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    All My Children CAST - Wes/Richie Novak - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Wes/Richie Novak Played by Billy Miller on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Billy Miller

    Birthday: September 17 1979
    Birthplace: Grand Prairie, Texas, USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Billy Miller


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    Kendall Confesses!

    Friday, December 28 2007

    “Is it too late to say Merry Christmas?” Bianca asks, bustling into Fusion, where Babe is working. She’s got gifts for Little A. “How are you?” Babe asks. Bianca’s answer: “That’s a complicated question these days.” Babe commiserates. Bianca tells Babe that she and Zoe are not a “thing.” “We’ll be close friends forever,” Bianca says. “but she’s still getting used to the idea of being Zoe.” Again, Babe commiserates, this time by telling Bianca about her relationship with Richie. She then confesses about her fling with JR. “It’s weird isn’t it, us talking to each other like friends?” Babe says. Bianca tells Babe that she's grateful for all the hard work that Babe did to keep Kendall from losing Fusion.

    Father Clarence Visits Adam

    Friday, December 21 2007

    Richie can't believe that Babe called Ryan to come and get him. "Are you afraid of me?" he asks incredulously. Babe says she just wants him out of her life so she can focus on little A and JR. Richie tries to manipulate Babe but Ryan won't allow that. Derek and the cops walk in, surprising Ryan and Babe. Richie says he called the cops! He says he doesn't want Babe to be afraid of him and this was the only way he could show her he isn't a threat! The police cuff Richie and take him away; he wishes Babe a merry Christmas on his way out. When he is gone Ryan turns to Babe, telling her that he was shocked to see that Richie really does have feelings for her. "With everybody else, he just works angles," Ryan says. Babe isn't interested in Ryan's apologies and tells him so. Ryan tells her she should still stay away from Richie, though. She asks what he really wants and Ryan tells her that he just wants her to understand that Richie is conning all of them and he can't be saved. Ryan leaves.

    In the waiting area, Derek comes in and asks Joe about Zach and Greenlee. As Joe tells him Greenlee's and Zach's prognosis, Richie sees Zach through the open doorway and wonders if he could have even more charges placed against him. Derek takes Richie back to the psych ward. Joe returns to Greenlee; Aidan is waiting. Joe tells Aidan that Greenlee is in bad shape and her kidneys are shutting down because of severe dehydration! Just then, alarm beeps begin sounding from Greens' monitors!

    Next on All My Children:

    Adam goes to Tad.

    Greenlee takes a turn for the worse.

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    Thursday, December 20 2007

    At Babe's, she refuses to put Richie up for a few days. She tells him she is tired of his games and Annie's games. Richie turns away, fakes an attack of some sort and falls to the ground. Babe helps him inside. She tells him to give her some straight answers or she'll call the hospital and have him put away again. Richie puts on his "I'm the victim" face and reminds Babe that Annie had him imprisoned on false charges. Babe doesn't buy his half-truths this time, though, and tells him maybe he should just move on. Richie says he can't leave because of Babe! She tells him not to get attached to her and then tells him to go get cleaned up. When she is alone, Babe wonders if she is making a big mistake. When Richie returns from the bath, Ryan arrives!

    Not So Happy Holidays

    Wednesday, December 19 2007

    Babe arrives at her condo. Richie is waiting and asks her to help him hide!

    Is The End Near?

    Tuesday, December 18 2007

    Meanwhile in the psych ward Janet tells Richie about Amanda's windfall. Realizing that she may be able to help him, he butters her up and plays knight to her queen. Annie arrives and sees them together. Janet leaves as Annie approaches and asks if Richie needs anything. When she doesn't become spooked by his remarks, Richie thinks of new ways to creep her out. He brings up their parents but that doesn't work either. Annie tells Richie that their mother committed suicide because she couldn't take the reality that her son was psychotic. This upsets Richie. They exchange barbs for a while and Annie asks Richie what kind of funeral he would prefer! Annie leaves and tells him she won't be back. Janet, who has been watching their exchange, returns to Richie and asks if he is okay. He puts on a show about needing to help his sister and then asks Janet if she can help him escape. "Oh, you can do that any time you want," Janet says.

    Confessions 'R Us!

    Wednesday, December 12 2007

    In the psych ward, Janet offers some Jello to Richie but he doesn't want anything to do with Janet or the psych ward and tells her so! Janet tells Richie that he better listen to her advice or he'll wind up in the psych ward for a long, long time. Richie tells her he knows how to manipulate the system but Janet is positive that he doesn't. They chat for a bit, both showing their more dangerous sides. Finally, Janet tells Richie that she will help him escape!

    Being Committed...

    Monday, December 10 2007

    Richie is reading through the information that Ryan tossed on his bed. He points out that he is dying and therefore Ryan's hypothesis doesn't make sense. Ryan brings up Stan, the insurance salesman, and points out that they policy doesn't pay if Richie dies of natural causes but if Richie is killed, it pays a million dollars - to Richie's prison psychiatrist! Richie swears Ryan is reading the policy wrong but Ryan doesn't believe him for a second. He tells Richie that he will be watching for as long as Richie lives. Richie thinks he still has the upper-hand and makes a few inferences about Annie being on the edge. He tells Ryan that he can't stop what will happen because Richie knows exactly how to manipulate his sister! Ryan leaves the hospital room. Across the hall he sees Joe and asks for help. Ryan tells Joe that Richie needs another psychological evaluation. Joe agrees to listen to Ryan's plan.

    Agreeing to help Ryan, Jo manages to convince Richie that he needs another psychiatric evaluation to make sure things are fine. Richie agrees. Joe instructs the orderlies to take Richie to the psych ward - where Janet is waiting!

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