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    All My Children CAST - Pam Henderson - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Pam Henderson Played by Patina Renea Miller on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Patina Renea Miller

    Birthday: November 6 1984
    Birthplace: Pageland, South Carolina
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Patina Renea Miller


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    Kendall Attacks Her Stalker!

    Monday, March 03 2008

    Erica finishes her press conference. Opal has arrived and says how proud she is. A few reporters stay behind to ask questions but Erica won't answer any of them. Pam asks Erica if she is certain she did the right thing and Erica says yes. Jack says this may have been a colossal mistake. He is even more annoyed when he realizes Opal convinced Erica to come forward with her plea. Jack angrily quits as her defense attorney! Sam approaches Erica and surprises her by saying he isn't angry at her maneuver. They exchange a few barbs, with Erica stating she still doesn't think she did anything wrong. Then, she threatens to find whatever secrets Samuel has - and tell the world about them! He walks away. Sam runs into Jack, who tells him that just because he doesn't work for Erica doesn't mean he isn't watching her back. Jack walks off. Sam turns and watches the reporters fawn over Erica.

    Annie Gambles With Her Future

    Friday, February 29 2008

    Erica has called a meeting with her staff and Jackson and explains that she is going to fight Sam. She has convinced the network brass to keep the show on the air in re-runs and swears that they will be back on top before no time. Pam notes that the fans are supporting Erica and another assistant suggests that Erica play up her charitable work. She doesn't want to do that. Jack dismisses everyone else. Erica asks him if she has a chance to win this fight. Rather than answering Jack asks why she is taking Sam's attacks personally. Opal arrives; Jack asks her to dinner and then leaves. He kisses Opal on the way out. Opal comments that there is still heat between them but Erica changes the subject. She admits she is very worried about Sam. Opal advises Erica to surprise Sam and fight. Erica calls Val to set up a press conference for the afternoon. At the press conference, Erica says she had no idea she was committing a crime and then offers to go to jail just as Sam walks in the door!

    Putting On A Show

    Tuesday, February 26 2008

    Erica is cleaning up her nearly cleaned out New Beginnings office with Pam and Val when Jack walks in. She insists that she can keep the network from canceling her show but Jack says she can't stop it. He shows her the morals clause in her contract. Erica tells Pam and Val to re-file her papers and replace her makeup on her makeup table. Erica insists that buying her shares of Chandler was only a good business decision and that Adam didn't tell her when or how much to buy. Sam walks in and tells Erica that she will be convicted because she knew that Adam was taking back his company before she bought the stock. Erica doesn't see that as a bad thing. Then, she whispers that Sam is guilty of exactly the same thing! She tries to compare what Sam is doing to her to the way she purchased the Chandler stock. Before she can really get going, Jack butts in and tells Sam they want to make a deal: a suspended sentence and a million-dollar fine! Both Sam and Erica turn down the offer. Sam has his own offer: a $5 million fine and a 6-month jail sentence! He gives them one day to decide and leaves. Jack tells Erica they should seriously consider the deal because Samuel has the goods on her. Erica insists she'll put Sam away!

    New Beginnings Is Over!

    Monday, February 25 2008

    Kendall stops by the Montgomery house to check on Erica. When she tells Erica about Aidan's new bodyguard duties Erica practically blows a gasket and tells Kendall she has to stop Aidan from tagging along before they blow everything wide open. Kendall tells Erica that refusing Aidan's help would be a red flag to Zach! Kendall tries to change the subject, telling Erica to start focusing on her own money problems rather than Kendall's issues. Erica insists that Samuel is only using her to get more headlines and everything will blow over. Kendall doesn't believe her. Erica shows Kendall to the door. She calls a few guests to confirm their appearance on New Beginnings. A few minutes later Pam arrives and says the network has canceled the show!

    Only Erica Could Get Arrested in a Ball Gown

    Tuesday, February 19 2008

    Erica is stunned when the reporters question her about the arrest. Sam says she is being arrested for insider trading! Jack follows, telling Erica to keep quiet. Trying to save the show, Kendall, Aidan and Zach hold off the reporters. Pam says they are off the air and everyone sighs in relief. Greenlee invites everyone to the after-party at conFusion and Babe offers to get them limos. Greens grabs Annie, who is focused on Ryan, and asks her to make sure Amanda and the girls talk up the fashion show and not Erica's arrest. Ryan makes his way to Kendall but Zach intercepts him and tells him to go to conFusion! Zach tells Ryan that Kendall doesn't need him - Annie does. Then he goes over to Kendall who is nearly hyperventilating. He tells her things will be okay. JR distracts Ava with news that a "good looking rich dude" is looking for her and then grabs Babe to talk about their poker bet. Annie sees a few stragglers and offers to take them to the party. Greenlee corners Aidan and tells him they have to find a way to de-stress Kendall; he says he may have added to the problem by asking her about the pregnancy. Greens is stunned that he asked about it. Kendall comes over to tell Greenlee they have to get the fashion show squared away and then says she'll talk about everything else later. She and Greenlee grab the remaining stragglers and head them toward conFusion. Zach is watching Ryan very closely; Ryan is watching Kendall, hoping for an opening to talk to her and Annie is watching them all.

