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    All My Children CAST - Greenlee Smythe Lavery (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Greenlee Smythe Lavery (Past) Played by Sabine Singh on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sabine Singh

    Birthday: 1974
    Birthplace: New York, New York
    Marital Status: single
    Real Name: Sabine Singh


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    Ryan Believes in Greenlee!

    Thursday, November 08 2007

    A stunned Jack comes in to the holding area and demands that Greenlee tell him why she is going to plead guilty to the charges. She says she just doesn't want to fight any longer. "I'm taking the deal. I'm going to prison," she says! Jack begs Greenlee to reconsider but she won't. Jack swears he will break Kendall on the witness stand but Greenlee begs him not to; she wants to atone for her crimes and feels this is the only way to do it. Finally she tells him about the embryo plot, stunning Jack all the more. Jack thinks they can use that against the Slater's, too, but Greenlee doesn't think anyone will believe her. After the way Ryan reacted to her story, she is positive that no one will ever believe her. "They're going to crucify me," Greenlee says and says though she didn't do anything this time but she is still to blame for Ian's and Spike's problems. Jack begs her to reconsider and let him fight for her. She asks about Erica but Jack won't talk about the other woman. Seeing that he won't allow her to follow through on her plan, Greenlee fires Jack as her attorney! He is stunned but swears he won't leave her alone; he says she can't fire her father. Emotionally, Greenlee asks him to please leave. Sad, Jack leaves the holding area.

    Before she is taken away for the arraignment, Aidan goes to visit Greenlee and tells her that everything is in motion. She is unsure but says she'll go through with it. She also tells Aidan about firing Jack; Aidan says it was the right thing to do and Jack will understand. She tells him she is ready. Aidan holds her through the bars, promising to free her. She admits how scared she is; Aidan tells her to trust him. One of the guards comes in and he swears nothing that happens in court will tear them apart. "We're going to have a life," he promises. Aidan leaves the holding area.

    At the hearing, Greenlee enters alone. The DA says they have reached a deal; the judge asks Greenlee where her lawyer is and Greenlee says she is representing herself. Jack walks in and tells the judge that Greenlee isn't able to represent herself because she is in shock! The judge calls them forward. Neither notices when Tad walks in; he calls Aidan to put things in motions. Before Aidan can leave the office, though, Ryan walks in the door! Back at the hearing, the judge sides with Greens and allows her to represent herself. Kendall and Zach walk in the door, distracting Greenlee for a second.

    The Plot Against Greenlee

    Wednesday, November 07 2007

    Ryan arrives at the police department and goes to see Greens. She swears to him that she is innocent but Ryan doesn't believe her. Greenlee tells him that Kendall set the whole thing up and tells him her side of the story. Ryan still doesn't believe her. Greenlee tells him about Kendall playing the friendship card, then the family card. "And then they yanked it all back. Now I'm as good as dead," she says. Greenlee goes on about her secret meetings with Kendall and the things they talked about. Ryan still doesn't believe her and Greenlee blurts out Zach's plans for her. Ryan is stunned. She tells him about the faked receipts and the folder that JR gave her, and then tells him that giving over her Fusion shares would have given her back the embryos. Ryan is beginning to believe her, which makes him mad. He throws out all of Greenlee's past crimes. He says he thinks there is a kernel of truth, but he still thinks she tried to take Spike! Ryan leaves the holding area. A while later Aidan walks in. He kisses Greens through the bars and tells her that she needs to plead guilty to the charges! Greenlee can't believe what she is hearing. Aidan asks her to trust him. "Okay," she says.

    JR Proposes to Babe!

    Tuesday, November 06 2007

    Angry, Greenlee rants about Kendall and Zach. She tells Aidan to get out of jail and tell JR their deal is back on! She wants her embryos and she wants to take Zach down for stealing them from her! Aidan tries to interrupt but Greenlee just keeps talking. Finally she hears what Aidan has been trying to say - none of her embryos survived the blackout! He explains that Zach set the whole thing up, even JR's involvement! Greenlee can't believe it. Jack comes downstairs; Aidan tells him that he won't leave Greenlee alone. Jack tells them both Greenlee about all of the evidence against her. She is stunned. Aidan swears he will stand by her. Jack has Aidan released and across the room, Aidan tells Jack that Greenlee needs all the support she can get. Then he swears he'll get Greens out of jail! He leaves. Jack stays behind and has a heart to heart with Greenlee, telling her that he believes in her and is glad she stayed in Pine Valley. Jack promises to expedite her hearing so she can get out of jail quickly. He hugs her and leaves. When she is alone, Greenlee wonders how she can get out of this mess. She is heartbroken at what Kendall has done to her this time around.

