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    All My Children CAST - Wes/Richie Novak - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Wes/Richie Novak Played by Billy Miller on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Billy Miller

    Birthday: September 17 1979
    Birthplace: Grand Prairie, Texas, USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Billy Miller


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    Hannah Falls From The Falls!

    Friday, January 11 2008

    In the park, Babe and JR are about to kiss when she pulls back and asks what they are doing. JR tells Babe he just wants a shot at a future with her. She isn't sure that is a good idea but listens to his arguments. Finally, she agrees to give JR another shot but says it is friends - no benefits - first and they'll see where things go from there. JR accepts her terms and kisses her on the cheek. JR and Babe return to the condo with little A. Little A asks if JR can stay for a while and Babe agrees. He goes to take a shower. JR is looking for shampoo, clad only in a towel, when Richie stops by! "Is this a bad time?" Richie asks.

    Greenlee's Still Sick!

    Wednesday, January 09 2008

    In the hall Annie runs into Richie who is there for tests regarding the cancer and the bone marrow transplant. He tells her about the transplant list, saying there isn't much hope the doctors will find a match. He says he won't even bother asking her but that he is hoping for a miracle - just like the miracle Ryan received! When Annie turns to go Richie tells her that Walter isn't a match for the transplant so he can play on her guilt. Annie refuses to play head games with Richie and he realizes that. To get her attention Richie tells Annie that he was planning to set her up for murder the day he called her to come to the psych ward. Annie can't believe it. She asks him what was really in the letter he tried to give her. Richie reluctantly hands over the letter and Annie sees that the pages are all blank! He emotionally tells her he is sorry and that she knows all of his secrets now. He asks for a second chance! He says this time he'll be a good brother and he will never hurt her again. "But guess what? That is exactly what will happen if you die," Annie says and walks away. She returns to Ryan's room. He is sleeping and she sits down beside him and lays her head on his shoulder. She promises to be there 100% from now on and not to let anyone or anything else get in their way.

    Josh Is Hannah's Hostage!

    Monday, January 07 2008

    Meanwhile in the psych ward Richie thinks the new doctor is trying to pull one over on him. The doctor says a bone marrow transplant could save his life but Richie won't listen. When the doctor keeps insisting that he could live Richie begins to believe. Annie asks what Richie's chances are; the doctor says 20% to 25%. He suggests that they contact Richie's parents and siblings to find the best match and suggests that Annie be tested right away. Annie isn't sure she wants that. The doctor leaves. Richie faces his sister but before he can say much Babe bursts in and tells Annie about the shooting. Annie hurries out but Babe stays behind. Crying, Richie tells her about the possibility of the bone marrow transplant and how Annie probably won't help him. She tells him to have hope but Richie says he doesn't know how and turns the tears on even harder. Babe hugs him; Richie gets an evil gleam in his eyes. Babe tells him Annie will come around but Richie isn't so sure. She tells him about the Miranda switcheroo and how everyone forgave her, certain that the town can forgive his bad deeds, too. Richie tells her he wants to turn back time, not to fix the past with Annie but to return to the batting cages with her! "It was the greatest day of my life," he says and kisses her! Babe kisses him back but then becomes nervous and pulls away. She quickly leaves the psych ward. When he is alone, Richie takes the switchblade from his pocket, hides it in a magazine and puts it in the trash.

    Hannah's Nuts!

    Friday, January 04 2008

    At the hospital, Babe tries to run interference between the siblings, telling Richie she just wanted to see him again. "I don't want you here, Babe," Richie says! Then he reaches out to her and asks her to remember him the way he was at her condo. One of the patients, the same one who called Annie, comes over and repeats Richie's "diagnosis". When the patient begins to shake an orderly takes him away. Annie and Babe realize they've been had. Annie angrily tells Babe not to believe anything Richie says, insisting that this was all a set up to hurt her. Richie tells Babe that he just wanted a few more minutes with his sister and she begins to believe him! He begs her to leave and not come back ever again. Babe walks out, crying. Annie turns to Richie and asks what he really wants. Richie won't say so Annie turns away. Slowly Richie stands and reaches in to his pocket, telling Annie he wants things to be different. When Annie steps close to him he apologizes for hurting her in the past. "I want to make things right," Richie says and asks Annie to be his sister again. Annie still doesn't trust him. Richie confesses that he turned Walter against her. He pulls a letter of confession from his pocket and asks Annie to take it to Walter, but not to read it right away. He says not reading it will be a favor for Babe. He tells her he is afraid of death and that is why he wants to make things right before he dies. Finally Annie tries to take the paper but Richie reaches out and scratches her. She backs away, ready to leave. Richie begs her not to go. He asks her to take the paper and when she reaches out, he reaches in to his pocket. Annie pulls away from him, seeing something strange in his eyes. He grabs her but his doctor comes in and breaks them up before Richie can follow through on his plan. Annie turns to go but the doctor asks her to stay. "You might live to a ripe old age after all," he says!

