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    All My Children CAST - Ava Benton - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ava Benton Played by Leven Rambin on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ava Benton

    Birthday: 1990-05-17
    Birthplace: Houston, Texas
    Marital Status: single
    Real Name: Leven Rambin


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    Proposals and Goodbyes

    Friday, July 13 2007

    Greenlee is doing her darndest to make Ava feel incompetent at her first photo shoot, but Ava manages to get all of the "dark" pictures. Kendall calls for a break so they can get her all "Lilly-fied" for the daytime products. Greenlee continues sniping at Ava, trying to get her to quit or Kendall to fire the girl. Babe hustles Ava off for a break and Kendall tells Greens to back off. Amanda arrives, telling the girls about her new job offer. Greenlee is not thrilled. Annie welcomes Amanda and asks her to help with the photos. Di takes a call and learns they are having problems with the samples. Annie defends Amanda when Greenlee won't let up, telling her that they need all the help they can get. Greens backs off a bit. Ava talks to Di, telling her how nervous she is about imitating Lily. "I can be Lily on the outside but I can't on the inside," she says. Kendall brings in a picture of Lily, telling the makeup and hair people to make Ava look just like that. Ava gets even more nervous. Zach arrives, surprising Kendall with a passionate goodbye kiss. Babe realizes the music is wrong; she and Annie decide to go with another song as Kendall shows Zach the beginning of the layouts. He asks about Ava. Amanda brings up the night photos. The pictures are great and she begins making the layouts. Everything crashes - Di says they have no samples and Babe tells them the music may not be ready. Worried, Kendall tells Zach this launch has to work - and she isn't sure it will! Annie and Greens brainstorm concepts for the copy on the night photos as Ryan arrives. He pulls her into the atrium and kisses her passionately to say goodbye before leaving for New York. Greenlee watches. Ryan asks Annie to come along to New York with him but she turns him down in favor of work. They kiss again. Di interrupts, needing Annie's input on some budget numbers. Kendall shows Ryan the rough cuts. Amanda and Babe talk about the tension in the office since Ryan arrived; Amanda wonders if Babe feels about her the way Greenlee feels about Annie. She tells Babe things aren't serious but Babe doesn't believe her. Ryan and Zach are ready to leave but Kendall asks them to stay. Ava comes in, looking completely like Lily. Kendall tries to help Ava relax, especially when Greenlee keeps berating her, but she is too far gone. Amanda and Di finally calm Ava down by reminding her of Annie and Ryan's wedding. The photographer begins shooting and Ava relaxes. Finally done, everyone applauds her and tells her she did a great job. Everyone except Greenlee. Zach suggests Kendall take a nap for the baby's sake. Ava wants a nap, too, and Kendall sends her home with instructions to come back to her house later that night. Amanda has the day photos loaded and thinks she has the perfect one. Everyone begins looking for Annie to check the layouts but she is gone!

    Jonthan is flipping through channels on the television when Ava arrives home, looking exactly like Lily. He welcomes Lily home and Ava sets him straight.

    Let's Make A Deal

    Wednesday, July 11 2007

    Ava wakes up alone and wonders where Jonathan is. Seconds later Jonathan walks in with breakfast in bed for her. Nervous, she starts talking about her past and her brushes with prostitution. Jonathan makes her stop, telling her to move forward from her and stop revisiting the past. He reaches for the toast and begins feeding her. He kisses her. They make love. Jonathan asks Ava out on a date and offers to pick her up at The Comeback that night. Ava hesitates, afraid that Lily might see them together. "Lily is the first good thing that I've had in my life," Ava tells him, asking him to keep their new relationship quiet for a while. Jonathan doesn't want to but he finally agrees to keep things quiet. Di calls and asks Ava to get to Fusion ASAP. Ava hangs up, wondering if she is in trouble. She leaves to get ready. Lily wanders in to Ava's room, surprised to find Jonathan there. Nervous, she begins cleaning up the room as Jonathan makes up a story about bringing Ava breakfast. She tells him that she saw them kissing and Jonathan gets worried. He tells Lily that he likes Ava. She tries to vocalize how she feels but can't. Instead she asks a question of her own - she wants to know if they slept together! Jonathan admits the truth. Lily tries to make him feel better about that by telling him that it is okay with her, but that doesn't work. She suggests building a treehouse for Ava, the way he did for her. Lily gathers her things and leaves. Jonathan takes his things and leaves the room, too. He watches from a window as Lily leaves the estate.

    Annie arrives at Fusion. Kendall asks where Greenlee is and Annie says she'll be in soon. Babe begins telling Annie about the new ad campaign. She loves it! They begin brainstorming ideas as Greenlee walks in. They girls gawk at her, making her mad and then return to their concept development. As soon as she hears Ava will be the model Greenlee objects but Kendall talks over her, selling the idea. Greenlee still doesn't like it. Kendall suggests a New York trip for the company to launch the new Green line. Greenlee likes the idea of a New York trip. She and Annie talk quietly for a moment; Greenlee is surprised that Annie hasn't told the others about the yacht club meeting. Kendall, Di and Babe watch them. Ava storms in expecting to get the boot. The girls all begin talking about Ava, but she thinks they are making fun of her. Kendall surprises her by offering her the job as Fusion's new model! Ava is stunned but takes the job, thrilled. Di asks Ava about Jonathan and she tells her what happened, excited that her life seems to be turning around. Across the room, Kendall suggests that the campaign will be their biggest success.

