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    All My Children CAST - Hannah Nichols - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Hannah Nichols Played by Stacy Haiduk on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Stacy Haiduk

    Birthday: April 24, 1968
    Birthplace: Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
    Marital Status: Married
    Real Name: Stacy Haiduk


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    It's Not You. It's Me.

    Tuesday, August 17 2010

    In the waiting room, David asks Marissa what's going on and if he can help. She rambles on about how everything is falling apart and that coming to him is a symptom of everything that is wrong in her life. She walks away as Scott comes around the corner and follows. Greenlee finds David, who thinks he's lost his daughter – again. She tries to bolster his spirits and he hopes both Greenlee and Marissa can forgive him one day.

    Ryan Acts Crazier and Crazier

    Monday, January 14 2008

    Aidan rushes to the rocks to catch Zach who has gone over the edge with Hannah. Zach holds desperately to Hannah's hand as Greenlee and Kendall urge both men - and Hannah - to hold on. Hannah says she can't do it. Kendall calls out that she loves Zach and he replies that he loves her, too. Aidan is having trouble keeping his grip on Zach strong so Greenlee and Kendall grab his shoulders and begin pulling, too. Zach tells Hannah that he won't let her go this time. She looks down and says she believes him. Zach cries out in pain when they pull on his shoulder again. Hannah says, "Goodbye," and then lets go of Zach's hand! Once back on solid ground Zach wants to run down to find her but Kendall demands that he stay with her. Derek arrives and calls for a water search and rescue team to begin searching for Hannah below the falls. Derek begins asking questions; Aidan takes the lead, saying Hannah slipped by accident and that Zach was trying to save her. Zach can't stop worrying about Hannah, even with Greenlee and Kendall by his side, telling him there was nothing more he could do. Aidan and Derek come back to Zach; Derek calls in more search teams and walks off. Zach apologizes to Kendall for going off on his own. He tells her everything that Hannah said, shocking Kendall. He sits heavily on a rock and asks Kendall how he lost Hannah again. Kendall tells him it wasn't his fault this time because Hannah made the decision to let go. She holds him. Greenlee separates herself from the group and becomes lost in memories of Leo. After a little while Kendall takes Aidan aside to tell him that Greenlee can never know what happened between them or they'll never be able to completely move on. Derek calls off the search until morning. Aidan goes to Greenlee and holds her. Kendall calls Erica to fill her in. Derek promises to keep Zach in the loop; he and Kendall leave.

    Hannah Falls From The Falls!

    Friday, January 11 2008

    On the rocks Hannah angrily tells Zach she deserves to have the life that Kendall has had! She pulls a gun on him. Zach starts talking, trying to keep Hannah off-balance. He tells her he knows how she was working with Adam and says that is just one more reason they can never be together. "Kendall is the only woman I love," he says. Hannah asks Zach to look past her appearance and his hatred to see the teenager he once loved. Zach says he can't see that girl anywhere. Hannah talks about Alexander taking advantage of her when she was still a desperate, teenage mother. "He thought it was funny that I jumped when he touched me," she says brokenly. Zach is stunned to learn that Alexander raped Hannah over and over. Aidan arrives, and hears the explanation, too. Zach asks why Hannah stayed with Alexander so long and she explains that she was certain that Zach would return for her. "But you never did," she cries, "you never did." She tells Zach that she pulled her life together for a while but that she can't keep up the pretense any longer. Hannah begins listing all of the women that Zach has rescued - Maria, Erica, Julia, Dixie and Greenlee - and wonders why he couldn't come to her rescue all those years ago. With pity in his eyes, Zach says he can still make things right by rescuing her now. Hannah holds the gun on him and begins to cry. He takes a step closer to her and she tells him to back off. Aidan keeps his gun trained on Hannah, just in case. Zach keeps talking, promising to protect her now since he couldn't protect her in the past. Hannah finally lowers the gun and lets Zach hold her close while she cries. Zach says they can make things work for her but as they turn around she sees Aidan and begins backing away. Hannah slips over the edge of the rocks! Greenlee and Kendall come running up at that moment.

    Zach Goes After Hannah

    Thursday, January 10 2008

    Hannah and Zach set up a meeting place - at Miller's Falls just outside of Pine Valley. Hannah dresses and takes great care with her makeup, all the while remembering conversations she has had with Zach. She takes the small handgun from her bag and stares across the room as Sean continues to sleep. He wakes up and sees the gun! He asks about it and Hannah says it is just for protection. She kisses him again and then leaves. Sean locks all of the door locks behind her! He turns on the television and dresses; a reporter breaks in with an announcement about Hannah Nichols. Sean recognizes her picture!

