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    All My Children CAST - Greenlee Smythe Lavery (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Greenlee Smythe Lavery (Past) Played by Sabine Singh on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sabine Singh

    Birthday: 1974
    Birthplace: New York, New York
    Marital Status: single
    Real Name: Sabine Singh


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    Greenlee Plays Doctor!

    Tuesday, November 20 2007

    In the bomb shelter, Zach and Greenlee both regain consciousness and begin to slowly move around. They make it to their feet and rummage around. Greenlee finds a flashlight and once it is on they realize they are in a stocked bomb shelter. Zach finds a stairwell but the steps are rotted through. He says no one has probably been there since the 60's; Greenlee says no one will find them. Greens realizes Zach's head wound is still bleeding badly but he keeps looking for a way out. She finds a musty old first aid kit, drops it and gets it open. Zach kneels beside her and she doctors the head laceration. They find a bottle of liquor and Zach takes a swig. With his head upturned, he sees another set of stairs. The hole to get to the stairs is too high to reach and Greenlee starts to freak out about dying in a hole. Zach calms her down. Greenlee looks at his head again and realizes the cut is still bleeding really badly. "We've got to stop the bleeding. . .or I'm in here with a corpse," she says. Zach tells her head wounds always bleed a lot and it doesn't mean anything but Greenlee is really worried. She goes through the first aid kit and finds a kit to sew up the wound. Greens doesn't want to but she begins to sew after Zach takes a few more drinks of the alcohol. She downs a shot, too. "This may sting a bit," she says. She realizes his hand is in worse shape than his head and focuses on that. Greenlee pulls a long scrap of wood from his palm and Zach screams in pain.

    JR Opens Up To Ava

    Monday, November 19 2007

    At the bottom of the bomb shelter, Zach is unconscious and bleeding profusely! Greens is knocked out, too. Greens begins to wake and tells Zach to get off of her. He regains consciousness as well and rolls away from her. Greenlee can barely move; both manage to sit up. Zach wonders where they are.

    Zach's In Biiiiiiig Trouble

    Friday, November 16 2007

    Meanwhile, Greenlee is running through the woods trying to get away. She trips and falls but gets up and keeps going, hoping Aidan will find her. Greenlee crosses the highway and trips as she gets to the other side. She lands right next to Zach! Greens tries to talk to him but he is unconscious and nothing she does works to revive him. Greenlee tries calling the police but her cell doesn't have service. She promises to call for help if she finds a phone and continues on her way. She walks away but can't forget about Zach, unconscious and bleeding, by the side of the road. She sees a house in the distance and decides she can drag Zach to the house and the people there can get him help. She gets back to him just as Zach wakes up. He leans on her and they begin to make their way toward the farm she saw. They are almost there when Zach falls. Greenlee gets him back up and they continue on. Zach turns in a different direction, saying he hears something. Greenlee doesn't hear anything and they head to the house. Zach follows her but before they reach the house, they fall down a hole!

    Zach is hit by a car!

    Thursday, November 15 2007

    Greenlee and Aidan make love. She wants to disappear, get away from Pine Valley and just start over - with Aidan! He thinks it sounds great but doesn't want her to live a life on the run for a crime she didn't commit. Greenlee doesn't think it will matter if her name is cleared or not because Pine Valley will never really forgive her. Aidan decides to go out for food; Greens wants to tag along but Aidan tells her it isn't safe. She stays behind and before leaving, Aidan hands Alfonso (the stuffed tiger he gave her after the accident) to her to keep her company. Aidan returns very quickly and tells Greens they have to leave - right away! - because the guy at the store may have recognized him. Before they can both get away, Aidan realizes they can't leave together. He sends Greenlee out the back and tells her he'll meet up with her later. She doesn't want to go alone but he makes her. Once Greenlee is gone, he goes to the door and watches the cops who are watching the house! Derek and Jack walk in with several officers. Aidan tells him that Greenlee isn't her but he traced her here at one point. Derek begins to search the premises, anyway.

    Outside, Greenlee is trying to get one of the bikes started but she can't do it! Frightened, she begins to run.

    Tad Knows Hannah's Secret!

    Tuesday, November 13 2007

    In their safe house, Greenlee and Aidan talk about what will happen next. Aidan makes sure all the doors and windows are locked and tells Greenlee that he has to go out to get to Kendall's own computer so he can get the goods on the Slaters. Greenlee doesn't want to be alone in Canada and asks Aidan if she can just stay in the safe house. He says no; she has to get to Canada as soon as possible. Aidan leaves the house. Greens begins to cry. A few moments later Aidan is back! He kisses Greenlee and takes her to the sofa. She thanks him for saving her and for coming back for her. Aidan tells Greenlee he heard her say she loved him. "I love you, too," he says! They make love. After, Greenlee begins to talk to Aidan and tells him that everything she wants is right now. He kisses her.

    The Great Greenlee Escape!

