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    All My Children CAST - Dre Woods - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dre Woods Played by Sterling Sulieman on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sterling Sulieman

    Real Name: Sterling Sulieman


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    Annie Hears Richie's Voice!

    Tuesday, July 15 2008

    Dre meets Samuel at the Yacht Club. He asks about the lock down at the prison and Sam sidesteps the questions. Dre brings up the night at the lodge and is about to tell Sam everything when Sam’s handlers call with bad news - his poll numbers are slipping. Seeing how upset his dad is, Dre keeps his secret and simply says he won’t be around any underage drinking again. Dre leaves. Sam calls his handlers and sets up a meeting with Erica.

    Adam hears Colby and Cassandra chatting at the mansion. They try to fool him with a bogus PVU story but he doesn’t buy it. He calls their bluff by saying he knows the dean very well - and he is a man. Colby and Cass say they were mistaken and didn’t talk to a dean, just an advisor. Adam tells them to tell the truth and Cassandra desperately wants to. Colby finally gives in and tells him about the night at the lodge and the possible hit-and-run. Adam can’t believe it. He takes Colby aside and tells her that she can’t be blamed since she was so out of it; he says she should throw Cass and Dre under the bus! She refuses but Adam keeps pressing her, saying she and Dre and Cassandra will be fine because they are all from powerful families. While Adam makes a few calls, the kids freak out. He returns and Colby leads them all upstairs. Adam calls Barry to get rid of Colby’s car and then calls the police about the 'stolen' vehicle.

    How Do I Like My Eggs?

    Monday, July 14 2008

    At the Chandler mansion, Petey says he wants to know what secret they have! Colby tells him about the party at the lodge but they all insists they didn’t hit anything except a small bump. "Uh, logs don’t bleed," he says. He offers to check the blood on the fender but Colby tells him not to because they only hit a squirrel or something. Petey disputes that saying the amount of blood on her fender had to come from something much larger than a squirrel. He says he knows the blood is human. Dre angrily tells him to back off and then lunges for him when he says they hit Richie. Petey says he can help them beat the charges. Dre and Cassandra leave; he says he has to talk to his dad. Petey stays with Colby, ignoring her when she tells him to leave. He pats the sofa beside him.

    What Are You Hiding?

    Friday, July 11 2008

    Babe runs into Colby and her friends, who act nervous but go on upstairs. She asks JR what is going on and he brushes off Colby’s mood. He asks about work and Babe vents about Kendall and Greenlee ignoring the company lately but still not trusting her enough to give her more control. Kendall calls, upset because Babe isn’t at work. She yells at Babe, who says she is working from home and everything is up to date. Babe hangs up on her and vents to JR some more. JR pretends to make a joke about Charm, which makes Babe defend the product. JR says she is too good for Fusion - and says she should take over! He offers to buy the company for her. Babe says she can’t do that to the other women but JR insists they are walking all over her. She still won’t go against the other women. Babe and JR get close and nearly kiss but she pulls back and hurries from the room.

    Upstairs, Colby, Dre and Cassandra worry about what may happen because of the hit and run. Dre still thinks they need to keep the secret but Cassandra is beginning to crack. She says Jesse can’t stop talking about Richie; she worries that he’ll figure everything out. Colby tries to make them feel better by saying they probably only hit a tree branch. Dre suggests lunch. Then, they agree not to talk about Richie again. They kids have lunch by the pool. Petey Cortlandt stops by! He walks right in, annoying Colby, who isn’t happy to see him at all. He notes that her new car is very dirty and should be cleaned up. He says he knows a guy. Colby tries to get rid of him and eventually Petey takes the hint. On the way out he says she should really have her fender checked because it looks like blood is on it!

    There Are Secrets To Tell!

    Wednesday, July 09 2008

    At the Chandler manse, Colby can't believe they may have run over Richie. Dre worries that they should have went back to the scene instead of taking Colby home. Colby is more worried about Corrinna's angry text message than running over Richie. Dre and Cassandra turn on her, saying this is all her fault because she got drunk. Dre says it could have happened when he was digging in his backpack instead of watching the road. Colby says Richie deserved to die, no matter what happened. Dre says he will admit to the hit-and-run and take all the blame. Cassandra and Colby won't hear of it. Cass asks if Adam could help them but Colby doesn't think he can. Colby says they have to go to Jesse but Cass refuses. “We can't tell anyone,” Cassandra says! Dre reluctantly agrees with them.

    Guilty Parties!

    Tuesday, July 08 2008

    Cassandra and Dre arrive for breakfast; both are nervous because of the kiss. Krystal comes over and asks about the lodge visit. Dre says they got bored and came back early; she says she is proud they didn’t make it a big house-party. She says she has to get to Babe and leaves the morning paper for them to read. Cassandra rattles on about their party as Dre reads. He says they may not have hit a deer – they may have hit Richie! Cass freaks out but when Angie comes over manages to hide her distress. She says the lodge was boring so they all came back early; Angie says what good girls Cass and Colby are! When she leaves, Cassandra calls Colby and says they have to talk.

    Who Killed Richie?

    Monday, July 07 2008

    Dre is driving Colby and Cassandra home. The road is very dark and Colby is very drunk and whining about Adam and being thirsty. Dre tries instructing Cass on where to find water in his backpack - and hits something in the road! Colby throws up! Dre wants to turn around but Colby whines that she wants to go home. Cassandra convinces him that they can return later.

    At the Chandler manse, Babe calls Krystal to ask her to keep little A for the night. JR tries to calm her down but she blames herself for Richie's actions. Dre and the girls arrive. JR is incredibly ticked that Colby is drunk. She begs him not to tell Adam. Babe intervenes and tells JR to give Colby a break. He is worried that Colby will turn into a lush. The phone rings and JR asks Babe to stay for a second. Dre and Cassandra head Colby into the kitchen. When they are alone, JR tells Babe that Zach just found Richie's body. She sits heavily on the sofa and JR hugs her. "It's finally over," she says.

    Dre and Cassandra sober Colby up a bit. She goes upstairs and Cassandra says she'll stay the night. They talk about Colby's drunken matchmaking efforts and laugh - then Dre kisses her!

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