    Dressed for Arrest!

    Monday, February 18 2008

    During a second show break Erica and Sam are chatting about his guest spot on New Beginnings. Pam interrupts and says they need to fill time while the catwalk lights are being replaced. Erica suggests Sam fill the time. He and Pam head for the stage. Seeing Kendall is alone, Aidan makes a beeline for her and asks what is going on. Kendall, angry, says she isn't pregnant and even if she were it would not be Aidan's child! Aidan keeps questioning her, asking what is really going on. She walks away to focus on the fashion show. Zach grabs Aidan and asks him to come have a drink. Zach shows Aidan some hockey tickets, saying he got roped into the show to get Kendall to come with him. Aidan says he was supposed to be putting up shelves for Greenlee until he was roped into things, too. Around the corner, Erica tries to talk to Kendall about the pregnancy but Colby interrupts, saying the catwalk lights are up again. Erica returns to the stage where she introduces Annie and Emma. Ryan watches them and waves at Emma. Greenlee, standing with him, asks how he can't love Emma and Annie. Ryan says he just doesn't feel anything for them. Greenlee tells Ryan to keep his distance from Kendall until he figures out what is going on in his mind. Erica calls Greens and Kendall to the stage. Ryan can't take his eyes off the women; Annie notices this from the side of the stage and so does Zach. During the break before the finale, Adam corners Samuel, asking what brings him to Pine Valley. Jack sees them together and asks what Sam wants from Erica. Just then Kendall takes the stage and welcomes the audience back. Sam returns to his seat. All of the models take a final walk and then Kendall introduces Erica, who walks the catwalk in a gorgeous dress. Sam makes a call, telling someone to get ready! Jack calls a friend, too, and gets bad news. Meanwhile the crowd goes wild as Erica struts her stuff on the stage. The models leave the stage as Erica wraps up the show. JR catches Babe backstage. She asks him to play a game of poker; if she wins he'll be Richie's donor and if he wins, he gets whatever he wants! Annie finds Ryan and asks him to come home with her. He doesn't want to leave. Zach and Kendall, Greenlee and Aidan are talking about how well the show went. Still on the stage, Erica answers questions from the reporters in attendance. She talks about fashion for spring and summer. Jack tries to get Erica off the stage but she won't go. Sam makes another call and says, "Now." Then he and several others approach the stage - and place Erica under arrest!

    Planes, Trains and a Fashion Show

    Friday, February 15 2008

    Erica is having the final fitting for the fashion show when Jack arrives. Pam arrives and Erica gives her instructions. Jack tries to talk to her about the FCC and the IRS but Erica won't talk about it. Pam returns with the Sam Woods footage and all three watch. Pam leaves to finish editing; Jack tells Erica she needs to distance herself from Sam quickly! Erica thinks he is jealous. Jack says Sam is a shady character but she won't listen. Aidan is finishing his fitting as Josh arrives, looking for Kendall. Aidan asks Josh how his love life is and tells him to take a chance on a woman.

    Someone Has A Secret!

    Wednesday, February 13 2008

    Pam comes on the set during a break and fawns over Samuel, telling him how wonderful his political platforms are. Pam and the others hurry off-stage as the interview continues. Erica asks about his constituents and how he wants to change the country. Sam he says the wealth in America isn't divided equally and it is incredibly hard for underprivileged people to break through. Erica notes that he is an exception to the rule. Erica changes tactics and asks about Sam's personal life and the loss of his wife during the 9/11 attacks. Sam talks about becoming a better father and lawyer since losing his wife. She wraps up the interview. Pam returns to the set and continues fawning over Sam; she gets tongue-tied and hurries away. Sam thanks Erica for the interview and she says she might be interested in helping him with his campaign. Sam leaves. Erica asks Pam to set up another interview because Sam is just what her viewers need. Sam returns to his car and asks if his plans are set for the next day. "Make sure there are no mistakes - this is Erica Kane," he says!

    More Questions Than Answers

    Tuesday, February 12 2008

    Erica is meeting with her financial team at New Beginnings to figure out why her accounts have been frozen. She grabs a hunk of ice from a dish and tosses it to the table, demanding answers! They admit that her assets are frozen because of a routing investigation into their firm. She can't believe it. Erica fires them all on the spot. She calls in Val and asks him to check on a new accountant for her and then she calls Jack to get more information on the SEC investigation. Pam walks in with Samuel Woods! Erica is blown away by Sam and tries to rearrange her schedule to fit in an interview. Unfortunately she can't. Sam leaves but is back in about 10 seconds! He says he can rearrange his schedule. Pam sets up the interview and Erica begins questioning Sam about his political ambitions.

    Adam Knows About Krystal's Plans!

    Thursday, January 31 2008

    Erica and Pam are chatting about Sam Woods; Erica isn't interested in Sam coming on the show until she learns that he is already booked on "The View". She sends Pam back to focus on today's show so she can decide what to do about Sam. Her accountants arrive with papers for her to sign; they are very pushy but Erica insists on reading the papers before signing. When they leave she calls Jack but he doesn't answer his phone. Sam Woods calls and tells Erica he isn't interested in her show! He hangs up and Erica tells Pam to book him as soon as possible! Erica leaves for the hospital.

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