    Kendall Confesses In Court

    Thursday, January 03 2008

    Richie is still in the psych ward. He sits down with his doctor and asks how much time he has left. The doctor is noncommittal. He asks what they are testing for this time around but the doctor won't say. The doctor leaves. Richie begins to hatch another plan. In a vision, Richie is slumped in a wheelchair and Annie is trying to talk to him. He reaches out to her and apologizes. Then he puts a knife in her hand, holds her wrist tightly and makes her stab him! All of the psych patients are witnesses to Annie "killing" him. Richie likes the plan and asks one of the other patients to call Annie, posing as a doctor, to ask her to come see him! After the call is placed, Richie pulls a switchblade from his pocket and flicks it open.

    Richie is looking at his reflection in a water pitcher, telling himself how handsome and smart he is. Annie walks in and he slumps over. Richie reaches in to his pocket and is about to grab Annie's hand when Babe walks in!

    Hannah Makes A Move!

    Wednesday, January 02 2008

    In the mental ward, Richie's prison psychiatrist arrives and Richie tells him he has chosen his date of death! They both sit down to chat. Richie says he will die within the next week but won't give the doctor a specific date. He asks the doctor to be honest and tell his real feelings. He calls Richie a sociopath and says his death will be a huge relief to anyone in Richie's life. Once he is done talking Richie tells him their deal is off - and Babe is now getting all of the insurance money! Angry, the doc threatens Richie but Richie doesn't bite. "I played you. Deal with it," Richie says. The doctor leaves. Richie places a call from one of the hospital phones and tells the person on the other line that it is time to take care of their doctor problem! JR arrives a few moments later. He warns Richie to stay away from Babe or else. Richie asks what JR has planned and JR tells him that if he doesn't stay away from Babe Richie just might die at an inopportune time! Richie pretends to be afraid and tells JR that he will stay far, far away from Babe. JR leaves.

    Kendall Rings in 2008 in the Slammer

    Monday, December 31 2007

    Richie is on the phone in the hospital, growling, “I get the drill – my sister knocks me off, you collect the insurance.” Enter Lily, who tells him that it’s a good thing he’s been locked up. She tells him that she’d overheard him talking about “murder,” in his hospital room. She then gives him a murder mystery book, saying she thinks if you get every detail down pat, it’s possible to commit the perfect crime. Richie picks Lily’s brain about planning the perfect crime of setting someone else up to take the rap for a murder. Lily unknowingly gives him step-by-step instructions on how to set up Annie as his murderer.

    Back in Ryan’s love nest, Annie has a moment of panic that Richie will be released and “it will start all over again.” Ryan tells Annie that he’s safeguarded Richie’s detention by funding a new psych ward in exchange for keeping Richie hospitalized. But Ryan doesn’t want to talk about Richie anymore and he and Annie get warm and cozy in front of the fire.

    We end with a musical montage, “Apologies,” by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals:

    Kendall tucks Zach into bed, whispering, “I love you…and I’m sorry I have to do this.” Jack toasts Erica with a warm smile. Ryan sips champagne wrapped in Annie’s arms inside tangled blankets. Their phone rings, but they let it go to the machine. It’s Richie, saying, “I hope you get everything you wish for. I know I will.” Krystal and Tad toast, then get down to finishing the business they started. Hannah, alone, pulls a scrapbook out from under the bed – it’s filled with photos and news clippings about Zach. Aidan toasts Greenlee (water) and curls up in bed beside her.

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