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    All My Children CAST - Greenlee Smythe Lavery (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Greenlee Smythe Lavery (Past) Played by Sabine Singh on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sabine Singh

    Birthday: 1974
    Birthplace: New York, New York
    Marital Status: single
    Real Name: Sabine Singh


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    Kendall Scams Greenlee!

    Friday, November 02 2007

    Kendall places another phone call and then grabs the chloroform bottle. She puts some of the liquid on a towel and then tosses the bottle away - and knocks herself out! The police arrive and find Kendall on the ground. They wake her and she starts calling for Spike. One of the officers goes into the boathouse, gun drawn, and orders Greenlee to put Spike down! Greenlee tries to tell them that they are making a mistake but the cops won't listen. Zach arrives, stunning Greenlee who asks if he is okay. Aidan is there. The police bring Spike to Kendall who repeats over and over "You're safe again".

    Zach Drops JR!

    Thursday, November 01 2007

    Kendall eavesdrops on Greenlee for a while later, then tells Spike he doesn't have to worry because she'll protect him. Kendall leaves. Across the way, Greenlee tells Aidan she is done chasing after something she doesn't want any longer. Aidan applauds her decision not to go along with JR and then tells her he slugged JR. Greenlee laughs. Greens and Aidan return to her condo to get some Halloween treats ready. She begins to undress Aidan, kissing her way down his chest. Aidan pulls her on to the chair with him and they make out. Aidan pours them both a drink of his favorite English liquor. Greenlee hates it. They chat for a bit and then kiss their way over to the sofa. They make love. After, Greenlee begins talking about family, telling Aidan that she doesn't want to be a part of someone else's family. She wants a family that is all her own! Aidan thinks that is a good, new beginning and kisses her. As Aidan sleeps, Greenlee lays with him, awake and thinking of the future. Kendall calls and asks Greenlee to come to the boathouse to help her make a decision about Spike's future. Greenlee agrees. She gets dressed, kisses Aidan's shoulder and whispers she'll be right back. "I love you," she says, kisses him again and leaves the condo.

    Greenlee arrives at the boathouse and tells Kendall that things will be find for them all. Excited about the future for the first time in a long time, Greenlee gushes about Spike.

    Greenlee Is Moving On!

    Wednesday, October 31 2007

    Everyone disperses quickly when Greenlee barges in to Ryan's condo. When they are alone, Ryan asks how she is doing. Greenlee tells him she is there to talk about babies. Greenlee slowly gets to her point - the blackout. Ryan tells her to stop blaming Zach for all of her problems because he is just as much to blame. Ryan tells her to forget the past but Greenlee can't. She assures him that she isn't after Spike, not in any way. She asks in a roundabout way how he would feel if there were children out there that belonged to the two of them and says she can't stop thinking about that. Ryan has no idea where she is going with anything. Ryan apologizes to her for his actions - leaving her and faking his death, not supporting her wishes for a child and not being around when she lost their baby. Greenlee is stunned when Ryan says that if she had had their child he would have loved it. "The same way I love Emma and Spike," he says. Greens is encouraged that Ryan would have accepted their child and begins thinking of that in the present tense. Ryan doesn't like where the conversation is going and wonders if she is talking about Spike again. He reminds her there isn't a child. "Greenlee you're not part of us and you never will be," he says. Ryan understands playing "what if" games but tells Greenlee that she has to move on. He tells her about Spike and the surgery and gets really excited for them. Ryan goes on to tell her that he doesn't hate her and takes some of the blame for the accident by saying that he pushed her too far and too hard. Greens tells him that she wants him to be happy; Ryan tells her that he hopes she finds happiness like he has. Ryan suggests that Greenlee take what she can use from the past and use that to reinvent the future. He brings up Aidan and Greenlee smiles, realizing that she does have a place to start her future - Aidan! Greenlee leaves. A delivery comes to the condo. Ryan opens the package to find a note from Richie and pictures of them as kids at Halloween.