    Zach arrives at the falls and begins hiking to the top. Hannah is already there, standing at the top and watching the water.

    Greenlee's Still Sick!

    Wednesday, January 09 2008

    Zach is leaving the Yacht Club when Hannah calls him! She asks how he is faring now but doesn't wait for an answer. Sean is asleep beside her when she asks to see Zach as soon as possible.

    Hannah Escapes!

    Tuesday, January 08 2008

    Zach calls out to Josh but he doesn't answer. Hannah moves to the door and Josh keeps working on untying the ropes. With Hannah distracted by Zach and Kendall's arrival Josh calls out for them both to get out of there. Hannah tells them Josh is dead if they leave. Zach sends Kendall to call the cops and tries to reason with Hannah but she is too far gone to listen. Zach doesn't speak for a while so Hannah turns the gun on Josh, threatening to kill him. Zach, still outside the apartment, realizes Hannah has switched her focus and begins talking to her again. Josh finally frees himself from one of the rope knots. Zach begins to agree with anything and everything Hannah says. Kendall returns. Josh sneaks up on Hannah and they struggle over the gun. It goes off! Zach and Kendall burst inside and find Josh on the floor and Hannah nowhere to be found. Josh says Hannah has the gun and points Zach in the right direction. Kendall tries to follow but Josh holds her back. Kendall stays with Josh, getting him an icepack for his head. Josh asks what is going on but Kendall isn't sure. Zach returns, angry because he couldn't find Hannah. He blames Josh for all of this! Kendall steps in, reminding Zach that keeping Hannah on at Cambias was her idea. Zach backs off. He sends Josh off with orders for the security detail - to kill Hannah if they have to! Josh leaves. Kendall can't believe the order Zach just gave. Josh accompanies Zach and Kendall home, telling them that there is no news about Hannah. Josh tells Zach what he knows about Hannah's deal with Adam and then leaves. Kendall asks Zach to be careful, especially around Hannah.

    Sean has just arrived at the park and is texting Colby, apologizing for being late. Hannah literally runs into him, knocking him to the ground. "What is your problem?" Hannah asks angrily. They get back to their feet. Sean is worried about Hannah because she was running so fast; he asks if someone was after her and Hannah reaches for her gun! Sean doesn't see the gun but backtracks, telling Hannah he really doesn't care what is going on. Hannah asks Sean how old he is - and then comes on to him! She kisses him! Sean is completely seduced by Hannah and they leave the park together.

    Josh Is Hannah's Hostage!

    Monday, January 07 2008

    Hannah realizes she shot Ryan instead of Kendall and runs off. Aidan sneaks across the way and looks at the adjoining rooftop. He finds a single rifle casing but nothing more.

    Josh is in his apartment watching the ambulances when Hannah arrives. He asks what all the commotion is outside. Hannah kisses him passionately and shuts the apartment door! Josh pulls away, wondering what Hannah really wants. She goes on and on about her life and Zach. Josh realizes she is still in love with Zach. Hannah brings up Adam and tells Josh she's been a double-agent for Adam Chandler! "Nothing matters now," she says and Josh becomes very worried. He tries to figure out what Hannah has done and doesn't have to work too hard because Hannah is all too willing to talk. Zach calls but before Josh can answer Hannah hits him over the head, knocking him out cold! She ties him to the chair and then wakes him up, holding a gun on him. Smiling, Hannah sits on his lap and begins kissing him. Josh pulls away as much as he can. Angry, Hannah tells Josh that Zach was supposed to turn to her when Kendall was put away, but since Kendall got off Hannah had to take matters into her own hands. She tells him about Ryan ruining her plans. "And Kendall doesn't know it yet but justice will be served," Hannah says. Josh begins working on the ropes tying him to the chair, hoping he can get them undone without Hannah noticing. She doesn't notice a thing because she is too angry with Zach, Alexander and Kendall. Josh points out that Hannah can't shoot him without drawing the attention of the rest of the apartment building and Hannah says she has no intention of shooting Josh now. She is going to wait for Zach to arrive - and kill them at the same time! Josh tells her it won't work. Seconds later Kendall and Zach knock on the door and ask him to open up. Hannah uses Josh as a shield and orders him to call out to them!

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