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    All My Children CAST - Dre Woods - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dre Woods Played by Sterling Sulieman on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sterling Sulieman

    Real Name: Sterling Sulieman


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    Love in the Afternoon!

    Thursday, September 06 2007

    Adam is dressed as Stuart and making plans to get his company back! He heads to Tad and Krystal's next and is surprised to see all the young people around. Krystal walks in with chili as he watches the goings on. Finally he steps into the room, playing his Stuart role to the hilt. The hip-hoppers invite Colby and Sean out to their show and they convince Krystal to extend their curfew to 1am. Adam brings up age limits but the band is sure they can get Colby in with them. Colby swears she won't get into trouble if they let her stay out later than 1am. Tad agrees to let Colby stay out as late as possible - as long as he can tag along! He heads up stairs to change clothes. Krystal and the rest of the crowd leaves, too, leaving Adam to talk to Colby. He gets emotional when she mentions missing Adam and hugs her tightly. They talk about Adam for a bit and "Stuart" tells Colby he is doing well and following the doctor's orders. He tells Colby to go see Adam sometime but she isn't sure that is a good idea. She goes off to the kitchen to help Krystal and leaves him alone with Jenny. Adam begins to talk to her and Krystal listens in. They talk a bit about the kids in their lives and she wonders if Adam could love a child that wasn't his own. She doesn't think he could after the things he did. "Stuart" asks if Krystal could ever get past what Adam did to her and to Jenny; he isn't sure how to answer. Instead, he asks if he can tuck Jenny in.

    The Morning After

    Tuesday, September 04 2007

    Krystal and Tad arrive home after the party to find Colby and Sean asleep on the couch. Tad yells, "Hands off the hottie", to get their attention and then makes Sean leave. Colby goes upstairs to sleep. Krystal asks Tad why he kissed her. He tries to shrug off the question but Krystal isn't interested in skirting the issue. She lets him know she liked the kiss, but she isn't over Adam, so they shouldn't take things any further. Jenny starts to cry and they go upstairs to check on her. They return downstairs a while later, Jenny in tow and loud rock music blasting all around them. Colby hurries downstairs wondering what's going on. They all realize there is a garage band practicing next door. Sean arrives with doughnuts and a few birthday party pictures. He asks about Colby and learns about the band. Tad asks if Sean can fix the television as Colby returns with the members of the band. She introduces Ren, Dre and Corrina and asks if they can stick around for a while. They all chow down on doughnuts and get acquainted as they talk about music. Tad isn't thrilled and asks them to keep the noise down until after sunrise in the future. Corrina notices his television and offers to fix the system for him. Tad is impressed with her work. The kids begin talking about an upcoming show and they all take off, leaving Tad and Krystal alone. In a false British accent, Tad talks in hip-hop slang, ready to tag along with the kids! He returns downstairs and he and Krystal talk about their lost youths.

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