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    All My Children CAST - Dre Woods - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dre Woods Played by Sterling Sulieman on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sterling Sulieman

    Real Name: Sterling Sulieman


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    Desperately Seeking Annie!

    Thursday, July 03 2008

    Colby drinks more and more as the night wears on. She and Dre dance in the living room as Corrinna and Cassandra watch, talking about their dating possibilities. Corrinna and Ren just started dancing and Cass is starting to think about dating Dre. Colby switches from dancing with Dre to dancing with Ren, upsetting Corrinna. Ren sits down and tells Colby to stop with the drinks; she doesn't want to stop. Dre takes Ren aside and tells him Corrinna is getting upset. Corrinna wants to leave; she and Ren prepare to leave but Colby says they can't leave so soon. Corrinna and Ren argue about what he was doing with Colby and she storms out alone. Ren follows. "More drinks for me!" Colby says happily. Colby wants to play drinking games but Dre and Cass aren't interested. She plays by herself and then makes a toast to lost loves. She gets dizzy so Cass leads her to a chair. Colby starts rambling about Dre and Cass liking each other. Dre and Cass try getting Colby to the car as Adam calls. Cassandra runs interference.

    I'm Gonna Kill Him!

    Wednesday, July 02 2008

    At the lodge, Colby and the girls start their girl's night out but are quickly bored with their games and missing the guys. Bored, Corrinna tells Cassandra about Colby's sordid past with Sean and theft. Colby doesn't want to talk about her past. Dre and Ren return, pretending to be cops, and the party livens up. They start drinking. Cassandra and Dre talk about their similar family issues - Dre doesn't want to be a Senator's son because of the attention and Cass is having trouble adjusting to living with two parents and a brother. The kids begin drinking. Dre stays focused on Cassandra, asking about boyfriends. She says she is single. Colby gets drunk.

    The Power Of The Fist Bump!

    Tuesday, June 24 2008

    Cassandra and Dre arrive at BJ's to meet Colby but she is late. They take a table and Cass tells Dre that things with her family - especially Angie - are complicated. Colby walks in and tells them about her presents. She says the gifts are likely a bribe because she can vote her own Chandler shares now. The three of them vent about their complicated families. Colby spots Kathy and takes her to the kids' table.

    Back at their table, Cassandra tells Colby and Dre about Jesse's new job. Dre says Jesse's job is nothing; he has to deal with Samuel working over Erica every chance he gets. Colby believes she has them both trumped because she is going to be stuck between JR and Adam for a long time. They all want a getaway and Colby has the perfect solution - she invites them to spend the Fourth of July with her at the lodge. The kids agree.

    Desperate Times...

    Thursday, May 29 2008

    In the waiting room, Greg brings coffee and tries to keep everyone's spirits up. Ruth and Opal tell some stories about Tad's caddish days, making Cassandra laugh. Opal and Greg leave. Cassandra offers Ruth a magazine but she doesn't want it. Cass runs into Dre in the hall and fills him in on the shootings. They talk about his mother and 9/11.


    Thursday, May 22 2008

    On the sidelines, Frankie tries to talk Dre into asking Cassandra to dance. Dre reluctantly gathers up the courage and pairs off with her. While Frankie looks on, Colby joins him. She's trying to get her flirt on, but is interrupted by a phone call from Adam. He's worried that she's in danger and is calling from the road, as he instructs the driver to take him to the casino, pronto! Adam arrives at the hotel and is immediately confronted by Dixie, who tells him that time is running out and he'd better get moving. He rushes into the reception and yanks Colby out of the dance. She resists and Tad comes to her aid. "You're not welcome here," Tad says to Adam. As Colby struggles to get out of Adam's grip, Jake steps in to back his brother. Adam starts to throw a fit, but Dixie taunts him, daring him to 'fess up what he knows.

    Who's Crazy Now?

    Friday, May 02 2008

    Cassandra and Frankie go to Colby and Dre's table. Colby invites them to sit down and Cassandra begs Frankie to stay with the two other kids. Finally, Frankie and Dre go to get drinks. Colby lets Cassandra know she is just Dre's friend. Cass says it doesn't matter because she isn't interested in dating. The four of them go to the patio. Dre and Cassandra are instantly attracted; Colby invites Cassandra to come hear Dre play sometime. Frankie tells them about Cass's poetry; Colby suggests they get together to make music. Frankie and Dre have to go so Colby takes Cassandra with her. Frankie warns Dre away from Cassandra.

