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    All My Children CAST - Ava Benton - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ava Benton Played by Leven Rambin on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ava Benton

    Birthday: 1990-05-17
    Birthplace: Houston, Texas
    Marital Status: single
    Real Name: Leven Rambin


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    The Good, The Bad And The Ugly.

    Tuesday, March 01 2011

    Asher finds Colby freaking out after accidentally posting her confession online. He takes it down, but notes there were a few hits on it. He apologizes again for not telling her about Damon and Liza. She tells him to stop wasting his time on her. Damon sends Colby a message online, but she responds to him telling him to never contact her again. She tells Asher she's done with guys because she's done getting her heart broken. Colby later panics as she discovers her video went viral.

    Only Erica Could Get Arrested in a Ball Gown

    Tuesday, February 19 2008

    Erica is stunned when the reporters question her about the arrest. Sam says she is being arrested for insider trading! Jack follows, telling Erica to keep quiet. Trying to save the show, Kendall, Aidan and Zach hold off the reporters. Pam says they are off the air and everyone sighs in relief. Greenlee invites everyone to the after-party at conFusion and Babe offers to get them limos. Greens grabs Annie, who is focused on Ryan, and asks her to make sure Amanda and the girls talk up the fashion show and not Erica's arrest. Ryan makes his way to Kendall but Zach intercepts him and tells him to go to conFusion! Zach tells Ryan that Kendall doesn't need him - Annie does. Then he goes over to Kendall who is nearly hyperventilating. He tells her things will be okay. JR distracts Ava with news that a "good looking rich dude" is looking for her and then grabs Babe to talk about their poker bet. Annie sees a few stragglers and offers to take them to the party. Greenlee corners Aidan and tells him they have to find a way to de-stress Kendall; he says he may have added to the problem by asking her about the pregnancy. Greens is stunned that he asked about it. Kendall comes over to tell Greenlee they have to get the fashion show squared away and then says she'll talk about everything else later. She and Greenlee grab the remaining stragglers and head them toward conFusion. Zach is watching Ryan very closely; Ryan is watching Kendall, hoping for an opening to talk to her and Annie is watching them all.

    JR and Babe are among the first to arrive at conFusion. He flirts with her but she is busy keeping the guests talking about the fashion show. After a while, her duties over, Babe and JR leave together. Colby, Ava and Amanda arrive, comparing Erica to Martha Stewart. Kendall, Zach, Greenlee and Aidan are next. Kendall wants to leave the party to help Erica but Zach points out that Erica has Jack and Kendall needs to keep the photographers and reporters happy here. The men buy drinks; Kendall asks Greenlee why she told Aidan. Greens says the secret was just too juicy to keep. She tells Kendall to just take the test already but Kendall is afraid. At the bar, Zach asks the bartenders to put up Fusion logos on the televisions instead of running the coverage on Erica. They return to Kendall and Greenlee. The four-some chat for a bit and then Aidan and Greenlee go to the bar for a little alone time. Annie and Ryan arrive; he talks about how tough the night has been for Kendall. Annie says it was rougher on Erica. She follows him, noticing that he is completely obsessed with what Kendall is doing. They join Kendall's table and Annie makes a not-so-veiled toast to everyone moving on. Ryan grabs her and leads her away from the table. Angrily, she asks if he is just conning her to get out of their marriage! He admits that he remembers being a con-man but swears he wants to remember her. "I don't think you do," she says and storms off. She runs into Zach, who hugs her and says things will be fine. With Annie distracted, Ryan makes a beeline for Kendall's table. She is alone and he reaches out to her, holding her hand and talking about Spike. Kendall doesn't like this and walks away. Annie comes over and asks if he is ready to go; Ryan says no and she angrily walks away. Zach comes over and asks what Ryan is trying to prove. Ryan tells Zach to stop reminding him that Annie is his wife and walks off. Kendall meets Greenlee at the bar and decides she has to take the test. Greenlee leaves and Aidan asks Kendall if she is avoiding the test because the child might be his! Kendall hurries away. She goes to the bathroom and takes the test. "Please let it be negative," she says, crying. Zach, meanwhile, asks Aidan and Greenlee if they know where Kendall is.

    Dressed for Arrest!

