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    All My Children CAST - Ava Benton - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ava Benton Played by Leven Rambin on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ava Benton

    Birthday: 1990-05-17
    Birthplace: Houston, Texas
    Marital Status: single
    Real Name: Leven Rambin


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    Oh, The Pain!

    Wednesday, September 12 2007

    Ava is nearly falling over from the pain. JR thinks she's just putting on a show and turns to go. She orders him to stick around - or she'll tell everyone that she is pregnant and the baby is his! JR carries her in to the hospital, moaning and groaning and screaming in pain. Julia meets them and asks Ava to explain the pains. She leaves to set up a room as Dr. Joe arrives. Ava describes the pain, swearing she isn't on any kind of drugs. JR throws out the pregnancy possibility. Joe wheels her off to another room as JR realizes that Ava isn't faking the symptoms. After examining her Joe says Ava isn't pregnant - she has appendicitis and needs an operation right now. She doesn't want an operation and starts to freak out. JR listens from the door and tells Ava to stop fighting the doctors! She won't back off. Joe leads Julia out so they can conference, leaving JR to reason with Ava. He actually gets through to her, saying she'll die if she doesn't have the surgery. He brings up his plans for her and all the money involved, making her forget about the pain for a bit. Another screaming pain doubles her over but Ava still won't agree to surgery. Lily walks in, upset. Ava tries to convince her sister than things aren't that bad. Julia pulls JR out of the room as Lily begins running down what could happen to Ava without surgery. Ava explains that when she was a kid she had a bad fall and had to go to the hospital for stitches. Her mother basically dropped her off and left her with the nurses - alone! "I won't leave you with strangers," Lily says and holds Ava's hand. Another screaming pain comes and Ava loses consciousness. Joe and Julia come in, followed by JR, as Lily freaks out.

    A Day to Remember

    Tuesday, September 11 2007

    Jonathan and Ryan are dressed to the nines and lunching at the marina with a very businesslike man. Meanwhile, at the bar of the same marina, JR is schmoozing someone over the phone. JR pays a waiter to give him the scoop on what Ryan and Jonathan are up to. When he finds out that they’re into business deals, he hatches a plan to get them on board with Right away he hops onto the Internet to research how to best get in with Jonathan. With little searching at all, he finds the photos of Ava and Jonathan naked on the beach.

    At Fusion, Annie’s telling the girls about Spike’s frightening night. The girls are on the warpath for Greenlee. Talking about Greenlee’s horrible deeds leads everyone to a little introspection and they talk about all the bad things they’ve done, but call Annie the “only innocent one in the bunch.” Annie doesn’t look too happy, knowing that she’s not exactly as “innocent” as they all make her out to be. Amanda gets a phone call from JR – he’s sent her the link to the photo of Ava and Jonathan. Amanda is unhappy and the freak-out spreads like wildfire through Fusion as Babe and Annie see the photo themselves. The stuff’s hitting the fan, just as Ava enters.

    Back at the marina, JR approaches Jonathan. JR puts on the fake sympathy act, hoping to bait Jonathan into conversing with him. It works – Jonathan bites. JR whips out the laptop and shows Jonathan the beach photo. Jonathan doesn’t give JR the warmest reception in the world, half-taunting him, definitely shutting him down. JR schmoozes Jonathan then, telling him he’ll be helping Ava by getting in on JR’s plan. “Why would I want to partner up with you?” Jonathan asks. “Because I can help you help Ava,” JR answers. But Jonathan turns him down flat. “There’s no way I would put one red cent into your pocket,” Jonathan says. JR treats it just like he treats everything these days – he laughs at it and warns Jonathan that he’ll be sorry he didn’t get in on the ground floor of this new business.

    At Fusion, the girls sit Ava down and show her the pictures of her and Jonathan. She’s surprised and unnerved, but tries to pass it off as no big deal. Ava asks if they’re trying to fire her or lecture her. Babe tells her that they’re being like big sisters, trying to keep her from making any more mistakes. Ava sprints to the restroom, sick to her stomach again. Babe catches Annie in passing and tells her she looks a lot less stressed out. Annie says she feels like she can breathe again. Ava reappears, obviously sick. They tell her to go home, but she doesn’t want to go. Babe reaches out to her, tells her to stick around and have some juice and let them take care of her. When Babe walks away, Ava pulls a pregnancy test out of her purse and trashes it, saying, “I know what I don’t need.” She begins worrying about her looks, staring into a mirror and asking if the girls think she looks fat, bloated, puffy. Babe finds the pregnancy test in the trash and confronts Ava. Ava denies it. The girls try to make her feel more comfortable and take the test there at Fusion – Ava doesn’t want to do it. She rushes out of Fusion.

    Ava rushes out the Fusion door and runs smack into JR. She tries to play it tough, tries to tell JR to get away from her, but she’s too tearful to get it out. Doubled over in pain, Ava appears to be in trouble, with only JR there to help.

    Loud and Clear

    Monday, September 10 2007

    The Comeback is the place to be tonight! At the bar, Babe is holding an envelope and beaming – she’s gotten her high school diploma! Wes, the new bartender, flirts openly with her, and gives her a cupcake with the word “congratulations” written on it. Jonathan and Ava enter, holding hands. Wes right away recognizes Ava and flirts with her, too, but he doesn’t really mean it. It’s obvious already – he’s all about Babe. Outside, Greenlee is spewing venom at Aidan, sure that he’s the one who told Jack about her hiring Dr. Hilliard. When Aidan denies this, she thinks he’s lying. But Aidan springs it on her that not only did he not tell Jack, but she told Jack herself. What’s worse, he tells her that she said “other things” while she was in the hospital as well.

    With Stuart gone, Adam’s all business, telling JR to get down to it or get out. JR tries to tell Adam that he has a business proposition for him, but has a hard time keeping a straight face. When he collects his thoughts, he pitches to Adam. Adam is totally disinterested in anything that might involve Ava. JR tries to defend Ava – saying taking her on would be like discovering Michael Jordan in grade school. He works hard to push for her, and Adam begins to suggest that JR has a thing for her. “It’s not about who Ava is, it’s about what she can sell,” JR says. Adam passes on JR’s offer, but makes him a counter-offer. He says he has a plan to get back everything that Zach stole from them, and offers JR partnership in Chandler Enterprises.

    Back at The Comeback, Wes loads Jonathan and Ava with food that they didn’t order, on the house, to make up for hitting on Jonathan’s girl. Jonathan’s cool about it and he and Wes shake hands, but Ava darts for the restroom. Outside, Greenlee finally comes to grips with the fact that she was the one who blabbed about Hilliard to Jack. “I need a drink,” she says, lightheartedly. Greenlee whips out the locket/pocket watch she’d found on the beach and she and Aidan wonder about where it came from. Greenlee thinks it’s romantic, compares it to The Gift of the Magi. Something about the locket makes Greenlee romantic, but Aidan hardly shares her dreamy side. They make a friendly bet to find out what the history behind the locket really is: romantic like Greenlee suspects, or evil like Aidan suspects?

    Babe catches Ava as she’s coming out of the restroom. Ava claims she has an upset stomach. Babe tells her she looks awful. Babe questions Ava about how she and Jonathan are doing. Ava is closed down about the relationship, but Babe is clearly getting at something. “Is it possible that you could be pregnant?” she asks. Ava denies it, saying it’s just a stomach bug, and storms away. She grabs Jonathan from the bar and drags him out.

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