nobody Believes JR!

    Thursday, February 28 2008

    Treena, meanwhile, has gone to see Richie at his pseudo-hospital. She says they bought the whole thing and then says she feels sorry for Babe, who was obviously upset at finding JR wit another woman. Richie tells her to go away. The doctor returns and tells Richie that he is responding well and it is time to continue with the treatment. He says Richie will have to stay in isolation for a few weeks but that everything looks good. Richie nearly cries when he realizes that he is on the road to a 100% recovery! "I get to live and I get the girl," he says happily.

    A Few New Worries

    Wednesday, February 27 2008

    At Richie's pseudo-hospital, the doctors are taking JR's bone marrow while Richie gets ready for his part of the procedure. Richie tells an unconscious JR that if he'd known JR was volunteering, he wouldn't have had to kidnap him. The doctor returns to tell Richie exactly how the transplant will work. He says Richie has a great chance at a successful transplant. The goons return after a while. Richie tells them to get rid of JR after his part in the transplant is done! The doctor finishes with JR, who is still unconscious, and the goons put him in a body bag before taking him away. Richie falls asleep and dreams Babe is there, in a dominatrix outfit. She says he is the only man for her and she is glad he got rid of JR! Then, she kisses him!

    New Beginnings Is Over!

    Monday, February 25 2008

    Richie stops by Babe's condo with more questions about JR's donor status. He asks how she got JR to agree but Babe says it doesn't matter. Richie pretends to accidentally spill some coffee on his shirt and Babe takes it to the laundry. While she is gone, Richie calls his goons and tells them to keep JR there and under wraps until he arrives. Babe returns and asks about the call. Richie makes up a story about a new donor match in Austin. He thanks her for helping with JR but says he doesn't want to owe JR anything and he is going to Austin. Babe tries to stop him but he is adamant. He says he loves her and is going to win her heart without JR's blood running through his veins! Babe says taking JR's bone marrow won't matter to her but he insists that it will. When Babe goes to check on Richie's shirt he grabs his jacket and, shirtless still, tells Babe that he has to get going to Austin. He says he'll be back soon and then leaves. Babe calls JR and leaves a message about Richie's other donor match.

    The doctors with JR decide it is time to move forward and leave the room to get ready. While they are gone, JR comes to and wonders where he is. He gets up from the bed but is wobbly on his feet and knocks over trays and tables on his way to the door. The doctors and goons are waiting when he reaches the door! They put him back to bed and knock him out. Richie arrives and sits beside JR, ready for the procedure.

    Somebody's Spying On Pine Valley

    Friday, February 22 2008

    Richie gives his goons one more instruction: bring back JR alive. Then he says JR may not stay alive for long after the marrow donation!

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