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    All My Children CAST - Ava Benton - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ava Benton Played by Leven Rambin on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ava Benton

    Birthday: 1990-05-17
    Birthplace: Houston, Texas
    Marital Status: single
    Real Name: Leven Rambin


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    Will Greens and Frankie Die?

    Wednesday, January 30 2008

    Babe, Amanda and Ava are working at Fusion. Babe is in rare - and mean - form with the vendors for the Campbell's Fashion Show. Amanda thinks about it and decides Babe's bad mood must be because of Richie. Babe tells them both to get back to work but Amanda questions her about Richie. Babe tells them that Richie hasn't found a match yet and she is worried. They are brain-storming Fusion Green tie-ins when Kendall arrives. She goes straight to the "Welcome Back" sign and rips it off the wall! Zach calls to check in; Kendall makes him promise to call with any changes to Greenlee's condition. The editor arrives, telling Kendall about the book debut. She asks about Greenlee; Kendall says Greenlee will be fine and really tries to believe it.

    Kendall's Book Deal!

    Wednesday, January 23 2008

    Kendall and Babe go over a few layouts for the Campbell's fashion show and then Amanda hurries over with more busy work. Kendall handles it all in stride and then finds an open envelope on her desk. "It can't be," she says. She doesn't find what she was looking for (her book) in the envelope and begins frantically looking through the office. Babe and Amanda try to help but none of them find it. Ava walks in, upset because they are going to have more than one model for the fashion show. She also objects to the red theme color, supposedly because of Lily. Kendall and the others don't care and say there has to be red. Amanda turns on the television and they see Jack and Erica take the stage on New Beginnings. They watch a little but then Babe turns off the show so they can focus on work. But the conversation doesn't turn back to work, the girls start talking about ending relationships. Babe makes a smarmy comment about Amanda not being able to let go of her exes. Kendall agrees and so does Ava once she learns that Amanda got millions from Adam. Finally Kendall gives in and tells them to cut Amanda some slack because they've all done bad things. Babe brings up kids; she and Kendall talk about the joys of motherhood but Amanda and Ava can't imagine having kids. They bring up her relationship with Ryan, which Kendall says took a long time to heal. Amanda asks about Kendall's relationship with Aidan, which stops Kendall cold. Kendall orders everyone back to work. Just then a woman walks in - the publisher - and asks to speak to Kendall, who they want to be their newest romance author! Kendall says there is no author there and when the editor begins to read a segment she becomes very upset. She says it isn't a book and isn't meant to be read by anyone but her. The editor is surprised and wonders why Greenlee sent the manuscript in. Babe and Ava leave to finish up some work but Amanda stays behind with Kendall and the editor. Kendall starts talking about Greens invading her privacy. "Are you kidding?" Amanda asks. Kendall talks to the editor a little more and says she will make her decision later. The woman leaves as Greenlee hurries in. Kendall asks everyone to go so she can talk to Greens alone. Kendall tells her about the publisher's offer. "I could just smack you with it," she says!

    What's Wrong With Quentin?

    Wednesday, January 16 2008

    Babe, Amanda and Annie have planned a huge welcome back party for Kendall and Greenlee. They walk in to the Fusion offices and are completely surprised by the party. Greenlee becomes quiet, remembering the bomb shelter. She is tired of being sick and not feeling strong; Kendall tells her to be patient. They each promise the other no more set-ups or backstabbing or lying. Annie passes around margaritas and the girls make a toast to the future of Fusion. Amanda sees Babe is working on some plans and asks if she can help. Babe doesn't want Amanda's help and tells her off for what she did to JR. Amanda tries to apologize and make things better but Babe refuses to listen. "It's going to be a long day," she says as Ava walks up and asks why Amanda even showed her face at the office. They start arguing and Kendall has to break it up. Meanwhile Greenlee and Annie begin going over the numbers for Fusion Green. Greenlee brings up Aidan and the massage; Kendall talks about her night with Zach and Annie brings up the sex-in-the-snow episode. Annie tells them how different Ryan has been acting. Babe talks to Greenlee about a new campaign possibility with Campbell's Soup; Greenlee says she'll think about it. Greens talks more about Aidan and seeing that Kendall is a little upset asks her what is going on. Kendall says she is just trying to find her feet again after the ordeal. Greenlee buys her explanation and suggests a double-date. Babe then goes to Annie and asks if she has decided to help Richie. Annie refuses to discuss the situation with Babe but Babe won't let it drop. Krystal calls, warning Babe to stop getting so involved with Richie. Babe is afraid Richie will be completely alone if she doesn't help him. Annie comes over and tells her that she won't be bullied into helping Richie. Annie takes the new campaign ideas to Kendall, who loves it. Meanwhile Amanda and Ava have a semi-bonding moment over the latest prints from the Fusion campaign and their shared history with JR. Ava tells Amanda that she and Jonathan broke up and Amanda asks if she can help. Kendall gathers all the girls around and offers up another toast, noting all of the great qualities of her co-workers. After toasting Kendall asks Annie to cover so she can disappear over to Ryan's for a few minutes. She forgot her bag and Greenlee tries to get it to her but a sheaf of papers falls out. The papers are titled "Charm". Babe leaves shortly after. Amanda and Ava stick around; Ava gives Amanda some hangover tips because she is obviously getting a little tipsy. Amanda and Greenlee are the last to leave. Amanda notices that Greenlee seems a little weak and wonky and offers to stay with her for a while but Greens tells her to go on home. She curls up with Kendall's papers and begins to read.