    Monday, November 12 2007

    Inside the court room, everyone is surprised to find Greenlee is gone. Angrily, Derek confronts a couple of the guards. Ryan watches from outside, knowing Aidan just took Greens, and then turns away and leaves the courthouse. Jack pulls Erica outside, telling her that the "escape" doesn't mean Greenlee is guilty of trying to kidnap Spike. Erica says it does and he angrily tells her that the only reason Greenlee was in court at all was because of Kendall's attempt to frame her! Erica tries to help Jack dry off and apologizes to him because she was a bit harsh. Erica sticks with her story and throws Greenlee's court "confession" in his face. Then she tells Jack that Greenlee's crime isn't his fault because he didn't raise her. Jack throws that back in Erica's face, asking if Kendall's crimes aren't Erica's problem because Erica didn't raise her! Jack returns to the courtroom and calls to find out about Aidan. He is nowhere to be found, which makes Jack curious. He sees Erica across the room and goes to her, saying he doesn't need her there. Erica says she will stand by him throughout this crisis and won't bad-mouth Greenlee. She points out that since Greenlee is likely with Aidan things will be fine. This only makes Jack more upset and he tells Erica he doesn't need her kind of help. Angry, Erica gathers her things and tells Jack if he doesn't need her help, Kendall certainly does! She leaves. Derek returns inside and Jack asks him not to list Greenlee as an escapee but Derek says he can't. He tells Jack they are going to set up border patrols soon.

    Aidan takes Greenlee to the stables at Wildwind. She is worried that the authorities will figure out Aidan got her out of there but he insists there is nothing to tie him to the jail-break. Greenlee gets close to Aidan, puts her arms around him and makes him a proposition! They kiss and Aidan brings up the next step of their journey - complete with disguises and a place to hide out for a bit! He says they'll get her completely out of the country until he can clear her name! Greenlee gets changed, with Aidan's help. Dressed in her get-up - a man's outfit! - the get ready to leave. Before they can leave, Julia arrives. Greenlee hides. Aidan startles Julia as she enters the structure. Greenlee comes out of her hiding place, shocking Julia even more. Aidan swears Greenlee is innocent and they are trying to prove it. Julia, though, has already heard about the guilty plea. Aidan tells Julia that he has to get Greens out of town in order to prove she is innocent. Having been on the run, Julia tells them it won't be that easy and reminds them of all the hazards that come with a life on the run. Aidan asks her to keep their secret. Reluctantly, she agrees but tells Greenlee she needs to think really hard about leaving before they go. Julia offers to be their go-between so that Jack won't worry but Aidan tells her not to - because it will only lead to more trouble for Julia. Julia leaves. A few minutes later, Aidan and Greenlee follow.

    Chaos In The Courtroom!

    Friday, November 09 2007

    In the courtroom, the judge asks Greenlee if she truly understands what she is doing by pleading guilty. Greens insists she knows what she is doing and that she wants to plead guilty. Greenlee can't take her eyes off of Kendall. Greenlee returns to her seat as the DA lists the charges against her. The judge asks if Greenlee has anything to say and Greenlee turns to face Kendall and Zach! Back on the witness stand, Greenlee starts at the very beginning - with Spike's conception! "Bottom line she was living my life with my son," Greenlee says, admitting how obsessed she was. Greenlee, though, is talking about when she first returned to Pine Valley. She goes a little farther and makes up a story about creating the journal. Focused on Kendall, Greenlee says she has forgotten about friendship and forgiveness - because all she wants now is her life! Greenlee goes off on a tangent about having Ryan's babies in the future, too and tells the judge to ask Zach about that. Tad is shocked. Jack is horrified. Kendall is scared to death. Greenlee just keeps talking, making up stories and explanations about just how evil she is. Jack tries to stop Greenlee from talking but she won't stop. "Who cares if my life is destroyed? At least my son will know all about his mother," Greenlee says. Kendall stands up and tells Greenlee to stop! Feeling guilty, Kendall tries to set things straight but Zach and Josh stop her. Greenlee dares her to come clean. Zach grabs Kendall and walks her out of the room. Josh angrily confronts Greenlee.

    Outside the courtroom, Kendall begs Zach to let her tell the truth. She thinks Greenlee is really losing it, because of her, and wants to make things right. As she tells Zach they have to face the consequences, Erica walks up and tells Kendall she cannot do that! "You have to think of your family," Erica says. Jack comes out then and reminds them that he - and Greenlee! - used to be part of the family. No one says anything and Zach takes Kendall back to the courtroom. Tad is watching them all while he stands beside the fire alarm! The judge calls things back to order but before she can sentence Greenlee, Kendall tells her to stop! Just then, sirens begin going off, the sprinklers activate and the courtroom turns into chaos! Guards come in but Greenlee is nowhere to be found. Ryan arrives and catches Aidan, in a fireman's get-up, taking Greenlee from the scene. He lets them go!

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