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    All My Children CAST - Wes/Richie Novak - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Wes/Richie Novak Played by Billy Miller on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Billy Miller

    Birthday: September 17 1979
    Birthplace: Grand Prairie, Texas, USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Billy Miller


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    Do You Want Me To Make Her Scream?

    Friday, June 20 2008

    Annie arrives at Richie's cell. He says all he needs is bail money and demands that she get the cash for him or he'll tell Ryan everything. Annie says she can't just write a check. Richie says she should involve their father. She reluctantly agrees to do it - as long as Richie gets ride of Greenlee for her! "Do you want me to torture her? Or should I just kill her?" Richie asks. Annie says she doesn't want Greenlee dead - just gone. She leaves. Moments later a guard comes in and takes Richie away. The guards take him downstairs to a quiet room - where Zach is waiting!


    Wednesday, June 18 2008

    In his hospital room, Richie tells his lawyer that he was the one kidnapped and that JR is out to get him. Babe comes in after the lawyer leaves. Richie is surprised when he can’t charm her or guilt her into believing his lies. Richie stands by his story and tells Babe that evidence can be rigged and no jury will believe a prostitute over him! She says she’ll testify; he says he has a secret weapon. Babe tosses him a note from Opal and walks out. Inside is the death card! Richie calls for his lawyer and demands to see Annie.

    Erica's Back On Center Stage!

    Tuesday, June 17 2008

    At the hospital, Frankie calls Randi as Jake walks in. Frankie tells him about his suspicions of Randi and Jake tells him about a woman in Africa who was beaten because she had daughters instead of sons. Jake warns Frankie not to let Randi mess up his life. Jake continues on his rounds. His first stop is Richie's room. Richie insists he is innocent but Jake doesn't believe him. Jake says they'll talk more when the DNA results are back and then leaves. A few minutes later Jake returns and says, "Your luck has just run out."

    Zach Plays On Richie's Fears!

    Monday, June 16 2008

    In the hospital, Zach grabs Richie after hearing his voice. Down the hall, JR sees them and sends the police after Richie. They grab him and take him back to his exam room. Sitting on a gurney outside Richie's room, JR and Zach talk about him. One of the officers calls the judge for a warrant. JR tells Zach about the kidnapping and his suspicions about the bone marrow. Babe returns to say Treena is on her way to the hospital. Zach asks about JR's car, wondering if he really is remembering Richie's voice from the night he was hit. Treena arrives and says Richie did kidnap him because of the transplant. He says she doesn't need to be afraid of the cops and he'll keep the money a secret. JR calls the cop over and he leads her to another room.

    In his room, Angie tells Richie he needs to rest because his body is shutting down. Richie starts disparaging Jesse and Angie tells him to stop or his health could get worse. After Angie leaves, Zach comes in as Richie is sleeping and cuts off his oxygen mask! Richie wakes, scared, and Zach asks about the night of the hit and run. Richie says he was out looking like the rest of the town but Zach doesn't believe him. Zach makes Richie read several comments including the phrases he said just before closing the bomb shelter lid on Zach and Greenlee. Angie comes into the room, hooks Richie up to a machine and grabs a syringe. She says it is time for a little lie detector test!

    Forgiving and Forgetting Isn't Easy!

    Friday, June 13 2008

    In the warehouse, Richie has some sort of attack and freaks JR out. With nowhere else to turn, JR calls Babe. He says he gave Richie a shot of saline, not poison like he said, but he's now having a seizure. Babe promises to meet him at the hospital.

    JR arrives at the hospital with Richie; Angie takes his case. JR says he found Richie like this on the street. She has his old files pulled. Richie finally regains consciousness and says JR is poisoning him! Jesse walks in, followed by Babe and asks if JR really tried to poison Richie. JR says he was at a stoplight when he saw Richie and Richie started confessing about the kidnapping! JR says he must be the one who stole his bone marrow A police officer arrives. Jesse takes Babe to the hall and asks about Richie. Babe says JR is telling the truth and Richie must be just trying to cover his own crimes. Jesse asks if there are any witnesses to JR's story; Babe tells him about Treena. Angie walks in to tell them Richie is stable but weak because of the marrow transplant. Babe asks if Richie really could have stolen JR's bone marrow. Angie begins putting two and two together and says he could. Babe and JR talk about what really happened. JR swears he didn't do anything to Richie and was just trying to get information. Babe is still worried.

    Jesse finds the cop and asks about JR and Richie. The cop believes JR but admits the story is very convenient. Another cop arrives and says Richie wasn't poisoned but there are marks on Richie that could be from JR tying him up. They talk about arresting JR but Jesse advises them to keep digging. As they talk Angie walks in and Jesse asks her to help the men investigate who gave Richie the bone marrow. He continues down the hall and looks in on Richie. When he is alone, Richie calls Annie! She won't talk to him. Angie returns and Richie turns on the charm, telling her how JR tried to poison him. He plays the victim card but Angie doesn't believe him.

    Zach arrives at the hospital and runs into Richie, who has a hoodie covering his face. "Woah, man," he says, jogging Zach's memory of the night he was hit! Zach turns, catches up with him and grab's Richie's arm!

    Together, Forever...

    Thursday, June 12 2008

    At the warehouse, JR tells Richie he knows everything thanks to Treena. Richie gets quiet and promises to make things up to JR. Angry, JR keeps threatening and pushing until Richie breaks down. JR says he might let Richie live but only if Richie admits to everything on tape and signs a written confession! Just then Richie has a seizure.

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