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    All My Children CAST - Hannah Nichols

    Full detailed profile on Hannah Nichols Played by Stacy Haiduk on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Stacy Haiduk
    Hannah Nichols

    Actor: Stacy Haiduk

    Who played Hannah Nichols over the years

    Stacy Haiduk (April 2007 - January 14, 2008)

    Useful information on Hannah Nichols

    * Became pregnant after an affair with Alexander Cambias, Jr. (now known as Zach Slater) and gave the baby up for adoption.
    * After learning that Alexander Cambias, Sr. had been captured she came to Pine Valley to pick up the pieces of her life.
    *Fell to her death from the Falls outside of Pine Valley.


    Past: Vice-president at Cambias Industries
    Past: Business woman


    Hannah Nichols is the mother of the late Ethan Cambias. She had an ill-fated affair with then teenaged Alexander Cambias, Jr, now known as Zach Slater. She told Zach that after he left for school, Alexander forced her to begin sleeping with him, too. When she discovered she was pregnant by Zach and fearing retribution from Zach's father, Hannah gave Ethan up for adoption and fled the area. She came to Pine Valley in 2007 after news of the capture of the Satin Slayer, aka Alexander Cambias, Sr., and has a score to settle.

    Although she blamed Zach, she began to work closely with him at Cambias Industries. When Alexander was sentenced, she tried to kill him but her shot was off; Alexander was paralyzed from the shot. Broken down, Hannah tried to get Zach to sleep with her to give her another baby. He wouldn't do it. She left town.

    Hannah returned a few months later - and tried to kill Kendall! She stalked Kendall and from a rooftop, tried to shoot her. Ryan took the bullet and was shot in the head. Zach followed Hannah to the falls; Aidan was there, too. He tried to save Hannah but she fell from the falls and was killed.




    Zach Slater
    Josh Madden
    Alexander Cambias, Sr.




    Ethan Cambias (son with Zach Slater - deceased)


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    Tuesday, August 17 2010: It's Not You. It's Me.

    In the waiting room, David asks Marissa what's going on and if he can help. She rambles on about how everything is falling apart and that coming to him is a symptom of everything that is wrong in her life. She walks away as Scott comes around the corner and follows. Greenlee finds David, who thinks he's lost his daughter – again. She tries to bolster his spirits and he hopes both Greenlee and Marissa can forgive him one day.

    Monday, January 14 2008: Ryan Acts Crazier and Crazier

    Aidan rushes to the rocks to catch Zach who has gone over the edge with Hannah. Zach holds desperately to Hannah's hand as Greenlee and Kendall urge both men - and Hannah - to hold on. Hannah says she can't do it. Kendall calls out that she loves Zach and he replies that he loves her, too. Aidan is having trouble keeping his grip on Zach strong so Greenlee and Kendall grab his shoulders and begin pulling, too. Zach tells Hannah that he won't let her go this time. She looks down and says she believes him. Zach cries out in pain when they pull on his shoulder again. Hannah says, "Goodbye," and then lets go of Zach's hand! Once back on solid ground Zach wants to run down to find her but Kendall demands that he stay with her. Derek arrives and calls for a water search and rescue team to begin searching for Hannah below the falls. Derek begins asking questions; Aidan takes the lead, saying Hannah slipped by accident and that Zach was trying to save her. Zach can't stop worrying about Hannah, even with Greenlee and Kendall by his side, telling him there was nothing more he could do. Aidan and Derek come back to Zach; Derek calls in more search teams and walks off. Zach apologizes to Kendall for going off on his own. He tells her everything that Hannah said, shocking Kendall. He sits heavily on a rock and asks Kendall how he lost Hannah again. Kendall tells him it wasn't his fault this time because Hannah made the decision to let go. She holds him. Greenlee separates herself from the group and becomes lost in memories of Leo. After a little while Kendall takes Aidan aside to tell him that Greenlee can never know what happened between them or they'll never be able to completely move on. Derek calls off the search until morning. Aidan goes to Greenlee and holds her. Kendall calls Erica to fill her in. Derek promises to keep Zach in the loop; he and Kendall leave.

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