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    All My Children CAST - Wes/Richie Novak - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Wes/Richie Novak Played by Billy Miller on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Billy Miller

    Birthday: September 17 1979
    Birthplace: Grand Prairie, Texas, USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Billy Miller


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    JR Is Poisoned!

    Thursday, March 19 2009

    Kendall returns home to find Zach there playing with the boys. Rachael takes the kiddos upstairs. Zach and Kendall try to talk but both are uncomfortable. They are about to have wine when one of the boys cries; Zach goes upstairs. Seeing his coat on the sofa, Kendall caresses it and then holds it to her chest. She pours the wine and listens to Zach over the baby monitor. Ryan arrives! She tells him to leave but Ryan won't go. He apologizes for what happened at Fusion, goes on about Connecticut and then kisses her! Zach sees them!

    Annie Puts Her Plans In Motion!

    Wednesday, September 10 2008

    Annie is sleeping; she dreams of killing Greenlee. Later, she gets Emma ready for her day. Richie sits on the bed and harasses her about her plans for Greenlee. Annie tells him to shut up and when Emma gets worried, says things are going to be fine.

    Petey sees Annie in the hall. She advises him again to go for Colby. Petey is still worried about his geeky look. Annie builds his confidence by saying he is strong and funny and that Colby would be lucky to have him. She kisses his cheek and goes to her room. Annie tucks in Emma, who is sleeping, and promises to make things right again. She puts pillows in the bed so everyone will think she is sleeping. She tries to load the gun but her hands are shaky. Richie appears to taunt her. She steadies her hands, loads the gun and slips out the window.

    Annie arrives at Greenlee's and sneaks into a back area. She watches Greens with the gun drawn for a while. She is about to make her move when Tad arrives to see Aidan. Greenlee says he is gone. Tad leaves. Greenlee returns to her movie. Annie starts to make another move but Richie appears. She realizes she can't kill Greens in cold blood; Richie taunts her again. She points the gun at Greenlee. Richie keeps taunting her to pull the trigger but Annie hesitates time after time. She finally cocks the trigger but can't fire the gun! "Loser," Richie coos as Annie hides again. She has a cramp and falls to the floor. As a movie character screams, Annie tries to hold in her own screams.

    Kendall Defies Zach!

    Tuesday, September 09 2008

    Annie goes to her room, upset because of Ryan. Richie appears and starts teasing her about how she is going to try to kill Greenlee. Annie tells him to shut up but Richie won't stop talking. He suggests poisoning but she turns that down. He suggests hiring a hit man but she doesn't like that either. He suggests "accidental" electrocution but Annie doesn't like that thought either. She decides to stage a burglary and make it look like Greenlee was killed by an intruder. Richie says she can't overpower Aidan and asks about her alibi. Annie says she'll handle it.

    Annie and Adam Join Forces!

    Tuesday, September 02 2008

    At the Chandler manse, Annie tells Babe that she doesn't know how long she'll be staying there. She also says she won't be at work. Babe tells Annie to take her time and leaves. Adam and Annie are nervous around one another for a moment or two and then Adam brings up their plans and says this is the perfect cover for their destruction of Fusion! Carmen overhears them talking. Adam leaves and Richie appears, telling Annie that she was dumb to leave Ryan this way. Petey arrives to see Colby. She tells him to leave but he ignores her and asks about the Fusion party. Adam sees him and welcomes him over. Colby isn't sure what is going on but says she isn't going anywhere with Petey after Adam suggests they attend the party together. Annie eavesdrops. Petey tries to make Adam make Colby attend with him but she won't listen and goes back upstairs. When she is gone, Adam sends Petey away. Seconds later, Ryan arrives! In the sitting room, Annie listens as Richie tells her she may still have pull with Ryan after all. Annie agrees to see Ryan but is very cold to him. She tells him to go but before he can leave Emma runs in. Carmen follows and apologizes to Annie. They sit Emma down and tell her Ryan is moving out. Emma asks if he loves Annie and Ryan can't answer. He says all that matters is that they both love her. He leaves. Adam returns and tells Annie how sorry he is that she - and Emma - are going through this. She brings up Fusion and asks how the plans are going. Adam says all she needs to know is that things are moving forward.

    Spy Games!

    Friday, August 22 2008

    In the bathroom, Annie splashes her face with water and Richie appears. He tells her she has to take action before someone else does. Annie tells him to go away but Richie keeps pressing her to take action. Annie returns to the bar but doesn't notice Jesse watching her. When she leaves, he follows.

    A Memory, A Near Meltdown and An Award!

    Friday, August 15 2008

    On the plane to Pine Valley, Aidan makes a toast and surprises Greenlee with a wedding video. Ryan can't watch it and fixes a strong drink; Annie says he shouldn't drink on a plane. They sit down as the video ends. Greenlee goes to the bathroom. Annie has another morning sickness attack so Ryan sits with her for a while. Greenlee calls Kendall, who has been very quiet, which worries Zach. Kendall convinces Zach to distract Aidan with a tour of the plane and since Annie is sleeping, asks Ryan to come with her - to fish Greenlee's wedding earring out of the toilet! Ryan and Greenlee are alone in the bath when she asks his advice for a marriage and lasting happiness. He tells her things will be fine as long as she remembers that she deserves total happiness. Turbulence tips the plane and jams the door - they are stuck inside!

    Back in the cabin, Annie sees Richie. He turns the knife, telling her that Ryan couldn't wait to have time alone with Greenlee. Kendall comes over and Annie demands to know why Ryan snuck into the bathroom with Greenlee. Kendall says it isn't a big deal and Annie gets angry. Just then, turbulence tips the plane. Annie insists on getting to the bathroom but Kendall won't let her. Richie appears and goads Annie, who focuses on a fire extinguisher. "What are you going to do to me?" Kendall asks. Before Annie can do anything, Ryan bangs on the door and yells that they are locked in. Kendall goes after Zach and Aidan as Ryan tries to keep Greenlee calm. She pictures the house Aidan is building for her to keep from freaking out. As she talks, Ryan is captivated by the picture she paints. Aidan and Zach arrive; Zach calls the pilot. Greenlee starts to break down inside the small space; Kendall takes Annie aside, telling her that they have to put their differences aside. Ryan gets Greenlee to sing to help ease her fears. Kendall tells Annie the whole ring-losing story but she is still angry. She wants him out of the bathroom now! She wonders where the key is, which gives Kendall the only opening she needs. She tells Annie she knows about the hidden key and so does Ryan! "Care to share?" she asks sweetly. Annie refuses. Richie appears and she says none of this would be happening if he'd killed Greenlee in the first place! Kendall overhears part of the conversation and asks who Annie was talking to. Aidan finally gets the door open as Ryan and Greenlee begin laughing.

    Nobody Likes a Buttinsky!

    Thursday, August 14 2008

    Annie and Ryan go to their hotel room. She kisses him, saying this would have been a second honeymoon night - and then runs for the bathroom. He gets club soda and crackers for her; she tells him to go have fun but he won't leave her. As they talk, Annie brings up Greens, upsetting Ryan, because she won't drop the subject. She asks what would have happened if they would have stayed together but Ryan can't answer her questions. She points out that it couldn't have worked because Greenlee didn't really want kids and reminds him how happy she and Emma are to have him in their lives. She asks if he is happy and he swears he is. Just then, Richie's ghost appears and laughs at her for believing that Ryan wants her and not Greens. She pulls away from Ryan and insists they leave right away. She starts packing. Ryan has no idea what is going on.

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