    A Little Bit Of Life...

    Thursday, May 01 2008

    Dre meets Colby at The Comeback. She asks how his trip with Sam went; he says he was just tagging along while his father campaigned. He believes his father is lonely. Colby asks about girls on Dre's radar but he says there is no one. Colby admits that she has it bad for Frankie but that he doesn't see her at all. Frankie and Cassandra arrive; she can't take her eyes off of Dre!

    Here's Your Cake - Now Get Out!

    Friday, April 11 2008

    Aidan shows up to Jenny's birthday party but Tad sends him away, saying there is a new case he needs to focus on. As he is leaving, Zach arrives. The two men eye one another but don't speak. Annie shows up just as Aidan is about to leave. He apologizes for showing up drunk and for blabbering on about things. He tells her to just forget everything. "Whatever," Annie says. She goes inside and Zach asks what is going on with Aidan. She shrugs off his interest. Krystal calls all the kiddos into the kitchen for ice cream. Opal and Babe are playing with little A. She tells Babe that Richie hasn't been the best houseguest but he isn't the worst either. She warns Babe to be very careful around Richie. Frankie arrives and Colby makes a beeline for him. She flirts and Frankie ignores her. JR and Adam arrive, surprising Babe. She corners JR and asks why he brought Adam; JR says he promised to play nicely. Across the room, Adam gives Krystal a gift: a blanket similar to one he bought for Charlotte! Krystal is touched but feels uncomfortable around him and hurries away. Annie sits down with Zach and tells him about the divorce papers. As they talk, Annie becomes emotional and wonders if tearing it up was the right thing to do. She brings up Greenlee, which leads to Aidan and she chatters on about his being drunk and mumbling about guilty feelings! Zach is intrigued. Annie tells him not to pay attention to Aidan's drunken ramblings because Kendall explained everything and it was very innocent. Just then Julia arrives with Kathy. She makes a beeline for Tad and they go off to find the cupcakes. Joe and Ruth watch them, wondering if he'll ever find Kate. Colby tracks down Frankie and asks why he keeps avoiding her. Calling her a kid, Frankie says he didn't kiss her back. Annoyed, Colby informs Frankie that she is no kid and that she helped deliver Jenny. Near the front door, Jesse is ready to skip out on the party but Angie tells him they can't leave early again. Just then Rob arrives. Tad wants him to leave but Ruth tells him not to overreact. She says Rob shouldn't be blamed for Ray's past sins. Tad agrees to let him stay but warns Rob that once the cake has been eaten he has to go. Rob goes over to Jesse and asks if they can talk about his time in hiding so that he can pass the information along to the movie producers. The cake is served. Tad grabs one piece, hands it to Rob and says he can go now. Rob graciously pretends that Tad isn't being rude. Tad turns to Jesse and wonders why Rob keeps hanging around.

    They're Going To Jail!

    Tuesday, April 08 2008

    Angie and Jesse return home and Jesse realizes the door is unlocked. He cautiously opens it. "Surprise!" yells Tad, Krystal, Colby, Frankie, Stuart and Joe. Tad explains that this is a welcome back party. Jesse and Angie are stunned. Colby asks Frankie how he is doing but it is obvious from the look on his face that having his dad back means everything to him. Dre arrives and Colby introduces the guys. Then, Robert stops in! Frankie tells Tad he invited him. Tad still doesn't trust him. Rob makes a beeline for Jesse and asks what his plans are. Jesse doesn't have any. Robert says he has been contacted by Hollywood about bringing the Papel investigation to the big screen; Jesse isn't interested. He asks about Robert's plans and he says he just wants to relax. Across the room, Krystal asks Frankie how he is getting along with Colby. Frankie says he misjudged her. Joe tells the group several stories about Jesse and then welcomes him home again. Stuart proposes a toast, too. He brings up Cindy and how Angie helped her. He wishes them the best for their second chance. Frankie is next. He talks about dreaming of seeing Jesse on a beach and how Dream Jesse gave him advice. He says he wants to be the same kind of dad someday and then asks Jesse to come with him to the beach. Colby leads Frankie outside as Tad makes his speech. She tells him goodbye and then plants a hot kiss on him. Before he can react, Colby walks away. Back inside, Krystal realizes that they are partying without Jesse and Angie. The party breaks up.

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