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    All My Children CAST - Dre Woods - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dre Woods Played by Sterling Sulieman on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sterling Sulieman

    Real Name: Sterling Sulieman


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    Blast, C-Man, Blast!

    Wednesday, September 17 2008

    Dre stops by the Chandler mansion to see Colby. They talk about Cassandra in Paris for a while and then Petey walks up. He tries to ingratiate himself with Colby but she is turned off by his geekiness and slams the door shut. She and Dre go to the terrace; Petey follows them. He places a jar of his invention on the foyer table. Hearing Colby tell Dre she is going to miss him when he hits the campaign trail with Samuel, Petey tells Dre that Colby is trying to steal him away from Cassandra. Both of them tell Petey to get lost. "Heck no I won't go," he chants and sits down. Colby storms back into the house, followed by the boys, and finds Adam doctoring a paper cut on Carmen's hand. She tells him to get rid of Petey; Petey reminds him of their agreement. He sees the jar of Blast is open and realizes Adam used it on Carmen's cut! Petey talks in riddles to let Adam know and then Carmen faints. They carry Carmen to the sitting room. Petey says this is his fault because the jar is Opal's concoction to get rid of Adam's bad side. Carmen wakes and starts babbling about birthday candles. Colby and Dre leave. Adam turns on Petey and asks why he left Blast out. Petey says he was busy wooing Colby and then checks on Carmen. Her pulse is racing and she is still babbling about birthdays. Adam says he has ruined everything and Petey leaves. Carmen starts to undress but Adam stops her. She stumbles outside. He catches Petey on the terrace and says he is going to hire his own men to disperse Blast. Petey says they can't understand the correct ratio of Blast to Bella. Adam takes the concoction and calls his men. Petey grabs the bottle off the side table and sneaks away.

    Erica arrives at the manse as Colby is saying goodbye to Dre. Dre thanks Erica for helping his father during the hit-and-run fiasco. Erica asks about Carmen. Colby says she is acting strangely because of a paper cut. Erica goes inside. Colby follows Erica inside and they both see Carmen, soaking wet, in the sitting room with Adam. Carmen says she was burning up and jumped in the pool to cool off. Colby is weirded out and leaves. Erica gives Carmen her birthday present, making her cry. "This is the best day of my life," she cries as Adam walks out, too. Carmen is going on and on about Erica's friendship when Jack arrives and sets her off on another 'life is wonderful' tangent. She tries on the dress, which was supposed to be frumpy but actually looks good, and then Jack gives her another gift. They leave. Erica is sad but then Adam heads inside and she puts her seduction plans in action by bending over. Adam slaps her rear end and she pretends to be offended.

    Who Loves You More?

    Monday, August 25 2008

    In her bedroom, Dre tells Cassandra that they can make it on their own. She is excited but scared about their plans because Dre will be skipping out on his bail. Dre says they'll manage and that his father will be fine. Cassandra prepares herself and then goes to talk to Angie and Jesse. She thanks them for being there for her and then says Dre will take her to the airport. Jesse says he'll make sure Dre isn't convicted of Richie's murder. He gives Cassandra a family portrait and hugs her. Angie breaks down. Cass says she won't be gone forever but Angie feels like this goodbye is permanent. They each say, "I love you," and then Cassandra returns to her room. She sees Dre at the window and breaks down. She says she can't leave her family like this but then tries to convince herself that Angie will survive. Dre takes the portrait and says she can't leave her family and he has to trust his father. She says Jesse is on his side, too. They hug.

    Spy Games!

    Friday, August 22 2008

    Dre and Cassandra go to the Hubbard apartment to pack. He has decided to go along but only packs a lamp. She says her parents have no idea what they have planned.

    Get Outta Town!

    Wednesday, August 20 2008

    Cassandra meets Dre at BJ's. She takes his hands and says she is leaving for Paris because she doesn't fit in with her Pine Valley family. Dre thinks this is his fault but she insists it is all because of Jesse. He says they should disappear together! Cass says they can't be fugitives. He kisses her and says he only wants to be with her.

    A Lightbulb Moment!

    Monday, August 11 2008

    Colby and Cassandra arrive at the Yacht Club. Cassandra runs to Dre, crying. She can't understand why Dre has been arrested when Richie was such a bad person. As they talk, Cassandra suggests that someone else killed Richie before they hit him; Dre says that couldn't have happened but Cassandra reminds him of how many other people hated Richie. Dre says whatever happens, he will be okay. She promises to be there for him no matter what happens. They kiss.

    You're Fired!

    Wednesday, August 06 2008

    At the police station, Samuel takes a call from Carl as Jesse gives Dre his walking papers. Melvin is there and once Sam is off the phone, leads them away. Zach arrives and asks to see Annie's accident report. An officer goes to get it; Jesse arrives. Zach says he is looking into Annie's accident and Jesse says it is an open and shut case. The officer returns with the file and Zach leaves. Jesse says he wants a copy of the accident report, too.

    Sam, Dre and Melvin arrive at the Valley Inn. Samuel angrily hangs up on Carl for the five-hundredth time, saying he may need to find a new job if he can't handle the press! Dre apologizes again. Sam says he is just sorry Dre didn't feel he could come to them. Melvin says both men need to start talking openly; Dre says he can't talk to Sam because of all the phone calls. Samuel turns off the phone and says he is ready to listen - then he suggests that Dre drop Cassandra! This angers Dre until Samuel says Cassandra needs her family and stability, not more drama. He says if Dre keeps coming around, Cass will never get over the trauma of the accident. Dre reluctantly agrees with him. Samuel hugs Dre as Melvin says they did a great job at their first talk.

    I'm Not Going Anywhere!

    Tuesday, August 05 2008

    Meanwhile in the squad room, Jesse and Samuel come to an agreement to keep all of the kids out of jail. Jesse leaves to check on Dre. Erica arrives and asks if there is anything she can do. She reaches out to Sam just as Jack arrives! Samuel thanks Jack and fills him in on Dre's confession. Jesse returns. Jack asks about Adam's arrest and they leave to go over the case file. Sam thanks Erica for coming by and then several reporters burst into the room asking question after question about Erica, Dre and Sam's political career. He says he will stand by Dre no matter what that means for his career and then leaves. The reporters question Erica. She will only say that she supports Sam and Dre. Jesse returns and shows the reporters the door.

    In the interrogation room, Dre goes over everything with Jack. He says he wasn't sure they had hit Richie until Petey ran the blood tests on the car. Jack realizes that with the blood only being on the bumper it could prove that Richie was already dead or dying. He asks where the car is now but Dre doesn't know. Jack goes to the hall and asks Jesse about the car; he says it was probably destroyed because all Adam will say is that it was stolen. Jack returns and tells Dre everything will be fine. He and Sam go into the hall where Erica is waiting. Sam is worried about his son; Jack says Dre is too willing to take all the blame. Erica begs Jack to keep Dre out of prison and then tells Sam that there is no better lawyer than Jack. Jack gets a call that Dre's arraignment is set. He and Dre walk out together. Sam and Erica hang back to make a dinner date.

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