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    All My Children CAST - Ava Benton - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ava Benton Played by Leven Rambin on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ava Benton

    Birthday: 1990-05-17
    Birthplace: Houston, Texas
    Marital Status: single
    Real Name: Leven Rambin


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    Kendall vs. Greenlee

    Friday, August 03 2007

    On the beach, Lenny tries to call Ava but can't get through. She runs up to him. He cozies up to her but Ava backs off, not wanting him to feel the microphone. She asks what he has and what it costs, when Lenny won't give her a name for the drug Ava gets nervous. She pulls out a wad of cash which only makes Lenny more curious about what she is really up to. Ava tells him they need to get the show on the road before someone sees them doing a drug deal on a beach. Lenny pulls back. In the surveillance van, Jack gets nervous and tells Derek they need to pull Ava out of the deal. Derek tells Jack she is fine because she hasn't used the code word. Back on the beach, Ava keeps trying to push Lenny into a sale. He tells her she needs to cool off - by getting undressed! Ava tells Lenny to get real because she isn't going to get naked for him! Lenny steps closer and begins to frisk her, looking for a wire!

    Will Greenlee Leave?

    Thursday, August 02 2007

    Ava pulls away from Jonathan, afraid to trust him and afraid to trust her own feelings. Jonathan won't let her walk away, though. He tells her to trust her feelings! He kisses her again and then asks her to come to Wildwind with him. Ava pulls away and tells Jonathan that she overheard him tell Amanda that he still loves Lily. Jonathan explains that he will always love Lily, but in a different way. "When I'm not with you, I want to be. When I am with you I want all of you," he says. Ava runs off, telling Jonathan that she knows he only wants her in bed! Jonathan follows her down the beach, trying to get through to her but she pretends not to listen. He keeps talking, though, telling her that he is just as afraid as she is because their relationship isn't just about the sex. He asks her for a second chance! Ava's ringing cell interrupts them. It's Lenny and he is moving up their drug date! He tells her to meet him in 30 minutes and then hangs up; Ava isn't sure what to do. Jonathan asks what is going on but she cover, telling him it was Fusion and they need her - now! She gathers her things and runs off, leaving Jonathan behind.

    A New Day

    Wednesday, August 01 2007

    Jack and Derek are going over plans for the drug sting with Ava, who isn't paying much attention. Derek and Jack lash out at her, telling her she needs to be prepared when Lenny shows up at the boathouse. Ava thinks she has everything down pat, and when they keep pushing her she lashes out at Jack. Then, super-sweetly tells him she will be in complete control - unlike Greenlee when she took Spike! Derek gets between them, asking Ava again if she'll go through with the sting. She assures them she'll be fine, pulls out her phone and calls Lenny. She orders double what she got last time and sets up a meet in a couple of days at the boathouse.

    Ava walks in to the yacht club. A worker tells her to leave because she isn't a member, even after she shows him her Fusion shots. Jonathan calls, asking if he can see her but she refuses. "You don't fit into the Ava-entourage anymore," she says and hangs up. Though the manager asks her to leave, Ava makes herself comfortable. Jonathan arrives and tells the man to leave Ava alone because she is his guest. Ava gets mad and runs off. Jonathan follows. Ava runs down to the beach, angry that Jonathan won't leave her alone. She fully expects him to still be upset about Lily or her own problems, or dealing with his own family problems. Jonathan listens but doesn't leave. He tells her that he did see a little bit of Lily in her at first but now he only sees her. "I want you," he says and kisses her.

    The Babies Are Okay!

    Tuesday, July 31 2007

    Babe and the others are celebrating the virtual launch when Greenlee walks in the door. She sits down to work as they tell her about the virtual launch. Babe escorts Ava to the elevator, thanking her for her hard work and reminding her to "just say no". Back in the office, Di is baiting Greenlee, telling her that they have been getting along just fine without her. Amanda tries to be gentler with Greens but Di just keeps hammering her. Unable to take it any longer, Greenlee gives them her version of events but none of them buy it. Di reminds her she was headed away from Pine Valley. Babe pipes up, telling Greenlee that it is her fault that Kendall could lose both her children! Babe compares her keeping Miranda to Greenlee trying to kidnap Spike. Greenlee still won't admit what she did. Babe asks what would have happened if Spike would have died and reminds Greenlee that she couldn't have just missed a turn because she was miles in the opposite direction. Di steps in, giving Greenlee a status report - while Kendall was in labor with the new baby and Greenlee was kidnapping Spike, they were saving the company! Amanda tells the other girls to back off but neither Babe nor Di will. Babe gets a call from a reporter, asking for Greenlee. She puts her on hold to ask Greenlee how they should deal with this since the reporter wants information about the Amber Alert for Spike and not the launch. Greens takes the phone and makes up a new story about the accident with Spike - she tells the reporter that she saved Spike's life! "You are a piece of work," Di says. Babe tells Greenlee to look for sympathy elsewhere. Amanda takes over with Greenlee, feeling sorry for her. "I was raised by Janet-from-another-plant," Amanda says, "so you're still sort of human." Babe and Di leave to tell Kendall about the launch. She warns Greenlee to stay away.