    Is The End Near?

    Tuesday, December 18 2007

    At The Comeback Ava and Jonathan are discussing wedding plans - or the lack of them. Ava mentions that Lily has picked out several dates and has started plans but none of them seem quite right. Jonathan wonders if that means something - like Ava isn't ready for marriage! He asks if she would rather be with JR, which makes Ava mad. She brings up Lily, asking if she is just a replacement for her sister. Jonathan can't believe what she is saying. He tells Ava they should put their wedding on hold. She gets angry and accuses him of not loving her. Sadly, Jonathan tells her he loves her as much as she allows but obviously that isn't enough. He leaves the bar and Ava begins to cry.

    Providing An Alibi

    Tuesday, December 11 2007

    Kendall arrives at the hospital with Spike. Ryan and Annie meet her and so does Erica. Erica has ordered them all lunch and reserved an area just for their family to wait for news of Spike's surgery. Joe walks in and Erica becomes uncomfortable; he focuses on Spike and Kendall, promising her that Spike will be right as rain in just a few hours. Ryan takes Spike off for a little daddy-talk. As the women become teary, Ryan promises Spike that he will hear again. Kendall kisses Spike one more time before Joe takes him off to surgery. Joe returns a while later. He shows them the implant and explains about the surgery and then leaves. Kendall becomes very worried that she may have made a mistake in going forward with the surgery. Both Annie and Erica tell her she is doing the right thing. Ryan tries to calm her down but Kendall freaks out about Spike and about Zach. Josh walks up with Zach's favorite hockey sweater. They sit down and Josh assures Kendall that Zach will be back fighting for both of her boys before long; Kendall isn't so sure. She worries when the nurses don't come in to give her an update on the surgery but Josh calms her down. Ryan and Annie return with coffee and apologize to Kendall for being so wrapped up in their own problems and not helping her. Kendall says it doesn't matter because they are all together now. Erica returns and Jack walks in the waiting room. Erica is surprised to see him and asks how things are. Julia arrives and they begin chatting about Lily. Erica is surprised to learn about Lily's meltdown and asks why Jack didn't call her. He says it never occurred to him that she would care; that hurts Erica. Kendall begins telling everyone about her newfound working relationship with Aidan. Across the room, Jonathan confronts Ava about her meetings with JR at the jail lately. He asks if she is seeing JR now! Before she can answer Joe comes in with news about Spike. He says Spike came through the surgery with flying colors but asks them to wait a few more minutes before disturbing the kiddo. Joe tells them in a few weeks they will turn the implant on and then they will know if Spike will hear again. The good news gives Kendall hope for Zach, too.

    Being Committed...

    Monday, December 10 2007

    Ava and Jonathan stop by the Montgomery home to see Lily. Jack tells them about Lily's meltdown and both begin to worry. Jack calls one of Lily's former teachers and leaves a messag asking for help. Upstairs, Sean is trying to calm Lily down but she will only rock and say "murder" over and over. Sean returns to Jack and says the music isn't helping. Ava goes upstairs to see if she can get Lily to talk. Ava can't get through to Lily either so Jonathan gives it a try. He sits down with her and tells her they were a team and asks for more clues. Lily begins rambling about "Richard" her new boyfriend and his likes and dislikes. "He is on the fifth floor of the hospital," she says. Jonathan realizes "Richard" is really Richie and shows her a photo of him. Lily cringes away from the picture. Jonathan promises her that Richie won't hurt anyone but that doesn't calm Lily's fears and she keeps rambling about Richard and boyfriends. Jonathan stays with her, trying to get through to Lily. Ava listens to Jonathan talking to Lily and becomes upset because he is still so connected to Lils. "You have shown me things and you have taught me things that nobody else ever could," Jonathan says and asks Lily to come back to them all. Jonathan brings Lily downstairs to Jack.

