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    All My Children CAST - Dre Woods - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dre Woods Played by Sterling Sulieman on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sterling Sulieman

    Real Name: Sterling Sulieman


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    Dre Takes The Heat!

    Monday, August 04 2008

    Jesse reads the kids their rights again; Angie tells the kids to tell the truth. Dre screams that he was driving but so do the girls. Samuel arrives, talking to his campaign manager, and asks what is going on. Krystal and Tad follow on his heels. JR and Adam fill everyone in. Samuel asks to speak to Dre alone; Jesse plays the tough cop and asks if they understand their rights. Tad tries to step in but Jesse won't give in. He and Detective Perry lead the kids away. Adam calls Barry again. Krystal tells Tad what she knew about the plan and JR tells Tad about Adam getting rid of the car. Krystal mentions that Petey knows, too. Tad asks Krystal who was really driving the car; rather than answering, she goes to comfort Angie. Angie is near hysterics, wondering if she drove Cass to confess. Across the room, Samuel plays the father card, insisting that he can get through to Dre and help them find the real driver. Adam bullies his way into Colby's holding cell. Jesse and Angie try once more to get through to Cassandra but she won't tell them anything.

    Samuel goes into Dre's holding cell. He says he'll get the charges dropped and make everything go away. Dre stops him, says he really was driving and that he can't let the girls take the fall.

    In the hall, Tad asks Krystal why she didn't tell him everything from the beginning. She hesitates and then says this isn't the place for an argument. Tad says they'll talk at home. When Adam leaves the holding area, Tad tries to convince him that they should work together. Adam won't listen. Samuel corners Jesse, who tells him about the surveillance photos. He suggests that Jesse put the kids together, alone, in a room and Dre will make them tell the truth. Jesse decides to take a chance. Detective Perry puts all the kids together. Dre tells the girls that they have to stop lying and the girls try to change his mind but Dre resolves to take the blame on himself. He swears he will be okay and leaves the room. Together, they tell the whole truth about that night. Jesse frees the girls but then reads Dre his rights. Sam calls Jackson for help. The campaign manager calls to see what kind of damage control they can do; Sam says it doesn't matter. Just then, Jesse arrests Adam for obstruction of justice because he got rid of the car!

    Confession Is Good For The Soul!

    Friday, August 01 2008

    Dre arrives at Cassandra's. She is still upset and so is he. Jesse and Angie walk in and ask to talk to the kids. She keeps lying until Jesse confronts her with the pictures from the surveillance cameras. Dre takes her aside and says they have to come forward but she refuses. She says she is going back to Jacob's but Jesse says she can't. Angie tells Jesse to do whatever he has to do to keep Cass safe.

    Jesse arrives at the PVPD with Cassandra and Dre in tow. Another officer begins questioning Dre and Jesse, along with Angie, focuses on Cassandra. She sullenly states her name. Angie tries to get through to Cass but she won't even look at her mother. Colby arrives, followed by the rest of the Chandler clan. Adam tries to bluff her way out but Colby says she wants to talk! She goes into another room with an officer. Adam calls Barry for help. JR turns on him, angry because Adam didn't tell him how much trouble Colby was in. Adam says this is just happening because Jesse doesn't like him. JR angrily tells Adam to leave but he won't. Barry calls and says he will be right down. At his desk, Jesse questions Cassandra, who says she was driving Colby's car. In his questioning session, Dre says the same thing; in her interrogation, so does Colby! Babe catches up to JR and tells him about Colby's drinking. Jesse gathers all of the kids, along with Adam and Angie, together and tries to break them. He orders them to tell the truth but none of them will change their story so Jesse threatens to place them all under arrest. Angie and Adam can't believe it.

    Time For A Second Chance!

    Thursday, July 31 2008

    Petey follows Colby, Dre and Cassandra back to the Hubbard apartment. Colby doesn't want to let him in but does anyway. Cassandra tells them about Angie's talk and Jesse's plan. Colby adds Krystal to the list of people who know or suspect the kids were involved. Dre is very worried about how the news will affect Sam. Petey tries to comfort Colby but she pulls away. Colby says they have to come up with a plan. Cass says she needs to start a relationship with Petey! They argue about Petey. Across the room, Petey asks Dre what he is doing wrong where Colby is concerned; Dre can't answer. Cass grabs Colby's water bottle and realizes it is full of vodka. Colby swears she isn't an alcoholic. The group comes back together and Petey says they should all go on a road trip; Colby says it won't work. Petey leaves the room for a moment and Colby says she has an idea. Dre doesn't like her plans but she insists it is the only way and convinces them to go along with her. Petey returns and asks what is going on but they won't say. Upset, he leaves. Crying, Cassandra tells Dre how worried she is. She tries convincing them both that Colby's plan is good. When Colby returns, they say they'll follow her lead.

    Killing Was The Only Way!

    Tuesday, July 22 2008

    Petey, Dre, Cassandra and Colby arrive at the Yacht Club. Petey is excited about an afternoon of play but the others are worried about Richie. Petey tries to distract them, especially Colby, but they more or less ignore him. Petey tries to start a game of Marco Polo but no one will play with him. Colby orders a drink and Cassandra freaks. They both insult one another until Dre tells them to shut up because no one knows! Colby drinks more. Petey tells Cass to give up the guilt. Colby agrees with Petey and Cass calls her a rich girl. Dre takes Cassandra to the pool and reminds her that he won't let anyone hurt her. He kisses her. Across the pool, Colby and Petey are floating. She gets another drink and brings it to the pool. The four of them return to their chairs and make up. Dre says they all need to put the past behind them.

    Annie arrives at the penthouse and calls a friend. She watches the door and then takes Richie's ashes from behind some books. "Just one more thing to do," she says and takes the ashes to the shoreline. She tells Richie goodbye and then dumps his ashes over the water! "Killing you was the only way," she says. Annie continues up to the Yacht Club and overhears Cassandra, Colby and Dre talking about Richie's death. Dre says again that they have to keep silent. Petey says no one can prove they were involved. Annie can't believe what she is hearing.

    Don't Lie. Just Stay Silent!

    Monday, July 21 2008

    At the Hubbard apartment, Cassandra is still freaking out about Richie's hit-and-run. Colby and Dre try to calm her down. Colby says Richie deserved what he got and they won't accomplish anything by confessing. Petey arrives and tells them about Adam's threats. Colby defends her father and angrily tells Petey, Cassandra and Dre they need to get a grip. She says she won't let them ruin things for her - or for themselves. Jesse arrives and asks why they aren't out having a good time. They say they're on the way to a beach bonfire. He introduces himself to Petey, who immediately starts sucking up. Jesse brings up Colby's car. She says it was horrible not to get to drive her car before it was stolen. Jesse asks if they saw anything on the road to the lodge and everyone says no. Jesse says the police will find her car. Jesse leaves. Dre is worried that Jesse may be on to them; Petey thinks it was fun to put one over on Jesse.

    Lovers and Other Strangers...

    Wednesday, July 16 2008

    At BJ’s, Dre tells Cassandra that if worse comes to worst, she has to say she wasn’t in the car that night. He says he will take the full blame! Cassandra recognizes Ryan when he walks in and freaks out about anyone finding out. Dre holds her hand and swears he’ll make sure she isn’t hurt.

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