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    All My Children CAST - Stuart Chandler - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Stuart Chandler Played by David Canary on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    David Canary

    Birthday: 1938-08-25
    Birthplace: Elwood, Indiana
    Marital Status: married, Maureen, 1982
    Real Name: David Canary
    Height: 5'11 1/2"


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    Family Is Everything

    Friday, September 21 2007

    Krystal pulls away from Stuart and apologizes for kissing him. She explains why she did it, thinking she was completely wrong about Adam's impersonations. Stuart tells her the truth, that Adam has been pretending to be Stuart because he wanted to be close to her again. Krystal can't believe it, especially when Stuart tries to make her believe that Adam was only trying to spend time with his family. She wonders why he couldn't just drop by to see Colby (or her!) as himself. Stuart thinks Adam did the right thing because of the kiss Krystal just laid on him but remembering the kiss only makes her more angry. "You love him," Stuart says and tells her that Adam has changed. He believes that Adam loves Jenny.

    A Kiss Is Just A Kiss

    Thursday, September 20 2007

    Wes is cleaning up around The Comeback. He notices that Krystal is acting off but she covers, eager to see Adam impersonating Stuart. Krystal tells Jenny about Adam's tricks and fills her in on a few tricks of her own. Just then Stuart - the real Stuart - walks in the door. Krystal gets Stuart alone, shows a little skin and begins talking about Adam and unrequited love. He offers to help change a light bulb but she does the job herself - and gets hot in the process! Krystal takes off her sweater, dribbles a bit of water over her chest and begins coming on to him. Stuart has no clue what is going on and tells Krystal to go to Adam, saying he wants her back. Krystal plays along, still certain that Stuart is Adam in disguise. Smiling, she puts her arms around Stuart and kisses him! She pulls back realizes that Stuart is really Stuart - not Adam!

    Loud and Clear

    Monday, September 10 2007

    At the Chandler mansion, JR’s enjoying the sight of Adam in Stuart’s clothes. “It’s too early for Halloween,” he laughs. Stuart steps in, tries to smooth things over, telling JR that Adam is doing the right thing – that his heart’s in the right place. Adam tells Stuart to be quiet. “Who you trying to con into believing that you’re a good guy?” JR asks. Stuart pleads with Adam to tell JR the truth about what he’s doing, but Adam tells Stuart to leave. Stuart goes, and JR lets it go.

    With Stuart gone, Adam’s all business, telling JR to get down to it or get out. JR tries to tell Adam that he has a business proposition for him, but has a hard time keeping a straight face. When he collects his thoughts, he pitches to Adam. Adam is totally disinterested in anything that might involve Ava. JR tries to defend Ava – saying taking her on would be like discovering Michael Jordan in grade school. He works hard to push for her, and Adam begins to suggest that JR has a thing for her. “It’s not about who Ava is, it’s about what she can sell,” JR says. Adam passes on JR’s offer, but makes him a counter-offer. He says he has a plan to get back everything that Zach stole from them, and offers JR partnership in Chandler Enterprises.

    Liar Liar!

    Friday, September 07 2007

    At the Carey/Martin house, Krystal and “Stuart” (Adam posed as Stuart) are alone. Krystal is telling “Stuart” that she knows exactly why he’s there and it has nothing to do with painting. “Stuart” gets nervous, flustered, afraid his cover is blown, but relaxes when she explains that she knows he’s there for the baby.

    “Stuart” tries to convince Krystal that he and Adam are not so different. He tells her that Adam loves his children. Krystal’s not buying it. “Stuart” tries to convince Krystal that he loves Jenny. Krystal recognizes a “look” in his eyes as the same look Adam got when he talked about Charlotte, and things get sticky again, but “Stuart” dodges by saying that he and Adam have many similar looks. Krystal, distracted, reminisces about the way Adam had been so excited about Charlotte. “Stuart” asks Krystal if she’s in love with Tad. She says no, that part of her heart is still with Adam. But she tells him she wants her heart to be free of Adam and she can tell that the day of her freedom is coming soon.

    “Will there always be a little part of you that loves Adam?” “Stuart” asks Krystal, back at the Carey/Martin pad. But Krystal tells him that it’s really about Adam – that she’s seen the hate in Adam’s eyes when he looks at her. “Even if I could forgive him…” she says, “it wouldn’t work because he doesn’t look at Jenny the way that you do.” She kisses him and thanks him for being a good friend. “Stuart” is touched, leaves. After he’s gone, Krystal touches her own lips – did she detect a familiar touch behind that kiss?

    Sounds Like Good News!

    Thursday, August 09 2007

    Adam is outside on the Chandler Mansion patio when Stuart drops by, dressed in his painting clothes. Adam is feeling bad about himself, saying he hadn’t eaten or slept for all his worrying about JR. Stuart, who seems to be saying all the wrong things at the wrong times, tells Adam that Colby is finishing moving in with Tad and Krystal today. He then goes on and on about how empty the place feels, just making Adam feel all the worse. Adam tells Stuart that everyone that he gave his whole life to has deserted him. Adam says at least Stuart won’t die alone. “You won’t die alone, Adam” Stuart replies. “I’m already dead, can’t you tell?” Adam says, breaking down. Stuart tries to make Adam feel better, but it seems like nothing will work. But then Stuart, as he’s telling Adam that he’s going to be painting over at Tad and Krystal’s house today, is struck with a brilliant a plan. He wants Adam to pretend to be Stuart and go do the painting in his place so he can see Colby. Stuart coaches Adam on how to paint – and, though Adam is reluctant to go along with it, his face brightens as he considers Stuart’s plan.

    With JR and Babe outside, Krystal and Tad are alone in the house. Krystal tells Tad that she thinks he wanted to move in together to keep her from getting back with Adam. In the meantime, Adam-as-Stuart has shown up at the Martin/Carey house. Making some excuses, Adam-as-Stuart manages to get past the suspicious eyes of JR and Babe and get inside, interrupting Tad and Krystal’s pow-wow. He asks to start in Colby’s room, but he can’t because Colby hasn’t decided on a color yet. He’s forced to paint in the living room, getting a front row seat to Krystal telling Tad how she’s still never gotten over Adam. Tad leaves and Krystal and Adam-as-Stuart are alone. Not knowing that it’s really Adam, Krystal is friendly with Stuart, wiping paint off his face, and is relaxed with Jenny. She gets a frantic phone call from Colby – something has happened to the freezer at The Comeback – and leaves baby Jenny in the arms of Stuart and races off. Babe and JR come back inside and Adam-as-Stuart wastes no time in dumping baby Jenny off in the arms of Babe and rushing out. Everyone is confused – why is Stuart acting so weird?

    Moving Day!

    Tuesday, August 07 2007

    It's moving day at the new Martin home! Babe, Sean and Tad help Krystal, Colby and Jenny move in. Stuart arrives with little A to lend a hand, too. Babe takes over with her son as Colby teasingly orders Sean around. Krystal finds a hula girl lamp, wondering where it came from. It's Tad's! He grabs it from Krystal, glad that it survived the fire at the old house. Tad plugs it in and the hula girl begins to move around; he suggests it be placed in the foyer! Stuart realizes JR is nowhere to be found. Babe wonders, too. Sean and Colby become distracted with one another; Tad and Krystal interrupt them and get them back to work. She then asks Babe about the webcast and she tells them how things are going at Fusion. Colby joins them, talking about Fusion's makeup for a minute before Sean pulls her back over. Tad quickly interrupts them and takes Sean with him to check on a few other things. Babe continues telling Krystal how great Ava was.

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