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    All My Children CAST - Ava Benton - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ava Benton Played by Leven Rambin on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ava Benton

    Birthday: 1990-05-17
    Birthplace: Houston, Texas
    Marital Status: single
    Real Name: Leven Rambin


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    Ava Is Flying High!

    Wednesday, July 25 2007

    Jack and Erica talk to Lily, telling her things will be fine. Erica leaves to return to Kendall. Jack suggests Lily go home but she refuses to leave until she knows how Ava is. Lily asks him why Ava would have taken drugs. Jonathan steps forward and says it is his fault! Jonathan takes Lily into Ava's hospital room. Joe is still taking care of her. He tells her that Ava needs to stay in the hospital overnight, but that he expects her to be fine. He tells them not to stay very long. Jonathan steps forward, brushing her hair off her face. Lily stays beside the door.

    Baby Danger!

    Monday, July 23 2007

    Ava calls the drug dealer to the boat house. He's angry because of the confusion with Lily and because Ava never bothered to pay him before. He pulls her to him, saying he'll take a different kind of payment! Jonathan arrives, watching them. He interrupts, breaking things apart between Ava and the dealer. Ava gets mad, goes straight for the dealer and kisses him! She pulls away and tells Jonathan that she'll do what she wants, when she wants. Jonathan asks her to return to Wildwind with him but she refuses. "I don't need you to protect me," she says. The dealer tells Jonathan to back off but Jonathan won't. He warns the dealer away from Ava, shoves him down but doesn't hit him. "Stay away from her," Jonathan says. He leaves and so does Ava. She returns later and the dealer asks her to pay off what she owes. Ava hands him some cash and then asks for more drugs! The dealer leaves. Crying and alone, Ava opens a sack of drugs and pops several in her mouth!

    JR Gives Up!

    Thursday, July 19 2007

    Ava goes to The Comeback, watching the people inside but remembering what Lily told her and what Jonathan said. She turns away before going inside. Meanwhile, Tad and Krystal take a seat a little way from the bar. Tad realizes Krystal is upset about Adam but she doesn't want to talk about it. She changes the subject and tells him they're going to move in! Tad is excited but wonders what Adam will say about Colby moving in with him. He turns to Colby, who is playing with Jenny at the bar, and lays down a few groundrules - no short-sheeting the beds, no replacing toothpaste with hemorrhoid cream and generally making Colby laugh. Tad takes off with Jenny. Ava walks in. She heads straight to Krystal and asks for her job back. Neither Krystal nor Colby want her there and they let her know. Ava doesn't back down, she begs Krystal to take her back but Krystal won't give her the job back. Ava tells her she'll work for free until her debts are paid off - she ruined Krystal's pool table when she was drunk. Before she can answer Tad walks in. Krystal tells Ava that she feels for her but she can't trust her with a job again. Angry, Ava strikes out at them all for turning her away. Krystal doesn't take kindly to that and tells Ava to leave - for good. She hands Ava some cash for her work before she walked out for the Fusion job and tells her to go. Ava walks away.

    A Whole Lotta Changes!

    Wednesday, July 18 2007

    Ava can't believe that Lily is actually touching her. "You're the only person that I've ever really cared about," she says, still feeling bad for the things that have been going on. Jonathan rings the doorbell, surprising them. Lily opens the door as Ava hides behind a wall. Lily tries to head off Jonathan but he insists on seeing Ava. Lily holds him off by telling what Ava said - that he was really making love to Lily when he was with Ava. Ava steps out from the corner. Her new look shocks Jonathan. He wonders what the new 'do will do to her job at Fusion. "I make my own decisions," she says. Jonathan offers to drive her to the office but she refuses. He tries to get her alone but she doesn’t want to talk to him at all. She asks him to leave but Jonathan won't go. The way he did when she was turned down for the Fusion contract, he points out the ways she is different from Lily. "I care about you," he says when she asks why he touched her differently when she came home looking like Lily. From across the room, Lily begins counting back from 100. Neither of them can calm Lily down. She stops counting and leaves for her room. Jonathan starts to follow but stops when Ava lashes out at him. "Go! Save the woman you really want," she says, getting more angry by the second when Jonathan doesn't go after Lily. He tells her that the night before was about her, not about Lily. "When I touch you, Ava, I know exactly who I'm touching," he says and reaches out to her. Scared, Ava backs away and then runs from the house.

    Jonathan goes to the boathouse, calls Sean and asks him to go to Lily. Amanda walks up, not thrilled with how Jonathan has been spending his time. Jonathan tells Amanda that he has fallen for Ava, but she believes his only interest is getting into Ava's bed! She reminds him that she told him getting together with Ava was a mistake but Jonathan doesn't want to hear it. He admits that he'll always love Lily, not realizing that Ava has been listening from outside. She walks away and he goes on, telling Amanda that he isn't in love with Lily - he will never be in love with Lily again!

    Alone, Kendall vents on Greenlee. She tells Greens to drop the attitude or watch Fusion go down in flames! "You're scared," Kendall says and tells Greenlee that she doesn't have to prove herself this time around. Greenlee realizes that Kendall has no idea what she is really scared of - Spike! Kendall invites Greenlee to ride up with her and Spike but Greenlee declines, telling Kendall to go with Babe. She decides she'll ride with Ava. Just then Ava walks in with her new 'do. Babe walks in, suggesting a wig but Ava refuses. She wants to stay brunette! Kendall and Greenlee tell her it won't work. Ava still refuses to change back and Kendall fires her! "This is bad," Babe says. Kendall leaves a message for Zach - that Spike is going to New York - as Greenlee begins to have a mini-meltdown about the campaign. The ladies head to New York.

