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    All My Children CAST - Ava Benton - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ava Benton Played by Leven Rambin on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ava Benton

    Birthday: 1990-05-17
    Birthplace: Houston, Texas
    Marital Status: single
    Real Name: Leven Rambin


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    Richie Seals Zach's Fate!

    Monday, November 26 2007

    On the balcony, Jonathan tells Ava that the tension is mostly because of Richie and has nothing to do with them. They talk about not-so-great past Thanksgivings with their families. Jonathan promises her that this year changes things for both of them - they will have good family fun and be able to put the past to rest. Ava hugs him. Feeling a little tension between them, Jonathan asks Ava what is going on between her and JR. Ava plays dumb but Jonathan keeps pushing and tells her that he knows JR was bothering her at The Comeback. Ava says it isn't a big deal because JR is just upset about his new business failing. Ava and Jonathan return to the others just as Babe is about to make her exit. Ryan goes to get the kids so they can eat. Babe begins to leave anyway but decides to stay when Emma asks her to. They all sit down and enjoy the day together.

    JR Opens Up To Ava

    Monday, November 19 2007

    Ava racks up the balls for a game of pool at The Comeback. JR comes in, obviously drunk. Ava can't stop staring at him and tells him he looks horrible. He asks how her hair issues are; Ava tells him to back off and asks how the alcoholism is going. She tells him alcohol doesn't look good on him and goes back to her game. JR leans against the bar and asks Ava to tell him all about alcoholism, believing Ava has a history with booze, too. She doesn't want to but he won't drop it. Finally, Ava starts telling him about the guys she has known in the past. Saying she had no choice but to stay with the bad boys or starve, she asks why he's drinking now. JR doesn't want to talk about his problems and instead cries on Ava's shoulder about not being able to stop. Ava compares JR's alcoholism to being addicted to a woman. He says it's very similar and he's been obsessed with her just like he's obsessed with alcohol. Ava can't believe him; she says they can be friends and he can talk to her about anything. Talk turns to Fusion and Ava admits she was acting badly toward him; she says he made her laugh, though, all the time. JR realizes he has no idea how he got back to the bar. He thanks Ava for listening and heads outside to find his car. Jonathan arrives a few minutes later and takes Ava home.

    Zach is hit by a car!

    Thursday, November 15 2007

    Ava and Jonathan arrive at The Comeback for an evening alone. He's only just returned from a London business trip. As they talk, Jonathan gets a call that sets him on edge. He tells Ava he'll be back soon but there is something he needs to take care of. Ava heads to the bar, where she sees JR in another stupor. She asks how he is but JR takes the question badly and tells her to stop piling on to him. He storms out and sees Amanda outside. Angry, he asks why she doesn't just toss another drink in his lap. Just as mad, she tells him she won't stop him from drinking - she'll pour him whatever he wants! They leave together.

    Tad Knows Hannah's Secret!

    Tuesday, November 13 2007

    At the boathouse, Ava hears a cough and sees JR, unconscious and drunk, lying in the bushes. She wakes him and asks if he is okay. Still feeling wasted, JR says he is just enjoying nature. He tries to stand but can't and starts to laugh. Asking for her help, JR is stunned with Ava tells him to get away from her! JR finally gets up on his own and starts to head off. Ava asks if he is going off to get another drink. "Why shouldn't I?" JR asks angrily! He tells Ava that about his business failure. Ava tells him that doesn't excuse his drinking, she gets emotional and starts to relive some old memories, stunning JR. Her realizes that Ava sees him as she sees her mother - an alcoholic! He tells her that he isn't sick, he's just had a bad couple of days. She says it a few days off the wagon is as bad as a few years. JR gets in her face about her own problems - starting with her bald head and her murderer-fiance. JR walks out of the boathouse, falls down the steps and then leaves her behind. JR winds up at the hospital outside the Alcoholics Anonymous meeting room. One of the members arrives and tells JR about being sober for a year. He asks JR to come in but he won't. Instead, JR walks off down the hall.

    JR Tries To Seduce Ava!

    Tuesday, October 30 2007

    JR is meeting with Roger the web guru, who is very happy with the beta-testing of the website. Ava arrives and Roger leaves. JR can't keep his hands off of Ava, who pulls away from him. JR tells her that they are very close to the actual launch. He touches her again and Ava gives him a "hands off" message; JR turns to business and tells Ava that the beta-testing is going really, really well. He touches her face and Ava backs off again. JR returns to his table and tells her about a German investor who wants to meet her. JR suggests a quick trip to New York but Ava nixes the idea. "I can't work with you. I quit," she says! JR tells her she can't quit or she'll become just another has-been. He says she wants to quit not because of Fusion but because she is attracted to him! She says she isn't but JR won't let the subject drop; he goes over every kiss they had in the alley and tells her that he sometimes fantasizes about going further! He invites her back to his yacht and Ava refuses to go. JR leaves to pay the bill and then returns, pulling Ava from her chair and inviting her back to his yacht - again! She tells him she can't because of Jonathan but he keeps pushing her, telling her that she needs to get her attraction to him out of her system. He insults Jonathan, which only serves to annoy her more. JR just keeps pushing her buttons, though and Ava's resistance continues to drop. He turns her to face him and kisses her passionately! Ava backs up but JR follows her movements. She tells him that she wants space from him; she threatens him that if he doesn't back off she'll throw a huge fit. Finally he backs off and Ava leaves.

