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    All My Children CAST - Wes/Richie Novak - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Wes/Richie Novak Played by Billy Miller on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Billy Miller

    Birthday: September 17 1979
    Birthplace: Grand Prairie, Texas, USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Billy Miller


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    Cassandra's Homecoming!

    Monday, April 28 2008

    At Opal's, Richie calls his doctor and demands to know if JR was infected before or after the marrow transplant. He hangs up as Opal walks in. He asks her again about the tarot reading and Opal says the cards aren't always 100% right; she says Richie should just be extra careful for awhile. Ryan arrives. In a loud voice, Opal introduces herself and invites him in. Ryan knows who she is. When Opal starts rambling about her book rounds at the hospital Ryan interrupts and asks for Richie. Opal points him out and then makes herself scarce. Ryan tells Richie about the break in. Richie says he wasn't there and then threatens Ryan. He leaves. Richie goes to Fusion, sees Annie in the elevator and asks what she is up to this time around! Annie pretends not to understand, hits the elevator button and gets off the carriage. She returns to work where the girls are looking at the Mother's Day launch ads.

    Aidan's Done!

    Wednesday, April 09 2008

    Babe arrives at Opal's to see Richie. He says Opal isn't the most stable of people. Babe defends Opal's eccentricities and then changes the subject to ask how he is doing. Richie blames Opal for his continuing illness, saying he'd be doing fine if she would stop worrying him with Tarot readings. Babe goes to sit down and winces in pain because of the shot Angie gave her for Hepatitis. She says JR has Hepatitis and she was inoculated as a precaution. Richie gets worried, wondering if he could have been exposed, too. She says he should be inoculated, too. She tells him about sleeping with JR, which upsets him even more. He asks if JR forced her and she says no. Richie gets angry and laughs in her face when she says it was a way to get JR to agree to be his bone marrow donor. She leaves. Richie angrily throws some books at the wall, wondering if JR got Hepatitis from the hooker or from the bone marrow needle!

    They're Going To Jail!

    Tuesday, April 08 2008

    At Opal's, Richie is still weak and sick but he puts on a brave face and asks for another Tarot reading. Opal deals the cards and the death card comes up! So does the bishop, which is a card that welcomes death! Richie doesn't like what the cards are saying at all. She goes on with the reading and says Richie has cheated death but that death is not giving up and will keep trying to kill him!

    She's Losing Her Mind!

    Wednesday, April 02 2008

    At Opal's, Richie tries to charm her. She says she can't be charmed and Richie changes his tune quickly. Opal gives him a tarot card reading. He is hot and uncomfortable. She reads, telling Richie the cards are very interested in his past. She says something from the past was stolen and something else was buried. Richie pushes the cards away and angrily tells Opal she is full of it. Opal blows out the candles.

    Psychic or Psychotic?

    Tuesday, April 01 2008

    Babe picks up Richie. He believes she is taking him to her house to recuperate. When she takes him to Opal's instead, Richie asks what she is trying to do! Opal gets him settled. As soon as they are alone again he asks why Babe isn't letting him stay with her. She says it is because of little A and won't back down. She says letting Richie live with her isn't the right thing to do. He turns on the charm - and tears - saying that when he was in the hospital she led him to believe that they had a romantic future together. Babe tells him she did no such thing. She angrily walks away but Richie sees he has gone too far and turns on the tears again, begging her not to be mad at him. Babe caves in. He nearly ruins it by bringing up JR and touting his bad points. Babe tells him to back off and stop worrying about JR. He asks, if he makes changes, if they can have a future. She says that isn't the way this works. Colby calls and as they talk about JR, Richie listens in and thinks about the marrow donation. Babe gathers her things and hurries to the hospital. Once Babe is gone, Richie throws a little temper tantrum and Opal catches him. She tells him to straighten up because she is psychic. "More like psychotic," he whispers and Opal hears! She sits down and tells him he isn't fooling her.

    Lock and Load, Brother!

    Thursday, March 20 2008

    At the hospital, Babe and JR are stunned when Richie keeps threatening JR. Joe insists it is only the fever and takes them to get gowned up. Babe decides to play Florence Nightingale and bring Richie some soup so JR returns to see him alone. Richie is still woozy. JR says they all - Richie, Babe and him - need to work together or they'll never survive. He brings up Richie's threat and then asks what would happen if anyone found out Richie stole his bone marrow. Richie pretends not to care and eventually goes back to sleep. When he wakes, JR grabs a pillow and says, "You better start explaining, Richie!" Richie calls JR's bluff and JR angrily tells him to tell the truth.

    In the hall, Joe assures Babe that Richie has an infection and a cold but that he should recover. She is relieved and thanks Joe. He asks about Tad, commenting that Tad has been unavailable lately. Not wanting to worry him, Babe says he is just busy with cases. Joe says he spoke with Jamie and Jake and they are doing well. Babe walks in to Richie's room as JR is holding the pillow over Richie's face. JR says he was just plumping Richie's pillows. Babe delivers Richie's soup, kisses his forehead and leads JR out of the room. JR looks back as Richie makes a gun with his fingers and pretends to shoot JR! Richie flashes back to the bone marrow transplant and swears that the next time JR won't survive.


    Tuesday, March 18 2008

    In Richie's nightmare, JR says, "You owe me your sad, miserable life!" JR watches Richie intently, which unnerves him. He says JR will never be his conscience. JR begins talking about the marrow transplant, how Richie hit Zach and then locked him and Greenlee in the bomb shelter. Julia hurries inside as Richie's monitors begin beeping. Joe is right behind her. Richie is running a high fever; Joe wonders if he is rejecting the bone marrow transplant. The nightmare continues as Babe walks into his dream - and kisses JR passionately! JR says he has the girl now and Babe says she is tired of being played for a fool. Richie says he really can change but Babe doesn't listen. She walks out and JR says he should just die.

    Babe arrives at Richie's hospital room. Joe says Richie may be rejecting the bone marrow. Richie wakes and begs her not to give up on him. He notices JR and threatens to kill him! Joe says it is just the fever talking but JR is still worried. Joe says they need to leave Richie to rest.

    Her Brother's Keeper...

    Monday, March 17 2008

    Annie goes to the hospital to visit Richie, who immediately asks if Ryan is still stuck in 2004. Annie tells Richie to back off or she'll leave. Richie continues with the sarcasm and says he doesn't need good-girl lessons from her. Annie brings up Babe, which angers Richie. He makes a few vague threats about Ryan not being able to protect her. "You're the one who's scared - of me," she exclaims! Richie laughs at her but Annie doesn't back down. Annie says he should concentrate on Babe if he really wants to turn his life around. Colby and Frankie walk in to check on Richie. Richie flirts with Colby a little while Frankie goes over his chart. Colby spills water on Richie, who laughs. She feels bad but Frankie is overly hard on her. They leave shortly. Annie turns back to Richie and asks why he kept his mystery transplant a secret. He says she didn't really want to know anyway. She turns out the light and leaves his room. Richie falls asleep and dreams of JR. Angry, JR tells Richie that he will never be rid of him!

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