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    All My Children CAST - Stuart Chandler - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Stuart Chandler Played by David Canary on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    David Canary

    Birthday: 1938-08-25
    Birthplace: Elwood, Indiana
    Marital Status: married, Maureen, 1982
    Real Name: David Canary
    Height: 5'11 1/2"


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    Moving Day!

    Tuesday, August 07 2007

    Colby wonders where Tad took Sean and Krystal and Babe tell her not to worry. The older ladies give Colby a few tips on dealing with bad boys. Tad and Sean return and begin to work on the cable. They get everything going just in time to hear a news report that JR has been involved in a hostage situation on the beach!

    Jenny's Christening!

    Thursday, July 12 2007

    The Martin clan is gathering for Jenny's christening. Tad encourages JR to stay on the straight and narrow but Krystal isn't as forgiving. Krystal hands the baby to Opal and she, Ruth, Joe and Jamie fawn over the baby. Babe is working on a sand castle with little Adam and JR goes to help them. JR tells her to give it to him because of what he did but Babe doesn't take the bait. She only tells JR to watch his actions because of little A. JR tells Babe not to worry because his game will be finished just as soon as he gets the ransom money back. Babe isn't so sure. Jamie asks Tad and Krystal why they chose the beach and she tells them about a beach trip she made with a friend when Babe was a baby. Joe tells the crowd that they chose July 12th for the christening because it is the same day that Tad was adopted. JR listens to the parents dote on Tad and Jenny. "I've never been prouder of anything than being your father," Joe says. The ceremony gets started. Krystal and Tad ask Jamie to be Jenny's godfather and ask Colby to be the godmother. Colby is shocked but excited to be included in the family. Tad begins talking about his sister Jenny and how grateful he is that Krystal took that name for their child. "You are gonna do just fine," he tells the baby and kisses her. The minister approaches and baptizes the baby. No one notices that Adam is watching from another area on the beach. Ceremony over, the crowd disperses. Babe asks JR why he didn't invite Amanda and he makes it clear there is nothing personal going on between the two of them. Babe tells him she knows because Amanda told her and JR tells her that things aren't serious. He asks her about Jamie, telling Babe he is a nice guy. Babe assures him they are just friends. JR gets a call and leaves the party.

    Krystal sees Adam on the terrace at the yacht club and confronts him, asking why he is there. He tries to cover by telling her he noticed the crowd and thought someone was in trouble. Krystal doesn't believe him. She tells him that they asked Colby to be the godmother and asks him again why he came down. Adam is reluctant to talk at all, but eventually tells her that he just wanted to talk to her for a moment without a crowd of people around. She tells him that they asked Colby to be the godmother and asks him again why he came down. Adam is reluctant to talk at all, but eventually tells her that he just wanted to talk to her for a moment without a crowd of people around. Emotionally, he tries to talk to her but can't get the words to come out. Krystal gets frustrated and tells him to give her a call sometime. She walks away. Adam sits down at a table, feeling sorry for himself. Stuart arrives and encourages Adam to go after Krystal!

    Jamie and Tad find a quiet area and talk. Jamie realizes Tad is preoccupied with Kate and tells him that things will work out. Across the way, Colby promised Krystal to do her best at godmothering. Krystal looks up and sees Adam still on the terrace. She watches him leave, saddened. Joe proposes a toast to the family.

    Let's Make A Deal

    Wednesday, July 11 2007

    At the Slater home, Zach leaves a message for Josh to check on things at Chandler. Stuart arrives and tells Zach it is time to make a deal! Stuart is nervous because he doesn't trust Zach's motives. "You're sneaky," he says and asks how Zach managed to get all of Adam's money. Zach tells him about the kidnapping, loan and collateral but Stuart believes there were other things going on. He tells Zach he isn't there for JR or Adam, he is there to get the Chandler mansion back for little Adam and Colby! Zach turns him down but Stuart won't drop down. A deliveryman arrives with a crib. Zach has no idea what to do because it isn't assembled. The guy gives him directions - in Swedish! - and leaves. Stuart offers to help as long as Zach will listen to him in the mean time. Stuart begins working on the crib. He begins talking about Zach's impending fatherhood, comparing that with how Adam has raised his children. Stuart rambles on about the growth charts on the wall at the mansion and how much Colby loves her new home. "You can't just switch one home for another," he says and asks Zach to sell the mansion to him. The more he talks the more guilty Zach feels. Stuart offers to give Zach all of his money and to cover the difference by deeding the gallery to him. Zach tells him he'll think about it. Stuart leaves and a little later Ryan arrives. He tells Zach about the new company and asks for his advice in investing on them. He suggests that they partner on the deal, surprising Zach. He agrees to listen and Ryan begins telling him the details. Zach agrees and they decide to go to New York together to complete the deal.

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