    Annie pours Ryan some coffee, very strong coffee. He tries it and likes it. Jonathan arrives and Ryan asks him to partake in some of the "miracle" coffee but Jonathan turns it down. Ryan tells Jonathan about Richie's latest scheme (the leukemia diagnosis). Jonathan asks Ryan if they can talk about Ava. He fills them in on the engagement but they already know, having seen the papers. Ryan realizes something is wrong and Jonathan asks his big question. "Do you think I'm throwing my life away by marrying this girl?" he asks. Annie points out that Ava has done some strange things - like the Mohawk 'do - but that she seems like a nice girl. Jonathan brings up Lily, asking if they think it is strange that he is marrying a look-a-like. Neither knows what to say. Jonathan tells them that he loves Ava and they wish him well. A few minutes later Kendall and Zach arrive with news about Spike. The ear infection is gone and Joe says Spike can have the implant surgery! They are all very excited with the news. Kendall asks Ryan if she can pick up Spike that afternoon and he agrees. Jonathan brings up Ava and the wedding date - there still isn't one - and an engagement party. Ryan suggests that he take things over, since he'll probably be the best man. Jonathan teases that Zach will be the best man! Then things get serious and Jonathan asks Ryan if he'll stand up with him. Ryan agrees. Ava calls Jonathan and asks to see him ASAP. She is nearly in tears and tells him to hurry to the house. Jonathan leaves.

    Jonathan arrives at Wildwind and finds Ava, crying in a chair. She rushes to him, kisses him and tells him that she wants to set a wedding date and the sooner the better! Jonathan happily agrees but when he tries to get a calendar, Ava pulls him on to the couch and kisses him.

    Hannah Attacks Adam!

    Wednesday, October 24 2007

    Lily is shocked at Ava's new 'do. For her part, Ava is still not liking the look. Lily offers a solution - wait for it to grow out! Ava catches on that Lily is distracted and asks what is going on. Lily tells Ava about her new friend, Richard. She talks about his dislike of touching and how he likes numbers and equations. A little worried because "Richard" obviously made a separation between touching and sex, Ava asks Lily more about him. Lily reports that "Richard" doesn't have a disorder like she does. Ava asks if they are going to hook up again but Lily doesn't have a phone number for him. Ava tells her to be careful and take things slowly with the new guy. Lily isn't sure it will go anywhere at all because "Richard" might already have a girlfriend. Lily finally gives Ava some good advice - cut off all of her hair and wear a wig until it grows back. She offers to cut the hair for Ava and they get to work. Ava promises to tell Lily the next time she has a crazy hair idea as long as Lily tells her before she sees "Richard" again.

    Richie Gets A Job Offer

    Friday, October 19 2007

    Jonathan is meeting with a party planner at the yacht club. She suggests a few decoration ideas for the engagement party at ConFusion. Ava arrives and Jonathan tells her about the party plans - it will be an engagement/birthday party. He asks about Ava's cowboy hat and she ignores the question. The party planner asks about themes and Ava makes a smart comment. JR and Amanda walk in and watch from the sidelines. JR is positive that Ava's new look will turn Jonathan off for good; Amanda isn't so sure. They party planner leaves. Finally Ava shows Jonathan her new 'do (she admits she hates it!) and then tells him about the photo shoot with the magazine. He tells Ava that her hair will grow back and advises her to think twice the next time she thinks she has to do something outrageous to get attention. They begin laughing about her new style. He tells her that he loves her and they kiss. JR watches and can't believe that Jonathan hasn't freaked out yet. Amanda wants to leave and gets annoyed when JR can't stop talking about Ava. Amanda tells him that no matter what Ava does they won't let her out of the Fusion contract. JR says he'll have her soon enough and Amanda realizes he doesn't want Ava for the new business - he just wants Ava! JR tries to convince Amanda that she is nuts. They argue about his Ava-obsession; JR continues to insist that he is only interested in the money Ava can make him. Amanda tells him to prove it - by leaving the yacht club! When JR doesn’t jump up to leave Amanda gets up, prepared to leave by herself. JR slows her down and agrees to go wherever she would like to go. He kisses her and they leave. On the way out the door, JR can't take his eyes off Ava!

    Ava Takes Control!

    Wednesday, October 17 2007

    Babe brings Colby and Corrina in to be Fusion's young focus group. Amanda is the only on in the office. Corrina talks about Ava and is definitely a fan. Ava hasn't come in yet and that is worrying Amanda because the photographer and reporter are due any minute. Just then Ava walks in a goofy looking sexy-mummy dress dress with her hair pulled back in a turban. Ava and Babe tell her to change but Ava refuses, telling them to fire her if they don't like her outfit. Ava asks Corrina what she thinks; Corrina likes it! Ava and Amanda keep arguing; Babe tries to calm both of them down. Ava spots the reporter and photographer coming in and begins to throw a huge fit! Babe and Amanda manage to calm her down and the interview gets underway. In the middle of everything Ava unveils her real new look - a blonde Mohawk and punk gear! Amanda and Babe drag Ava away, telling her that if she doesn't straighten up and fly right they will keep her under contract and not let her do any work at all! "You'll be the face of nothing by the end of the month," Babe says. Ava storms off. The reporter comes over and tells them how edgy they are being - he loves Ava's new look and wants to go on with the interview. Babe decides to give Ava the "good" news. She tells Ava that her perspective is fresh and they will give her some say in what she wears and how she looks. Ava unwraps her new look. Finally the interview is over. Corrina can't say enough about Ava's new look and Colby suggests that Corrina do a little modeling for them, too! Meanwhile, Ava's next photo shoot gets underway. JR arrives and watches for a while. Amanda spots him and tells him that Ava's latest stunt isn't going to get her out of the Fusion contract.

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