    Danger In The Skies!

    Monday, November 05 2007

    Greenlee can't believe what she is hearing and asks Kendall to tell the police what is really happening: that she was watching Spike for Kendall. Instead, Kendall tells them Greens took Spike! Kendall turns everything around on Greenlee, insisting that Greenlee showed up out of nowhere and took her son. "You set me up," Greenlee says as the police arrest her! Kendall makes up a story about how she brought Spike to the boathouse to help him relax, that Greenlee showed up, drugged Kendall and took Spike. Aidan steps in, telling Derek and the cops that Greenlee was with him all night. Derek has no idea who to believe. Aidan steps up to Zach, telling him that what Kendall is doing is wrong. Greenlee brings up the phone calls and their secret meetings, finally realizing that Kendall has been setting her up for weeks. "You are finally going to pay for Spike," Kendall says.

    At the stationhouse, Kendall stays very close to Spike, pretending to worry about his safety. Rachael arrives to take the boy home. A couple of cops come in, tell Derek that they found a suitcase filled with baby clothes, money and plane tickets in the back of Greenlee's car - along with a phone "Jackson Smythe" birth certificate. Greenlee tells them it's a set up but no one will listen. A cop leads Greenlee into the interrogation room but Derek stays behind to question Kendall. Aidan heads straight for Zach and tells him to stop the madness. When Zach gets quiet, Aidan realizes he didn't know anything about Kendall's plans. Kendall begins giving her statement to one of the cops, telling him that she only speaks to Greenlee at work and that Greenlee has never been welcome in her life. She tells the cop about Greenlee using the chloroform on her. Across the room, Aidan tells Zach that Kendall's plan won't work out well. He tells Zach that he won't let Kendall get away with it. Erica arrives and asks Zach how she can help. Zach tells her to go home.

    Jack walks in to Greenlee's interrogation room as Derek begins to question her about the kidnapping. Derek leaves; Greens tells Jack everything that has been going on between her and Kendall and swears she didn't try to take Spike. Derek returns to take Greenlee's statement, annoying Jack. Greenlee tells Derek everything she knows - that Kendall began calling her weeks ago and that they were trying to recapture their friendship and her fears about Spike's upcoming surgery. She tells Derek about the call Kendall got about Zach and how she begged Greenlee to watch Spike. When she finishes, Greenlee asks Derek if he believes her. He is noncommittal but promises to keep investigating. Derek brings Greenlee out and they take her to holding; Aidan starts a fight with one of the guards. Jack comes out and tells Erica that one of their daughters is lying - and he thinks she knows which one! Jack accuses Erica of knowing what was going to happen with Kendall and Greenlee. She tries to convince Jack she didn't know anything but he doesn't believe her. Kendall signs her witness statement and the cops leave. Zach asks her what really happened with Greenlee.

    Derek takes Greenlee to her holding cell. She is surprised to find Aidan in the cell next door! "Thought you might want some company," he says.

    Kendall Scams Greenlee!

    Friday, November 02 2007

    Greenlee wonders what Kendall really wants and is surprised to hear Kendall say that Greenlee has helped her more than she'll ever know. Kendall begins talking about the dangers of the surgery for Spike, worried that it may not be the right thing to do. Greenlee listens. Spike hands her some cereal, which bothers Kendall. She continues talking and apologizes for Greenlee for sending mixed signals about renewing their friendship and admits she isn't sure if they can be friends any longer. Greenlee tells Kendall that she dreamed of Simone and is certain they can renew their old bonds. Greenlee begins to talk about her own hopes for the future and tells Kendall she'll be around to help out in any way that is needed. Then she asks Kendall if they can put the past in the past and just move forward. With Greenlee distracted by Spike, Kendall sends herself a fake phone call and pretends Zach has been in an accident. When she can't reach the nanny, Kendall asks Greenlee if she can watch Spike until the nanny arrives. Greenlee doesn't like the idea but gives in and promises to stay with Spike until Rachael shows up. Kendall walks out of the boathouse and calls the cops! She tells the operator that Greenlee has drugged her and kidnapped Spike! Kendall listens as Greenlee talks to Spike about the future and being in love.

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