    A Step In The Right Direction

    Thursday, December 06 2007

    Babe and Amanda are working at Fusion - and arguing about JR a little bit. Amanda asks Babe what is happening with her and JR and doesn't believe her when Babe says nothing is going on. Amanda tries to change the subject but Babe won't let it drop. She can see how hurt Amanda has been by JR. All of this makes Amanda feel guilty because she knows he was with her part of the night and she could clear him - but hasn't yet. Ava walks in in her Colby getup and tells them both that she is done trying to save JR! Amanda makes fun of Ava's outfit but Ava ignores her. Amanda keeps going, though, and tells Babe about Ava's stunt at the jail. Ava defends what she did, telling them why she did what she did and informing both women that he refused to take a drink. Amanda makes another smark remark and Ava grabs her, in the process she knocks over Amanda's bag and a DVD case falls out! Amanda tells Babe and Ava it's nothing. They leave. Amanda puts the DVD in and begins to watch a very drunk JR on the night he supposedly hit Zach; the DVD is date and time stamped. She begins to question him about all of his bad deeds and JR spills everything - about Kendall, about Babe. JR tries to get physical but Amanda keeps him talking about the faked kidnapping. JR changes the subject and begins to rant about the Greenlee plan. On the tape, Amanda stares at the camera and tells JR he needs to be punished!

    Ava Takes Booze To Jail!

    Tuesday, December 04 2007

    Ava arrives at the jail to see JR. "You're innocent and I'm here to prove it," she says and tells him to reach into her bra! He refuses. Ava reminds him of their talk at The Comeback and offers to be his friend. She starts to leave but JR calls her back. Ava ducks down and pulls two packets from her bra - it's liquor! "You've got to get drunk," she says! She tells him he needs to get drunk because that might open his memory so that he can remember exactly what happened that night. JR finally agrees to the plan and asks Ava to leave. She insists on staying behind. JR goes to a corner where the cameras can't see him. JR is desperate to drink the contents but instead dumps it all down the sink! JR refuses to take a drink because of little A. A guard comes in to the area and accuses Ava of bringing contraband items to JR! Ava flirts with the guard but he doesn't buy her explanations and leads her from the holding area.

    JR Receives Prison Visitors

    Thursday, November 29 2007

    Amanda, Ava and Babe all run in to one another at the Pine Valley PD. All are waiting to see JR. They had to wait while Tad is inside. JR tells him to go ahead and yell but Tad stays quiet for a while. "Hope is lost on me," JR says. Tad surprises him, though, by telling JR how proud he is that he came forward and accepted responsibility even though he doesn't remember anything. Tad tries to convince JR that he could be innocent but JR is positive that he did it. Tad leaves and in the waiting area sees all the girls. He tells them that he believes JR could be innocent; Amanda is the only one who thinks he may have done it. Tad focuses on her and asks if she saw him that night. Amanda lies and says she didn't see him at all. Ava says she saw him at The Comeback and he was out of it. Tad leaves, certain that something else must have happened. Amanda tells Babe to go inside with JR. She asks how he is and JR makes a sarcastic comment. "Why did you come here?" he asks. She says she wants to help. Quietly, JR tells her she is beautiful and that she deserves better than him. Then, he begs Babe to make sure little A turns out okay. Amanda is next on the agenda, only she isn't so nice to JR. Still annoyed because he slept with Babe she wonders if he really has no memories. When it is obvious that he doesn't remember leaving with her, Amanda is relieved. Ava shows up next. When JR yells at her Ava tells him she believes he is innocent! She points out that he was clean when she saw him before and after the accident. Ava points out that if he hit Zach and dragged him around the woods he would have gotten dirty. JR won't listen to her. Ava leaves, telling JR that he has done horrible things in the past but that this is one thing he couldn't have done!

    Richie Seals Zach's Fate!

    Monday, November 26 2007

    At the penthouse, Annie and Ryan try to put Babe at ease but she still thinks they are using her to get to Richie. Jonathan and Ava walk in and immediately sense the tension. Ava thinks it is her fault. Jonathan steers her to the balcony so he can explain. Back inside, Annie tells Babe that she has seen a change in Richie and that change is all because of her. Babe isn't sure what to believe from her friend and the feeling is made worse when Ryan says he still doesn't trust Richie. Annie tries to smooth things over by telling Babe that Richie has them out of sorts because of the strange events. She says she just wants Babe to be aware of the problems and to let them know if she finds out anything that could hurt them.

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