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    All My Children CAST - Pam Henderson

    Full detailed profile on Pam Henderson Played by Patina Renea Miller on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Patina Renea Miller
    Pam Henderson

    Actor: Patina Renea Miller

    Who played Pam Henderson over the years

    Patina Renea Miller (May 2007 - present)

    Useful information on Pam Henderson

    * Producer of Erica's "Luv-orce" reality show


    Present: Producer for New Beginnings


    Pam Henderson arrived in Pine Valley in May of 2007 as the new producer for Erica Kane's New Beginnings television show. She helped steer Erica toward a reality show about her impending divorce from Jack, promising a ratings coup and that Erica would become an even more well-known celebrity.


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    Monday, March 03 2008: Kendall Attacks Her Stalker!

    Erica finishes her press conference. Opal has arrived and says how proud she is. A few reporters stay behind to ask questions but Erica won't answer any of them. Pam asks Erica if she is certain she did the right thing and Erica says yes. Jack says this may have been a colossal mistake. He is even more annoyed when he realizes Opal convinced Erica to come forward with her plea. Jack angrily quits as her defense attorney! Sam approaches Erica and surprises her by saying he isn't angry at her maneuver. They exchange a few barbs, with Erica stating she still doesn't think she did anything wrong. Then, she threatens to find whatever secrets Samuel has - and tell the world about them! He walks away. Sam runs into Jack, who tells him that just because he doesn't work for Erica doesn't mean he isn't watching her back. Jack walks off. Sam turns and watches the reporters fawn over Erica.

    Friday, February 29 2008: Annie Gambles With Her Future

    Erica has called a meeting with her staff and Jackson and explains that she is going to fight Sam. She has convinced the network brass to keep the show on the air in re-runs and swears that they will be back on top before no time. Pam notes that the fans are supporting Erica and another assistant suggests that Erica play up her charitable work. She doesn't want to do that. Jack dismisses everyone else. Erica asks him if she has a chance to win this fight. Rather than answering Jack asks why she is taking Sam's attacks personally. Opal arrives; Jack asks her to dinner and then leaves. He kisses Opal on the way out. Opal comments that there is still heat between them but Erica changes the subject. She admits she is very worried about Sam. Opal advises Erica to surprise Sam and fight. Erica calls Val to set up a press conference for the afternoon. At the press conference, Erica says she had no idea she was committing a crime and then offers to go to jail just as Sam walks in the door!

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