    What Will Krystal Do?

    Tuesday, July 17 2007

    At Kendall's, Di calls Ava who is still missing in action. The girls are beginning to wonder is Ava is too flaky for the campaign but Di covers, saying she probably just fell asleep and didn't wake up. They all pack up; Di and Amanda leave together to check on the things at Wildwind. Babe and Greenlee are talking over the phone with a client who wants advance payment. Kendall takes the phone to talk with the client, trying to smooth things over. Rachel brings Spike out and Greenlee is again taken in by the sight of the child. Kendall goes on with the client and when Greens tries to take over shoos her away. Rachel asks Greenlee to feed Spike and she runs out. Annie takes over with the baby as Greenlee watches from the doorway. Annie plays with Spike for a bit, keeping him occupied. Greenlee becomes even more entranced with the child. Babe leaves to get ready for the launch. Greenlee and Kendall both get on the phone to cover the pre-payment costs. Done, Kendall takes over with Spike, telling Annie to go home to be with Emma. She then hands Spike over to Greens, who reluctantly takes the baby. She isn't sure what to do with a child but tries to play with him. Erica arrives, angry to see Greenlee with Spike. Kendall tells Erica to back off but she won't - and takes the baby away from Greenlee, calling her a stranger! Erica begins going over the plans with Annie and Erica, leaving Greenlee out. This angers Greenlee and the claws come out. Erica points out all the people that Greens has hurt in the past. Kendall puts the kibosh on the argument, telling Erica that they have work to do. Kendall, Annie and Erica walk out, leaving Greenlee alone. She picks up Spikes toy truck, contemplating the things Erica said. Kendall returns and apologizes for Erica's actions. Greenlee blows off the apology and begin giving Kendall a hand massage to help her relax. The friends talk about old time and new, both seemingly settling in to their new roles as friends and co-workers. "We are the same," Kendall says, leaning on her old friend.

    Meanwhile, Ava wakes up on the pool table at The Comeback. Colby walks in, sees Ava and dumps some beer over her head. When Ava wakes Colby starts in on her about Sean. Ava tells her there is nothing between them but Colby doesn't believe her. She starts to call Krystal but then stops. The girls exchange barbs, neither liking the other. From arguing about Sean, they begin arguing over Fusion which sets Ava off even more. She begins talking about Jonathan using her to replace Lily, how the Fusion girls want her to be Ava for them and not liking either situation. She tells Colby to go after Sean and the girl wonders why. She demands answers, thinking Ava and Sean are still sleeping together. Ava tells her they aren't and angrily tells Colby she was behind Sean's drug arrest - and just how involved Adam was in the scheme! Sean walks in. Angry, he asks Ava how she could do that. She defends her actions, telling him that she had to pay him back for how he treated her. Colby yells at her, telling her to go to the police to set things right and she says she will. Before she can leave, Sean tells her that Lily is having problems because of Ava's relationship with Jonathan. She runs out of the bar. Colby isn't sure she should believe Ava's story. She wonders why Adam would want to frame Sean but Sean thinks Ava might have been telling the truth. He tells Colby that Ava didn't have the money to buy the drugs and reminds her of the things Adam did to Krystal and Jenny. Krystal walks in, asking what is going on. Colby lets her know what Adam did.

    Ava goes to Lily's and rings the doorbell incessantly. Finally, Lily answers. Ava tries to explain what happened and tells Lily that when Jonathan made love to her he was really making love to Lily. Lily doesn't understand, and Ava keeps trying to explain. While she is talking she looks around for booze and finally finds a new bottle of cognac and takes a big swig! She becomes angry as she talks, which makes Lily nervous. She is shaking and rocking on the sofa but Ava is too wound up in herself to see. Looking in the mirror, Ava calls herself ugly names and begins giving herself a makeover. "Redredredredredred," Lily says when Ava turns with bright red lipstick. Ava realizes she has gone too far and hurriedly tries to take the makeup off. Lily counts backward from 100 until she feels more together. She offers to help Ava! Lily suggests Ava make herself look different. She begins with a new, brunette hairstyle, but the new hair color doesn't make her feel better. Seeing her sister hurting, Lily goes to her and reaches out. She gently touches Ava on the shoulder and tells her that she loves her. Jonathan arrives on the doorstep.

    Two Steps Forward

    Monday, July 16 2007

    Ava goes to the beach and sits alone. Sean walks down, sees her and thinks he is seeing Lily. Crying she tells him she's Ava - the cheesy knock-off of the real thing! Sean sits with her, letting her talk about Jonathan and Ava tells him everything that's happened. "Tonight Jonathan looked at me and saw Lily. He touched Lily and he kissed Lily," she says, her voice breaking. Sean tells her she must have been imagining things but she knows she wasn't. Sean hugs her as she cries, not noticing that Colby just walked down to the beach. He turns, sees Colby and tries to explain. She throws the picnic at him and walks away. Sean runs after her. He returns - alone - and Ava apologizes for messing things up for him. She tells Sean that she'll make things right between him and Colby.

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