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    All My Children CAST - Dre Woods - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dre Woods Played by Sterling Sulieman on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sterling Sulieman

    Real Name: Sterling Sulieman


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    Tuesday, March 18 2008

    On the terrace, Krystal calls Kyle to set up a few deliveries for The Comeback. JR walks out and asks what Tad is working on that has Krystal hiding out at the mansion. Krystal doesn't answer and instead asks what he is planning with Babe. JR says he is changing his life and trying to win Babe back. Krystal brings up Richie but JR is certain he can keep Richie down. He wonders why, since Krystal believes in him, she doesn't want him with Babe. Krystal brings up the attempted murder of Babe and Adam's actions against Jenny and says there is too much history. JR returns inside and sees Babe, alone and upset. Still thinking about the things Adam said to her about her past with JR, she apologizes for sleeping with Jamie. JR shrugs the event off, saying they have both made mistakes. He is about to kiss her when Julia calls about Richie's complications. Babe tells JR she has to go and is surprised when he says he'd like to come along. Adam hears them and asks why it matters if Richie dies. They ignore him and leave. Krystal comes in, asking what is going on. Adam says Richie is dying, obviously not caring. Krystal follows him back into the parlor and apologizes for disrupting his life these last days. He watches Jenny for a minute and says he'll never hurt her or Jenny again. Just then Tad walks in. He tells Krystal about the warehouse as Adam lets Dre in the house. Dre asks where Colby is. Adam hasn't seen her and neither has Krystal. Dre says he checked in at the hospital but Colby left there with Frankie a long time ago. Tad becomes worried.

    Jesse and Angie return to Tad's. Angie is still upset about the tape, wondering why those people have been after Jesse for 20 years. As they talk Angie notices an envelope on the desk that wasn't there when they left the house earlier. Jesse grabs the envelope. Inside are pictures of Colby and Frankie - bound and gagged! There is a note that instructs Jesse to return to the warehouse, alone, or lose Frankie. Tad calls and Jesse fills him in on the picture. He says there is a blonde girl in the picture but Jesse doesn't recognize her. In the background Adam demands to know what Tad is talking about.

    Good Times..

    Wednesday, March 05 2008

    Adam calls a meeting with Samuel at the manse. Adam asks if Sam has been investigating him, too, and Sam admits he has. But, he says Adam has nothing to worry about. As they talk Colby and Dre arrive. "Hi, Dad," Dre says to Sam! Dre is very uncomfortable, especially when Adam starts quizzing him on his music. Dre walks away but Colby stays to try to smooth things over with Samuel. Sam follows Dre out. Colby goes on the attack with Adam, telling him that being nice to Dre because of his father is not a nice thing to do. "Family and blood lines count for something," Adam says, angering Colby. Adam's advisors call and Colby leaves. She listens at the door as Adam says he just talk to Sam and thinks he is in the clear. Then he tells his men to keep digging into Sam's past!

    On the patio, Dre asks Samuel what he really wants with him. Sam says he just wanted to make sure his son was okay. Dre doesn't believe him no matter how much Samuel says he just wants his son back. Dre says there is too much in their past to be father and son now. "You're using Erica Kane just like you used mom," Dre says! Sam angrily says he isn't using his dead wife's memory for his campaign. Dre says he needed Sam back then but he doesn't need his father now. He leaves.

    Quinton is Frankie!!

    Monday, January 21 2008

    In the entryway Colby asks Dre about their kiss. He says it was cool but Colby wants a better answer. He says the kiss was wonderful which leads Colby to apologize. Dre doesn't let her say anything more. He says he knows he was just a replacement because Sean upset her. Colby thanks him for being a friend. After Dre leaves Colby returns to Adam's side and asks him why he used her to get to Krystal and Tad. He apologizes but Colby doesn't believe him. She offers to drive him home and they leave.

    Tad and Krystal Renew Their Vows

    Friday, January 18 2008

    Dre arrives at the Valley Inn and Colby, upset at Adam, cries on his shoulder. She is mad that he manipulated her but she is also upset because she saw how upset he was at the wedding. Dre hugs Colby and tells her that they can't worry about the stupid things their parents do. Dre and Colby join the reception and over cake talk about Dre's dad. Dre tells her about an election event that Dre refused to attend; his father emotionally blackmailed him into attending anyway. Colby can't believe his father. Colby and Dre make a pact to be honest with each other no matter what. They kiss to seal the deal.

    What's Wrong With Quentin?

    Wednesday, January 16 2008

    Dre walks in to the Chandler mansion from the tunnels and checks things out. Colby is there to show him around and tell him that the P.I. has left town. She asks him to come with her to B.J.'s. Dre thinks they should invite Sean but Colby believes Sean will just blow them off.

    JR is making a deal at B.J.'s when Sean walks in. JR needles Sean a little, realizes how distracted and upset Sean is and demands to know what he's done to Colby this time! Sean tries to avoid JR but Colby walks in and JR becomes more aggressive. She calms things between the guys and takes Sean aside to find out what is wrong. He tells her about sleeping with Hannah. Colby is heartbroken; Sean leaves. Colby sits down with JR and tells him everything, crying about her past with Sean and the fact that she really thought he had changed this time. JR tells Colby it takes a lot for people to change. "But you just try to do what's right," he says, telling her that love can make anything possible. Colby asks how she can tell if she is really in love and JR says she will know. Sean walks back inside as JR hugs his sister. Dre makes a beeline for him and asks Sean why he keeps running from Colby. Sean is very flippant with Dre; Colby walks up and asks Dre to take her home. Before Sean can leave JR confronts him, threatening to hurt Sean if he ever hurts Colby again.

    Zach Goes After Hannah

    Thursday, January 10 2008

    Colby brings Dre some pillows, blankets and snacks in the Chandler Tunnel. She also brings him music and postcards. Colby tells him to write his dad a note, telling him that he is fine but not interested in politics, and is continuing his music career in New York. From a distance they hear Adam calling for Colby. Colby shushes Dre until Adam leaves his study. When she is certain that Adam won't hear them talking, Colby tells Dre to start working on his postcard to his father and comes up with a plan to actually get a New York postmark on the postcard so his father's investigators will move on from Pine Valley. Colby tells him a little about her criminal past and asks Dre about his past. Dre says he went along with his father's plans until his mother died on 9/11. "She had an office in the South Tower," Dre says, "I never found her." He searched Ground Zero in the middle of the night when the rescuers wouldn't let him through and burned his arm on a steam pipe. Dre tells Colby that his father used his mother's death to win his first election! Colby tells him not to write anything angry in the note, just to be positive and reassuring.

    Hannah Escapes!

    Tuesday, January 08 2008

    Colby is alone at the park, looking for Sean. Dre walks up. Colby asks where he has been but Dre is very secretive and will only say he had to leave for a while. Colby keeps questioning him and Dre admits he is hiding from "the family". Colby thinks he is talking about the mob; Dre laughs at her. They grab some hot chocolate and Dre tells Colby a little about his family: his father is Samuel Woods, a politician running for a senator position for the state. Dre says his father doesn't understand his music and only wants to turn him into a carbon copy of himself. "Sounds a lot like mine," Colby says. She promises to keep Dre's father's identity from the guys in the group. Dre asks about Sean; Colby isn't sure where Sean is. She asks Dre about his love life and learns he isn't seeing anyone. Colby asks him about Corrinna, letting Dre know Corrinna likes him; Dre says that doesn't matter because he won't mess up their band relationship with a romance. She asks if Dre has a place to stay; he doesn't. Colby offers to put him up for a while! She takes him to the Chandler Tunnels, telling him a little about the place.

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