    Jack and Sean return from court. Jack has a new plan - if they can get Ava to work with them to turn in the drug dealer, they can clear Sean's record. Sean isn't sure the plan with work but Jack goes ahead. When Ava comes by to see Lily he sidetracks her, gives her the information and tells her to help. Ava, unsure of his real motives, won't admit to anything and tells him she can't help! Ava tells him about her contract with Fusion and tells him she can't risk her image to help him or Sean. Calmly Jack tells her that she won't be charged with anything if she helps them. Ava tells Jack to call Adam if he really wants to nab the drug dealing creep. Jack tells Ava he knows Adam was involved but that they can't prove it. "I will do everything I can to protect you," Jack says, promising that Lily won't find out. Outside the drawing room, Lily walks up and begins to listen to them. Ava tells Jack that she doesn't want to hurt Lily and that is why she won't help them. He leaves. Lily hides in a doorway. When he leaves she joins Ava, asking what is going on. Unable to beat around the bush, Lily asks Ava about the secret. Ava tells her that she got the Fusion job back, hoping Lily will drop the subject. Lily buys the story. She asks Ava about the drugs. They talk about Sean and the charges. Lily swears she will find out what happened with Sean; she believes the drugs were Ava's but they wound up in Sean's pocket by accident. Lily swears she won't let any of that trouble touch her sister. Touched, Ava tells Lily that she will take care of the troubles. Ava runs into Jack outside. She tells him that she will do whatever it takes to clear Sean's name.

    Zach Can't Hold It Together

    Monday, July 30 2007

    At Fusion Di, Amanda, Babe and Ava try to brainstorm new ideas to save the campaign. None of them want to work, they would rather be with Kendall, but they sit down to work anyway. Amanda asks if they can send samples but that won't work. Ava brings up spamming the buyers. Amanda and Di object. The plan gives Babe an idea to do a virtual launch - transform Ava from day to night live online! Ava doesn't like the idea - at all. While Babe deals with Ava, Amanda listens to Di to get an idea of how to pitch the virtual launch. Across the room, Babe reminds Ava that she is both day and night. Babe tells her to be an actress and pretend, but Ava has no idea how to look like Lily without acting like Lily at the same time. Babe encourages her to figure it out. She asks Ava about her past, trying to help her find peace or happiness from when she was a child. Ava remembers a summer with her grandparents on the farm. As she talks her face transforms from cynical to carefree. The virtual launch gets underway. Ava steps up, showing a carefree side for the "day" products and a hotter, sultrier side for the "night" products. As soon as the show is over, Fusion's phones begin to ring. Babe, Amanda and Di all field calls. They can't believe how well the virtual release went. Thanking Ava for her hard work, Babe hugs her and tells her the success is all hers!

    The Blame Game

    Friday, July 27 2007

    Babe walks in to the hospital and finds Ava arguing with the dismissal nurse. She offers to help pay the hospital bills - if Ava will come back to Fusion! Ava isn't sure whether she should believe Babe. Babe goes on, telling Ava about Kendall and the babies and asking her to help get the launch back on track. "I'm sorry I can't help you," Ava says but Babe stops her before she can leave. She tells Ava that she wasn't a replacement for Lily. She is the only face for Fusion Green. Ava still isn't sure and Babe vents all of her anger at the other woman. She tells Ava that it is cowardly to hide behind alcohol and pills instead of facing her problems! She grabs Ava, pulls her down the hall and orders her to help save Fusion!

    Ava Is Flying High!

    Wednesday, July 25 2007

    At the boathouse, Ava is high and dancing around. Adam walks in, taken aback by how out of it Ava is. He grabs her, reaming her for telling Colby about their deal but Ava can't focus on anything. Shaking her, Adam blames Ava for losing Colby. "Do you realize how much you've cost me?" he asks but Ava can't answer. She begins to sway and then cry, telling Adam that she is alone, too. Adam pushes her away. Calling Ava a waste, he order her to make things right. She gets angry and steps away - and falls into the water! Ava can't swim and cries for help! Adam stands there watching for a few seconds, shocked, but finally goes into the water to save her. Jonathan and Di arrive and help Adam pull her from the water. Jonathan tries to get Ava to talk but she is completely out of it; he blames Adam, who says Ava was high when he got there. Di calls for an ambulance. She asks Adam to stay but he refuses and leaves. Di and Jonathan focus on Ava and manage to wake her up. She wakes, freaked out because she doesn't recognize either of them!

    Lily surprises Jack and Josh in the waiting area. She is armed with a lot of research on premies and pregnancies and reports what she has learned. The more she talks, about the new baby and about Spike's abduction, the more Jack and Josh worry. Erica returns to the group, telling them the contractions have stopped. Jack wraps her in a hug. Josh makes a joke about food. Erica leaves to call Bianca. Jack gets a call and leaves to answer it. It's Livia, reminding Jack that the divorce will be finalized by 5pm if he and Erica don't show up to contest it. He asks her to stall as long as possible. Jack hangs up and then tries Greenlee's phone again but doesn't get an answer. Alone, Lily asks Josh if Kendall will be okay now. Erica returns to them and is talking to Josh when the doctors go running into Kendall's room. Zach comes out, telling them that Kendall's water may have broken. Just then emergency workers wheel Ava in. She is screaming and still high, fighting the doctors. They wheel her into an exam room as Lily comes in, freaked out at how bad Ava is. Jonathan tells her Ava took drugs but Lily doesn't believe him. Jack and Erica walk Lily out of the waiting area so they can talk to her.

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