    JR angrily asks why Aidan just slugged him; Aidan tells JR to stay away from Greenlee! Annoyed, JR tells Aidan that he is working with Greenlee - not him. Aidan reminds JR that the embryos already belong to Greens and she shouldn't have to pay for them. JR spouts the laws of supply and demand. Aidan asks if the embryos are real; JR doesn't say one way or the other and instead asks Aidan how it feels to know his girlfriend still wants to have her exes child! Aidan stays on point and orders JR to tell him where the embryos but JR won't budge. Aidan grabs JR by his lapels but still he remains mum. Aidan gets even more mad when JR says the embryos are partly his because only he and Zach know where they are. They argue some more but neither gets what they want. Greenlee arrives and tells JR she is ready to move forward. "You can take your tank and shove it," she says! She tells JR that she no longer wants the embryos but JR doesn't believe her for a second. Aidan loves what Greenlee just did. JR tells Greenlee that the price just went up but she doesn't care. JR stomps off. Aidan tells Greenlee she did a good thing. Greenlee says she is really, finally ready to move forward with her life and stop living in the past. Unfortunately Kendall overhears Greenlee say "I'll do anything to have Ryan's baby" (she is speaking sarcastically) and believes that Greens is still after Spike!

    JR Tries To Seduce Ava!

    Tuesday, October 30 2007

    Greenlee is sitting alone in her condo, staring out the window, when Aidan comes from the bedroom. He asks her to talk and she tells him a little about her meeting with JR. She tells him that JR is after her fusion shares and she is considering handing them over! Greens asks him how she can choose between her company and the embryos. He points out that JR is probably working a scam. She can't stop thinking about the choices she has to make and Aidan asks her to give him a little more time. "Maybe I can give you what you want," he says! Greenlee has no idea what that means and Aidan tells her that he wants a little more time to find whether the embryos really exist or not. Greenlee worries that if she doesn't give JR an answer in his time-frame, he'll tell Zach and Zach will destroy the embryos. He asks Greens to talk to Ryan before making any decisions. Then, Aidan says he'll stand by her no matter what her decision is. Greenlee is touched. Aidan kisses her, telling her he isn't going anywhere. She agrees to go see Ryan. "I'll do what's best for everyone," she says.

    A while later later Greenlee arrives at Ryan's penthouse, stunning Zach, Kendall and Annie when she asks Ryan if they can talk.

    ...And the Plots Thicken!

    Monday, October 29 2007

    Greenlee, meanwhile, has tracked down JR at The Comeback. She demands to know if the embryos really exist and asks him to give her an exact address. He buffalos her and says he'll tell all - if she'll give him Ava Benton's contract with Fusion! Greenlee agrees. JR makes another demand: all of Greenlee's Fusion stock. She laughs at him but JR won't back down. He tells her this is a one-time offer and she better not pass it up! She refuses but JR keeps pushing her buttons, referring to Fusion as a child and making Greenlee angry. She tells JR that she won't give him Fusion and allow him to work so closely with Kendall - not even for her unborn children! The more JR talks the less Greenlee wants to deal with him but he won't stop. Greenlee hauls back her hand and slaps JR - hard! - across the face! JR recovers and tells Greenlee to keep her temper in check. He pushes her buttons about Zach having her embryos, crushing Greenlee. Emotionally she tells JR how she has mourned for her children and how she has been dreaming for her own children. JR plays it tough and gives Greenlee a 24 hour deadline to give him the answer: embryos or Fusion! "I could walk you into that storage facility and walk you out with your potential children," JR says and turns back to the bar. He leaves and Greenlee starts to cry.

    Aidan Found The Embryos - Kind Of!

    Friday, October 26 2007

    Greenlee asks Aidan what he's found and he shows her the computer files: one of the files is marked "Lavery, Greenlee and Ryan" and has the same serial number that Greg Madden assigned to her eggs! They leave The Comeback and stop in the park. Greenlee watches a little girl playing and wonders about her age and if she could have had a child that age by now. Aidan tries to make her stop and says JR could be lying. For that matter, he says, Zach could be in on it. He points out that it was too simple to find the information. Greenlee finally starts to listen and gets even more overwrought, believing that Zach is trying to torture her. She still believes that the embryos exist - and that Zach is keeping the location secret! Greenlee calls Kendall to set up a meeting. Kendall talks in code and Greens realizes Zach is there. They agree to meet but before Greenlee can say anything about the embryos, Aidan takes the phone and hangs up on Kendall. He tells Greenlee that she can't go to Kendall without proof - and by proof he means the actual embryos! - or she will never believe the plot. Aidan is positive that Zach will hide the embryos, if they even still exist, even deeper in the shadows. Greenlee can't give up and begs Aidan to find the embryos but he isn't sure where to start. Greenlee thinks Aidan doesn't want to find the embryos because they are Ryan's, too! Aidan says it doesn't matter who the embryos belong to, that he just doesn’t know where to start.

    Greenlee is waiting on Kendall at the park but leaves just before Kendall arrives. Kendall sits down and begins to rearrange Spike's bag so that the gun is in an easy place to reach. She hears rustling, turns and is surprised by who she sees!

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