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    All My Children CAST - Pam Henderson - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Pam Henderson Played by Patina Renea Miller on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Patina Renea Miller

    Birthday: November 6 1984
    Birthplace: Pageland, South Carolina
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Patina Renea Miller


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    Frankie Refuses Treatment!

    Tuesday, January 29 2008

    Erica arrives at the New Beginnings offices and asks Val, her assistant, to check on the financial records. He goes off as Pam comes in, telling Erica that they need to beef up their guest list. Val returns, telling Erica there are folders and folders of information. Pam tells Erica to focus on the show and leaves. Erica tells Val to find the information. Pam returns and tells Erica they may be able to book a politician - Sam Woods! Erica isn't thrilled with the idea until Pam plays a video clip. Val returns, saying he still can't find Erica's papers. She tells him to call the accountant to tell him that the paper isn't there. Val hesitates but then does as Erica asks. She and Pam return to the video tape of Sam. On the tape, Sam talks about stock manipulations and crooked investment deals. Erica tells Pam to get Sam's number.

    Kendall Confesses In Court

    Thursday, January 03 2008

    Erica finishes up a segment of New Beginnings and quickly asks Pam what is happening with Kendall at the courthouse. Pam hasn't heard anything and sends Erica back out for her next guest - a woman who works with women in prison! The show gets back underway and Erica asks questions about women in prison and how time is spent in jail. She notices Pam on the phone and loses her train of thought for a moment. Erica begins questioning Dana, the guest, about wrongful convictions and how the group can get women out of prison. When Dana tells Erica that their only job is to support the prisoners - not get them released! - Erica can't believe it. The show ends. Pam tells Erica that Kendall's hearing is underway and she high-tails it from the studio.

    JR Receives Prison Visitors

    Thursday, November 29 2007

    Jack arrives at New Beginnings just as Erica finishes taping her show. Lily asks about the surprise and Pam pipes up that they have great pictures of Greenlee. Jack refuses to allow Erica to use the pictures, believing that this is another attempt by Erica to ruin Greenlee's reputation! Erica promises she isn't trying to hurt Greenlee but Jack won't listen. Pam walks by, telling them the show is back on in a few seconds. Jack begs her not to air the segment. Erica goes on the air anyway. She talks about Zach being missing and asks for help. Then she holds up a picture of Greenlee, telling the viewers that she is missing, too. Erica asks the viewers to contact the show if they have seen anything. Jack is shocked. When she is done, Erica asks if he sees what she was trying to do now. Jack says she just made matters worse.

    It's Thanksgiving!

    Wednesday, November 21 2007

    Erica and Pam are readying for a visit from Celine Dion. She arrives and asks Erica how the family is doing. Pam delivers some interview notes. Erica takes a break to call Jack to learn about the search party. He doesn't want to talk to her; Erica asks him to join the Kane's for Thanksgiving dinner. Jack can't believe it and tells her he has to go. The show gets underway and Erica introduces Celine. She takes the stage and sings for the audience - it's her new single called "Taking Chances". After singing, Erica and Celine sit down to chat. Celine tells the viewers that everyone should take chances in their lives; Erica agrees and the show ends.

    Decisions To Make

    Tuesday, September 18 2007

    Jack and Erica meet with Pam before the next episode of He Said She Said. Pam is a bit nervous because they are so cuddly with one another and she thinks America doesn't want that. They assure her that once the camera rolls, they will be in fighting shape! They begin arguing about adult children interfering with their parent's lives - Jack takes the position that parents should allow adult kids to make their own decisions but Erica objects, saying that parents need to always be involved. They begin arguing about parenting versus step-parenting. Erica says she would do anything for her kids but hesitates when Jack asks if she would go so far for a step-child.

    Oh, The Pain!

    Wednesday, September 12 2007

    Reminding Pam that she is on shaky ground, Erica tells Pam that they need to get to work. Jack walks in. Pam, eating humble pie, tells them what is on the agenda and then leaves. Annoyed, Erica throws Greenlee's Dr. Hilliard in his face, trying to start a fight. Jack can't believe what he is hearing. Pam returns with some story ideas; Jack and Erica toss out their own. The show gets started and the subject of the day is Cold Feet! The guests arrive and immediately start bickering about their relationship. Erica, of course, identifies with the woman while Jack identifies with the guy; both surprise the guests, though, by advising them both that they need to compromise to make their relationship work. Pam interrupts as Jack and Erica really get going in their agreement. "America just fell asleep!" she tells them. Jack wonders if things were really that bad but Erica thinks things are just fine as they are. She gets a call and leaves. Erica tells Jack that he was too sweet, blaming him! They all sit down again and Jack begins to argue with Erica. Pam rolls tape on the show as the bickering really gets going between Jack and Erica. Neither guest has any idea how to respond to their fighting. Pam calls for a cut; Jack and Erica are shocked that she taped their fight! Pam couldn't be more happy and leaves to call the network execs. Erica tells Jack she can't fight with him like this any longer! "I just want to stop the constant bickering," she says, asking how they can just be people. Jack suggests they stick with the show because they can fight all they want on-camera and by the time the shows are over, they won't have any anger issues with each other. Erica likes the idea! He kisses her.

    Where Is Spike?

    Tuesday, July 24 2007

    Jack and Erica are kissing all the way through the airport, both in their own world. She tells Jack she likes their illicit affair and isn't looking forward to getting back together for real. Pam walks in with Josh. He tells them about Kendall's labor and missing Spike, shocking Jack and Erica.

    JR Gives Up!

    Thursday, July 19 2007

    Jack and Erica are planning their non-divorce at the boathouse. The show ends the next day and they are going right to the courthouse to put a stop to their divorce! They go inside and play to the camera Pam has set up - Erica is keeping up her non-effected-by-Jack pretense and Jack is keeping up his you-can't-resist-me-line. Erica turns to the camera, asking her fans to cast their vote on whether or not she and Jack should divorce! Pam calls for the cut and sends a runner off with the tape. Pam tells them both to go home and rest before their big day. She and the cameraman leave but Jack and Erica stay behind. Outside, Pam talks to the cameraman, relieved that the reality show is nearly over. They leave. Erica walks around the side of the building and Jack joins her. He shows her a new contract for their marriage - promising not to ship off her luggage, pretend to know what he is thinking and promising to team up on parenting duties with her. Erica loves every one of his promises. She loves him. And makes a few promises of her own - no Tad, no Jeff. Nobody but Jack. He agrees! Erica calls for one more promise - that the won't let any of their children's needs to come before their own ever again. Jack seals the promise with a kiss!

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