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    All My Children CAST - Wes/Richie Novak - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Wes/Richie Novak Played by Billy Miller on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Billy Miller

    Birthday: September 17 1979
    Birthplace: Grand Prairie, Texas, USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Billy Miller


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    I'm Not Going Anywhere!

    Tuesday, August 05 2008

    At the hospital, Jake tells Ryan and Annie how lucky they were and then leaves to get the release papers going. Annie talks about their miracle but Ryan is quiet. He leaves to check messages so Annie calls Rachael and asks her to bring Emma to the hospital. Ryan returns and says Dre was just arrested for the hit-and-run! Annie pretends to be shocked that they really were the culprits. Ryan doesn't believe she is upset about the arrest. She plays up to him, saying she is at fault for everything because she brought Richie to town. When he sees how stressed out she is, Ryan changes the subject by saying they need to focus on their family. Annie looks across the room and sees Richie in the corner! Emma arrives. They show her the ultrasound and she says she wants a sister. Then, she asks if Ryan is going to live with them again. Emma falls asleep. Ryan apologizes to Annie for causing her any doubts. He says he'll be better from now on and caresses her belly. He says he'll get things right this time around. Ryan goes to get her release papers. Annie sees Richie again. He tells her she is crazy and she tells him to leave her alone.

    Confession Is Good For The Soul!

    Friday, August 01 2008

    Ryan walks in to the penthouse and sees Annie with a pipe wrench. She explains that a pipe was leaking and she was fixing it. He asks about Emma and Annie says she's at a sleep over with Spike and then says she dropped the bomb about the pregnancy, too. Ryan offers to fix the pipe before his next meeting. She asks if the meeting is with Greenlee and when he says it isn't she admits she saw them at ConFusion the night before. Annie gets emotional and tells him to go to his meeting. He leaves. She grabs the pipe wrench, puts it in her purse and turns around to see Richie in the penthouse! "Miss me?" he asks! Before she can say anything Zach arrives. As she talks about Ryan and the pregnancy, Richie taunts her to tell him what she really plans to do with the pipe wrench. Zach brings her back to the present. She blames her weirdness on pregnancy hormones and then apologizes for telling Jesse about the beating. Zach says it is in the past and invites her to sit with him. She tells him that she wants to leave Pine Valley with Ryan! Zach suggests she take Ryan to his Las Vegas casino for a second honeymoon. She says he and Kendall should come along so that she can mend those fences. Zach agrees to set it up. When she turns around, Richie is behind the door. He bangs a tire iron against her purse and asks what she is really planning. Annie grabs her bag and leaves the penthouse.

    Annie Hears Richie's Voice!

    Tuesday, July 15 2008

    Jesse finds Annie at the morgue and asks why Richie was cremated. She says it was her father’s decision and shows him a note. Annie says she doesn’t know why Walter wanted the cremation and then totally overreacts when Jesse says he still has questions. She says she doesn’t know anything more than what he was already told. Jesse tells her to tell him again. Annie keeps digging the hole deeper when she angrily asks Jesse why he needs to hear her story again. She backtracks when she sees how suspicious he is and says she is just worried for their father’s sake. She leaves but in the hall hears Richie’s voice say she won’t get away with this!

    There Are Secrets To Tell!

    Wednesday, July 09 2008

    In the morgue, Angie tells Annie and Ryan that the autopsy will take a while and they should leave. Annie goes to get water and Ryan tells Angie that Annie is having real trouble with Richie's death. Angie offers to talk to Annie later. She leaves. Ryan suggests again that they leave but Annie won't go. She insists that she has to be there for Richie. Angie returns a short time later because the autopsy is over. She says Richie was hit by a car but that it didn't kill him. She says Richie was killed by blunt force trauma to the head. Annie is more unnerved than ever. Angie leaves. Annie remembers the last time she saw Richie, when her tire went flat on the highway. Richie was fixing the tire and said he would tell Ryan everything! Annie hit him with a tire iron! When he wouldn't wake up, she drove off in her car. Ryan brings Annie back to the present and asks how she is. She insists she is fine. She says she'll understand if Ryan wants to leave her. He says he won't leave. He has a memory flash of the accident when Greenlee lost their child. He kisses her and takes her home.

    Who Killed Richie?

    Monday, July 07 2008

    In a car, Zach is driving. He ignores Derek's call but a while later, he calls Jesse. "I found Novak," he says, looking at Richie's body in the road! Zach rolls the body over and watches it. Jesse arrives. Zach admits that he drove Richie's car and that he turned the body over but says he didn't do anything wrong. Aidan calls and Zach tells him to stay with the girls because Richie is dead. Zach then informs Jesse of his criminal past; Jesse says what matters are Zach's motives in the current case and the strong words Jesse overheard at the cabin. Zach says he didn't kill Richie. Jesse says he'll drive Zach home while the technicians finish working the scene. Zach asks where Richie will be buried. "I want to put the cover on that hole," he says!

    Annie and Ryan arrive at the police station. Jesse shows them in to the morgue. "Richie!" she cries.

    Desperately Seeking Annie!

    Thursday, July 03 2008

    In the cabin, Annie cuts Richie loose. They make it to her car and Richie tells her that Zach was the one who beat him up in prison. Annie tells Richie to shut up and is very worried about being found out. She asks why he didn't just leave town. Richie says he was forced into Plan B - kidnapping Babe. They argue about who is more wrong. Annie tells him he is crazy to think Babe would want him again. Richie says she is just jealous of him! Annie drives off. Richie tells her to stop worrying about Ryan because he doesn't really love her anyway. He says he is the only person who ever loved her! They argue about who is to blame for their dysfunctional family. Frustrated, Annie orders Richie to get out of her car. Annie calls Ryan, who is about to leave the penthouse. She says she is fine and doesn't know where Richie is when he asks. She says she'll be home soon. When she hangs up, she looks at the empty seat beside her.

    I'm Gonna Kill Him!

    Wednesday, July 02 2008

    Greenlee and Kendall team up to distract Richie and Babe smacks him in the head with a fireplace shovel.

    After talking to Krystal, Babe, Greenlee and Kendall stand over Richie, who is tied up. Greenlee grabs Richie's knife and threatens him. He tries to get the others to step in but they won't. Greenlee asks if Richie understands now how she felt in the bomb shelter and then puts the knife to his throat! Babe grabs the knife and says it is her turn! She threatens Richie before giving the knife to Kendall, who tells Richie that he nearly cost her her family. Babe gags Richie. Nearly in tears, Kendall pretends she is ready to stab him. Richie goads her on but she won't kill him. The women go outside. Kendall calls Zach to say they have Babe and one more surprise.

    Annie waits in the bushes until the women leave Richie alone. She quietly goes inside - and grabs the knife!

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