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    All My Children CAST - Ava Benton

    Full detailed profile on Ava Benton Played by Leven Rambin on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ava Benton
    Ava Benton

    Actor: Leven Rambin

    Who played Ava Benton over the years

    Leven Rambin (2007 - March 2008)

    Useful information on Ava Benton

    *Dropped out of high school and began living on the streets.
    *Eventually made her way from Texas to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
    *Became a spokesmodel for Fusion "Green"


    Past:Model for Fusion
    Past:Waitress at The Comeback
    Past: Pickpocket/Thief
    Past: Prostitute


    Ava Benton was discovered living in Philadelphia and working as a prostitute and thief when Aidan Devane met her on a stakeout. Seeing her resemblance to Lily Montgomery made Aidan curious about the woman and he began asking questions.

    Ava wasn't interested in meeting Lily or accepting help from Aidan at first, but after she was attacked by a john, she headed to Pine Valley.

    After living with Lily and the Montgomerys for a while, Ava began a relationship with Sean. They were "friends with benefits" until Sean decided he liked Colby Chandler too much to keep sleeping with Ava. Scorned, Ava teamed up with Adam to frame Sean in a drug deal. Sean took the fall but when Jack Montgomery found out about Ava's part in it she was kicked out of the house.

    Ava landed on her feet at Wildwind and took at job at The Comeback. In close proximity with Jonathan he began to see that her hard exterior was simply protecting a wounded heart. He started to fall for her but Ava wasn't sure if Jonathan wanted her or someone who looked like his ex-wife - and her sister - Lily!

    Ava became the face of the Fusion Green line, which made it even harder for her to be with Jonathan. She was taken in by the bright lights and eventually they parted ways. Ava left town to follow her dreams of becoming a big star.




    Sean Montgomery
    Jonathan Lavery


    Denny Benton (father - deceased)
    Lily Montgomery (half-sister - paternal)





    Tuesday, March 01 2011: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly.

    Asher finds Colby freaking out after accidentally posting her confession online. He takes it down, but notes there were a few hits on it. He apologizes again for not telling her about Damon and Liza. She tells him to stop wasting his time on her. Damon sends Colby a message online, but she responds to him telling him to never contact her again. She tells Asher she's done with guys because she's done getting her heart broken. Colby later panics as she discovers her video went viral.

    Tuesday, February 19 2008: Only Erica Could Get Arrested in a Ball Gown

    Erica is stunned when the reporters question her about the arrest. Sam says she is being arrested for insider trading! Jack follows, telling Erica to keep quiet. Trying to save the show, Kendall, Aidan and Zach hold off the reporters. Pam says they are off the air and everyone sighs in relief. Greenlee invites everyone to the after-party at conFusion and Babe offers to get them limos. Greens grabs Annie, who is focused on Ryan, and asks her to make sure Amanda and the girls talk up the fashion show and not Erica's arrest. Ryan makes his way to Kendall but Zach intercepts him and tells him to go to conFusion! Zach tells Ryan that Kendall doesn't need him - Annie does. Then he goes over to Kendall who is nearly hyperventilating. He tells her things will be okay. JR distracts Ava with news that a "good looking rich dude" is looking for her and then grabs Babe to talk about their poker bet. Annie sees a few stragglers and offers to take them to the party. Greenlee corners Aidan and tells him they have to find a way to de-stress Kendall; he says he may have added to the problem by asking her about the pregnancy. Greens is stunned that he asked about it. Kendall comes over to tell Greenlee they have to get the fashion show squared away and then says she'll talk about everything else later. She and Greenlee grab the remaining stragglers and head them toward conFusion. Zach is watching Ryan very closely; Ryan is watching Kendall, hoping for an opening to talk to her and Annie is watching them all.

    JR and Babe are among the first to arrive at conFusion. He flirts with her but she is busy keeping the guests talking about the fashion show. After a while, her duties over, Babe and JR leave together. Colby, Ava and Amanda arrive, comparing Erica to Martha Stewart. Kendall, Zach, Greenlee and Aidan are next. Kendall wants to leave the party to help Erica but Zach points out that Erica has Jack and Kendall needs to keep the photographers and reporters happy here. The men buy drinks; Kendall asks Greenlee why she told Aidan. Greens says the secret was just too juicy to keep. She tells Kendall to just take the test already but Kendall is afraid. At the bar, Zach asks the bartenders to put up Fusion logos on the televisions instead of running the coverage on Erica. They return to Kendall and Greenlee. The four-some chat for a bit and then Aidan and Greenlee go to the bar for a little alone time. Annie and Ryan arrive; he talks about how tough the night has been for Kendall. Annie says it was rougher on Erica. She follows him, noticing that he is completely obsessed with what Kendall is doing. They join Kendall's table and Annie makes a not-so-veiled toast to everyone moving on. Ryan grabs her and leads her away from the table. Angrily, she asks if he is just conning her to get out of their marriage! He admits that he remembers being a con-man but swears he wants to remember her. "I don't think you do," she says and storms off. She runs into Zach, who hugs her and says things will be fine. With Annie distracted, Ryan makes a beeline for Kendall's table. She is alone and he reaches out to her, holding her hand and talking about Spike. Kendall doesn't like this and walks away. Annie comes over and asks if he is ready to go; Ryan says no and she angrily walks away. Zach comes over and asks what Ryan is trying to prove. Ryan tells Zach to stop reminding him that Annie is his wife and walks off. Kendall meets Greenlee at the bar and decides she has to take the test. Greenlee leaves and Aidan asks Kendall if she is avoiding the test because the child might be his! Kendall hurries away. She goes to the bathroom and takes the test. "Please let it be negative," she says, crying. Zach, meanwhile, asks Aidan and Greenlee if they know where Kendall is.

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