    Monday, February 18 2008

    Erica officially opens the fashion show. Backstage Aidan asks Greenlee about Kendall's big secret. She swears Aidan to secrecy and then says Kendall could be pregnant! Aidan is stunned. Babe and Greenlee send Colby to the stage to strut her stuff. Aidan grabs Greens and asks why Kendall is keeping this a secret from Zach; Greenlee doesn't know. JR and Adam arrive, still arguing about the bone marrow transplant. They spot Colby on stage and blow her kisses. Ava is next up. Babe peeks around the corner ands sees JR. Amanda spots Babe trading dresses and they argue about it. Babe says she needs Amanda's dress to get what she wants from JR! She asks the make-up artist to give her an edgy look. The fashion show hits a break. Erica hurries backstage to give everyone support. Jack comes back, too, and asks Erica why Sam Woods is there. Greenlee interrupts, pulling Erica back on stage. Erica introduces Samuel Woods to the attendees. Backstage, Jack becomes even more annoyed. Corrinna is the next model. JR passes by Adam but Krystal can't. She asks Adam to give them the information on Kate. Tad sees them and asks what is going on. Krystal says Adam is keeping secrets! Krystal says she dropped a picture of Jenny and Adam picked it up. Tad gets mad but Krystal "finds" the picture in her purse and drags him away from Adam before he can do anything terrible.

    Erica introduces Babe, who looks stunning. She blows a kiss to JR. Amanda is next on stage. JR, meanwhile, has slipped backstage to find Babe. He undoes her zipper and Babe lets the dress drop! JR hold her robe and Babe turns to him, saying she knows about the donor match. Babe propositions JR, saying she'd like to revisit their wild and crazy past. Ava interrupts, telling Babe to get ready for the finale. Babe takes off her robe and tells JR they'll continue their discussion later. Off to the side, Zach tells Kendall about Ryan and their talk at Cambias. Kendall is very worried about Ryan but Zach tells her to stay away from Ryan because he has to figure things out on his own. She looks past Zach and sees Ryan, with Annie, staring at her. Greenlee sees them, too, and goes over to talk to Ryan. She tells him to give things time. Annie watches them from across the way. Ryan brings up Zach's nefarious past but Greenlee sets him straight, telling Ryan that he walked away from Cambias just like he walked away from Kendall and Greenlee. Ryan refuses to believe her.

    During a second show break Erica and Sam are chatting about his guest spot on New Beginnings. Pam interrupts and says they need to fill time while the catwalk lights are being replaced. Erica suggests Sam fill the time. He and Pam head for the stage. Seeing Kendall is alone, Aidan makes a beeline for her and asks what is going on. Kendall, angry, says she isn't pregnant and even if she were it would not be Aidan's child! Aidan keeps questioning her, asking what is really going on. She walks away to focus on the fashion show. Zach grabs Aidan and asks him to come have a drink. Zach shows Aidan some hockey tickets, saying he got roped into the show to get Kendall to come with him. Aidan says he was supposed to be putting up shelves for Greenlee until he was roped into things, too. Around the corner, Erica tries to talk to Kendall about the pregnancy but Colby interrupts, saying the catwalk lights are up again. Erica returns to the stage where she introduces Annie and Emma. Ryan watches them and waves at Emma. Greenlee, standing with him, asks how he can't love Emma and Annie. Ryan says he just doesn't feel anything for them. Greenlee tells Ryan to keep his distance from Kendall until he figures out what is going on in his mind. Erica calls Greens and Kendall to the stage. Ryan can't take his eyes off the women; Annie notices this from the side of the stage and so does Zach. During the break before the finale, Adam corners Samuel, asking what brings him to Pine Valley. Jack sees them together and asks what Sam wants from Erica. Just then Kendall takes the stage and welcomes the audience back. Sam returns to his seat. All of the models take a final walk and then Kendall introduces Erica, who walks the catwalk in a gorgeous dress. Sam makes a call, telling someone to get ready! Jack calls a friend, too, and gets bad news. Meanwhile the crowd goes wild as Erica struts her stuff on the stage. The models leave the stage as Erica wraps up the show. JR catches Babe backstage. She asks him to play a game of poker; if she wins he'll be Richie's donor and if he wins, he gets whatever he wants! Annie finds Ryan and asks him to come home with her. He doesn't want to leave. Zach and Kendall, Greenlee and Aidan are talking about how well the show went. Still on the stage, Erica answers questions from the reporters in attendance. She talks about fashion for spring and summer. Jack tries to get Erica off the stage but she won't go. Sam makes another call and says, "Now." Then he and several others approach the stage - and place Erica under arrest!