    Love Detox

    Tuesday, July 10 2007

    Jonathan walks Ava inside Wildwind, kissing her the entire time. She pulls back, asking if he is just feeling sorry for her. He assures her he doesn't. They are on the couch, making out, when Ava pulls away. She doesn't want to hurt Lily and is also afraid that Jonathan is substituting her for her sister. Jonathan tells her that both he and Lily have moved on and begins counting all of the differences between the girls. Lily is trusting, Ava is wary. Lily hides behind sunglasses, Ava hides between sarcasm. Lily assumes the best about people, Ava assumes the worst. The more he talks about the differences between them the more Ava tries to protect herself behind her hard exterior. Jonathan kisses her again and Ava kisses him back. Lily walks in to the mansion and begins looking around. She sees Jonathan and Ava on the couch, kissing passionately. Shocked, she steps behind the wall. She peeks around the corner and runs from the house. Ava pulls away, telling Jonathan they have to stop and running from the room. Jonathan follows and demands she let him in to her room. Ava opens the door, tells him goodnight and he steps inside. They begin kissing again and Jonathan takes her to bed. They make love. Afterward, Ava tries to push Jonathan out of her room but he won't go. "I'm not going anywhere," he says and pulls her back into his arms. They fall asleep in each others arms.

    D. R. A. M. A.

    Monday, July 09 2007

    At Fusion, Kendall is busy trying to figure out what Ava is trying to pull while Annie and Greenlee continue their fight. Ava runs out and Kendall can't catch up. Annie rages that Greenlee hasn't changed one bit - that she is the same manipulative person she's always been. Greenlee suggests that Annie is simply afraid she'll lose Ryan - and with good reason! "We have a connection," she tells Ryan. He tells her she is wrong but Greenlee won't listen. Annie believes him, though and tells Greenlee so. Greenlee storms out. Kendall can't stop her but Annie follows and locks them in an elevator together!

    Ava walks in to conFusion and orders a drink. Del turns her away, saying he won't serve underage customers. Di walks up, annoyed that Ava tried another Lily impersonation. Ava tells her that she and Lily agreed on the impersonation but Di can't believe she did it. Ava goes on for a bit and Di decides to help her out. She calls the photographer! The photographer comes down to talk to both of them and tells Di that Ava doesn't know how to model. Di asks him to take a chance on Ava as Ava rather than Ava pretending to be Lily. The photographer agrees to take a few shots. Ava is really nervous but Di sets her at ease with inconsequential questions about Ava's likes and dislikes. The photographer gets to work, taking shot after shot. The photographer finishes. Di likes the shots and she and Ava go upstairs to find Kendall.

    Di and Ava find Kendall but she immediately rejects the pictures. She tells Ava the shots are good but aren't even close to what they are looking for. Ava leaves. Jonathan finds her at Wildwind, angry that she tried to set him up with Lily. He sees the pictures and realizes that Ava modeled as herself. He can't hold back his feelings and kisses her!

    Adam and JR - Together Again!

    Friday, July 06 2007

    Ava and Lily discuss the modeling possibilities with Fusion. Lily decides to turn down the offer and Ava asks her to reconsider. She begins talking about her own dreams and how much she would like the job. Ava lays out her plan: she will impersonate Lily - again! - to prove that she can be the face of Fusion Green. Lily isn't sure about the plan but goes along with it to help her sister. Ava pulls out a lot of cosmetics and tells Lily to take all the makeup off her face and help her become Lily from head to toe. Lily hesitates but Ava talks her into helping, telling her to pretend she is looking in a mirror. She begins to clean all the makeup off of Ava's face, hesitant at first but when she touches Ava and nothing happens she feels better. Made over with only a hint of makeup, Ava is ready to go. She asks Lily to meet her at 8pm at the yacht club! Lily agrees but is still worried about Ava's hair not being like her own. Ava tells her that she has it covered.

    Ava, dressed as Lily and with a blonde wig, arrives at Fusion and immediately blows Kendall away. She acts the part of Lily very well and Kendall doesn't catch on. The photographer sets Ava up in front of a white screen and Kendall suggests "Lily" begin counting since numbers are her things. The photographer begins taking pictures and Ava being spouting prime numbers. Kendall realizes there is something wrong and tries to get Ava to change her hair. Without touching her because Lily doesn't like to be touched, Kendall gives Ava pointers. Ryan walks in, annoyed when he learns that Kendall has sent Annie and Greenlee to the roof to work on a project - alone! She tells him to leave the women alone so they can finally work out their problems. Kendall goes back to work with Ava. She is still spouting prime numbers and getting tired. The photographer tells Kendall they aren't getting very far at all. Kendall suggests she begin doing square roots or something. Kendall begins giving her very large numbers, Ava makes a mistake and Kendall questions her. Ava gets mad, telling Kendall to get a grip and just let her model. Just then Annie and Greenlee rush in, arguing and calling one another names. They refuse to work together! Both storm away. "Nice team building," Ryan says.

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