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    All My Children CAST - Wes/Richie Novak - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Wes/Richie Novak Played by Billy Miller on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Billy Miller

    Birthday: September 17 1979
    Birthplace: Grand Prairie, Texas, USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Billy Miller


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    On The Attack!

    Tuesday, July 01 2008

    Babe struggles to her feet. Richie grabs her and shoves her into a closet. She bangs on the door but he won't let her go. He calls Annie, who is freaked out that he took Babe. "Just do what I tell you," he says! He gives her directions and says he wants more money! She hesitates and he threatens to take her down with him. He hangs up and lets Babe out of the closet. She hobbles over to him and begs him to stay away from little A. He swears that he only took her away because he loves her. He says all they need are a couple of new identities and they can start over again. Babe can't believe what she is hearing. Her cell phone begins ringing but Richie takes it from her. It's JR! Richie thanks him for calling and says Babe came with him willingly. JR doesn't believe him. Babe screams out to JR but Richie hangs up. He takes out a knife and destroys her phone. She says she can't leave little A; Richie says he'll come back for little A once they are settled. Babe says the kiddo needs JR; Richie says he is better than JR! He reminds her how much fun they had at the cabin before and tells her to tell him she doesn't want that again. She can't! Richie wonders at her quick turnaround and Babe covers, saying she was scared when they arrived because of the way he treated her in the car. She says she is finally seeing clearly now because JR, Annie, Ryan and the rest are nowhere near them. "How do I know this is real?" she asks. She makes a move, saying she wants him and draws him into a kiss. Then, she knees him and tries to run but Richie catches her! Richie pushes her around and then takes off his belt! Richie hears a ringing phone outside!

    Kendall and Greenlee arrive in the woods and think they have found the cabin. Greenlee looks around and sees one of Babe's shoes! Kendall wants to call Zach but Greenlee stops her again, saying there is no time. She sends Greenlee in with pepper spray and looks for a log to use as a weapon. They hide around a corner as Richie comes out of the cabin. Babe screams from inside but Richie won't let her out. Annie arrives but hides in the bushes as Kendall and Greenlee run for the door!

    Kidnapped - Again!

    Monday, June 30 2008

    Richie ties up Babe and puts her in the trunk of a car! He takes her to a secluded cabin!

    Someone Is Missing!

    Friday, June 27 2008

    Richie tries the elevator at Fusion, but it is shut down. He looks for another way and decides to climb up the building to get inside! He reaches the roof and goes inside. Richie peeks through the roof access door and sees all the women inside. He makes a small noise and the women get jittery. He is quiet for a while and watches as they get back to work. Amanda brings up Jake again. The ladies knock off work for the night and are getting ready to leave when Richie shuts down the power to the building. In the dark, one of them screams!

    Don't Forget Our Deal!

    Thursday, June 26 2008

    At the penthouse, Ryan tries to soothe Annie's fears about Richie making bail. She can't stop thinking about their deal and her testimony earlier. She pretends he is Emma, he demands that she help him escape tonight! Ryan reaches for the phone as Richie hangs up. Annie says she has to get to work but Ryan tells her to stay home and then he goes out on an errand. As soon as she is sure he is gone, Annie grabs her purse and leaves.

    Meanwhile, Richie answers his motel room door to find a flower delivery man there. They are from Zach and the message warns him that he isn't safe. Richie is watching a news report on his hearing when Annie arrives. Richie rambles about how great her testimony was while Annie wonders what he wants from her now. He scratches at the monitoring ankle bracelet and says she should come with him. She refuses and reminds him about Greenlee. Richie says he has to make this convincing and Annie begs him not to kill her. She turns away and he picks up an empty beer bottle. He knocks Annie out, cuts off the monitor, grabs the extra cash and walks out of the Pine Cone motel.

    Richie goes to Fusion, looks at a poster of the women and says, "I am coming for one of you."

    Bailed Out!

    Wednesday, June 25 2008

    At the courthouse, Ryan assures Annie that Richie won't get off this time around. All she can think about is Richie's blackmail. Kendall, Zach, JR and Babe arrive; all are certain Richie is going down. Two guards bring Richie up and everyone is shocked at his battered appearance. Babe wonders if it was JR but he assures her he didn't do it. Kendall asks Zach about it and he denies any involvement. Babe tells Annie, again, how sorry she is. Court is called in to session. Richie pleads innocent and says he wants to be his own attorney, shocking the courtroom. Richie says he doesn't trust anyone in Pine Valley to defend him. After the DA states his case Richie slowly stands, making the most of his injuries and says he isn't safe in prison. He calls Annie to the stand! Richie asks Annie about his last incarceration and she admits she lied so that he would be imprisoned. She tries to explain why but Richie keeps interrupting her. The judge lets her tell the whole thing - that she testified believing that Richie would be placed in a mental health facility. The DA interrupts, saying this has nothing to do with the current case. Richie gets some papers from his table and shows them to the judge. He asks Annie to read it - it is a court order for a new trial in his old case. Annie stares at Ryan, nearly in tears, as Richie calls her the criminal. Ryan asks the judge to make Richie stop but the judge won't intervene until Richie says he has no more questions. Annie leaves the stand. "I was set up before, don't let history repeat itself," Richie says. He asks for bail and the judge grants it! Richie walks out of the courtroom a free man. Opal gives him a warning - that the Tarot cards don't lie!

    It's About The Business!

    Monday, June 23 2008

    In the jail basement, Richie screams for the guards but no one comes to help him. Zach raises the metal pipe and pushes Richie down. Richie keeps yelling for help but Zach won't let him go. "There are no witnesses here," Zach says quietly and reminds Richie there was no one for them in the bomb shelter either. The guards return a while later. Zach is gone - and Richie is beaten up!

    Meanwhile, Aidan arrives to see Richie but the guards tell him Richie is being checked out in medical. Aidan decides to wait. A while later Aidan is shown to Richie's cell. "Oh, that must hurt," he says when he sees Richie. He jokes about bringing Richie a rope so he could kill himself this time around. Richie tries to shrug off Aidan's threats. Aidan brings up Greenlee and Richie locking her in the hole. Richie curls up on his bunk, refusing to talk. Aidan says no one will forget what he did - so he better get used to a few beatings! Aidan leaves.

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