    Planes, Trains and a Fashion Show

    Friday, February 15 2008

    In the bathroom, Kendall insists she is just sick. Greenlee says she should find out for sure. Kendall flat-out refuses, saying she doesn't want to get Zach's hopes up. She and Greens leave. Erica spots Kendall as she exits the bathroom; Kendall says she took the test and it was negative. Erica is thrilled. Jack spots them and asks what is going on with Kendall now. Erica passionately kisses him. Kendall runs into Josh at the light show table. She asks about Zach but Josh hasn't seen him. On the stage, Emma asks Annie if Ryan is coming. Annie says Ryan is still feeling sick and he probably won't come. Emma doesn't understand. Colby and Corrinna take Emma for more practice. Babe, Amanda and Ava surround Annie, offering support. Annie checks her phone several times but Ryan hasn't called. Babe offers to call him but Annie says no. She tells them about their "first date" the night before. Both Babe and Amanda tell her to hold on to hope. Greenlee runs into Aidan and he buys her a Bloody Mary. Annie comes by and tells Greenlee to stay away from Ryan! Jack runs into Erica and asks what the kiss was all about. She says love and hurries backstage.

    Krystal and Tad arrive at the fashion show. She tells him about what she did. Tad says he did the same thing with Jesse! The fashion show kicks off with Kendall and Greenlee center stage. They talk about Fusion and the Campbell's cause. Samuel Woods is in the audience and Jack stares at him. Kendall invites Erica on stage who talks about strong women. She introduces the first male model - Aidan! He struts the catwalk, throwing roses to the ladies in the audience and then kisses Greenlee before leaving the stage. Babe hurries over from backstage to ask Krystal about JR; he isn't there yet. Tad wonders if he'll see Jesse again. Zach arrives at the fashion show and hugs Kendall. Erica makes a beeline for Samuel, who flirts a little with her. Jack watches them, not happy at all. He interrupts but Sam blows him off. Kendall finds Annie and asks if she is okay; Annie says she is as okay as she can be. Just then Ryan arrives. He can't take his eyes off Kendall but tries to talk to Annie. Babe rushes around a little more, looking for JR but not finding him. Aidan notices that Greenlee is distracted; she asks if he can keep a secret.

    Valentine's Day in Pine Valley

    Thursday, February 14 2008

    Kendall and Zach wake at home. She grabs a quick snack of chocolate! Zach reminds her that she ate the same thing when she was pregnant with Ian. Kendall says the chocolate is for stress. Greenlee calls and asks Kendall to hurry to the show. She asks about Kendall's upset tummy but she assures Greens that everything is fine. Zach returns and Kendall says they have to hurry because she needs to stop by the pharmacy because the chocolate has given her an upset stomach. When they arrive Erica asks about her stomach. Kendall swears she is fine. Greens and Kendall focus on the final details and the missing models while Zach and Aidan go to find drinks. Erica goes off to make a few suggestions to the camera crew and Greenlee goes to find the party planner. Nausea hits Kendall again. At the bar Zach and Aidan chat about the bomb shelter, bringing Aidan back to the night he slept with Kendall. Erica finds Kendall in the bathroom with a damp towel on her head. "Are you pregnant?" Erica asks. Kendall doesn't answer and before Erica can push Ava comes in and takes Kendall away. Greenlee grabs Aidan and begs him to step in for one of the missing male models. Aidan doesn't want to do it but Greenlee bribes him and he agrees. Annie arrives and tells Zach about Ryan. He leaves. Erica tracks down Kendall and asks again about the pregnancy. They go to the restroom to talk. Sadly, Kendall tells Erica about the nausea but that she doesn't know for sure about being pregnant. She finally tells Erica that she was unfaithful with Aidan when Zach and Greenlee were presumed dead. Erica holds Kendall and says things will be okay. She tells Kendall to find out about the pregnancy.

    Colby arrives at the fashion show. Babe sees her and asks about JR. She asks Colby to help her convince JR to do the transplant! A couple of tech guys get the big screens ready as Babe tells Colby more about Richie's illness. Colby isn't sure JR will even consider helping. Babe says she has her ways of convincing him! Amanda and Ava grab Annie, trying to distract her from the problems with Ryan. They take her away anyhow and show her the newest Fusion model: Emma! Annie is touched. Emma asks if Ryan will like the outfit and Annie says he will. Babe and the other girls tell Emma how beautiful she is. Erica walks by and sees Aidan getting ready for his fashion debut. Kendall is taking the pregnancy test when Greenlee walks in!

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