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    All My Children CAST - Greenlee Smythe Lavery (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Greenlee Smythe Lavery (Past) Played by Sabine Singh on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sabine Singh

    Birthday: 1974
    Birthplace: New York, New York
    Marital Status: single
    Real Name: Sabine Singh


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    Manipulations and Lies

    Wednesday, December 05 2007

    In the bomb shelter Zach and Greenlee are still digging but aren't making much progress. Greenlee tells Zach he needs to rest and drink water but he insists on continuing. She nags him long enough that Zach throws down his shovel and rests. "Don't take them away from me, don't you do that," he says loudly enough for Greenlee to hear. Greenlee has no idea what that means and goes to him. He is talking to his cell. The battery is dead and he can't look at the pictures inside any longer. Close to giving up, Zach tosses the phone across the room. Greenlee picks it up. She offers Zach water but he doesn't want any. He tells Greenlee about one of the pictures on the phone - one of him with Ian at the hospital. Greens assures Zach that he will see both of his boys again, and not just in pictures. She tells him to picture his homecoming; Zach does. Moments later he tells Greenlee they need to start digging again. Back at the wall Greens tells Zach that they will get out of their predicament. She begins talking about Aidan. Greens realizes Zach is the reason she and Aidan found one another and thanks him for bringing them together. Zach doesn't see why he should be thanked and Greenlee points out that Zach hired Aidan to keep an eye on her. Zach sees their newfound romance a failure to complete the job Aidan was hired for. Greenlee tells him that her relationship with Aidan has begun very much like his relationship with Kendall began and hopes that their romance will continue the way Zach and Kendall's romance has. Zach asks Greenlee about things she and Aidan have in common and talks about his interests with Kendall. "This is weird, us being civil to one another," Greenlee says. Zach blames the stifling air. They begin to dig again.

    Ava Takes Booze To Jail!

    Tuesday, December 04 2007

    At the Slater home Kendall is talking with Rachael about the boys and Zach. After a few moments Rachael returns to the boys; Kendall focuses on a picture of Zach, not wanting to go to their bed without him. She falls asleep on the couch and dreams that she is running through the woods calling for Zach. She can't find him and no one answers. Finally she looks up and sees Zach, bleeding, beside a fallen log. He calls out to her, telling her that he needs her over and over. Kendall can't reach him. Suddenly Greenlee appears with a gun and points it at Zach. Kendall begins to scream. She wakes, determined to find Zach.

    Digging For Answers

    Monday, December 03 2007

    In the bomb shelter, Greenlee has almost reached the top of the ladder. She becomes very scared of the height but reaches up toward the ceiling anyway. When she doesn't touch anything, Greens realizes she has to keep climbing. She reaches up but the ladder gives way under her feet and she falls! Zach breaks her fall. Greenlee tells him she didn't see anything at the top but she did feel fresh air. Zach says that is their way out but neither knows how they can get to the top with the ladder in pieces on the ground. "We're gonna die down here, we're gonna die down here," she chants. Zach shakes Greenlee, trying to calm her down. He promises he'll find a way out for both of them. Greenlee becomes angry and tosses a can at the wall. Part of it crumbles away and Zach realizes they may be able to dig their way out! He begins to dig but doesn't get far before a portion of the wall collapses on him! He isn't hurt. Zach gets back to his feet and tells Greenlee they have to keep digging. He grabs the bottle of aspirin, tells Greenlee to stay quiet while he rests and takes a few pills. Greenlee asks about Kendall, wondering if she is happy now. Zach changes the bandage on his hand as Greenlee continues to pepper him with questions about Kendall's actions. Zach informs Greenlee that Kendall is over their friendship and the only feeling she has left is fear! He tells her about Kendall locking them all in Ian's hospital room. That stuns Greenlee. "If Kendall watched you die, she would still have to look over her shoulder every time your name is mentioned," he says. Greenlee doesn't believe him so Zach points out all the horrible things she has done since returning to Pine Valley. She tells him she deals with her actions everyday; he reminds her that Spike, Ian and Kendall do, too. Then, he says no one will ever forgive her. Zach returns to the wall and continues digging. After a while Greenlee joins him.

    Families and Other Strangers

    Friday, November 30 2007

    In the bomb shelter Greenlee asks Zach why Kendall didn't tell the truth in court. He says he wouldn't let her! They argue and Zach tries to sit up; something at the top of the shelter catches his eye and he points it out. He gets to his feet wondering if the object could be a ladder. They argue for a while about Greenlee "impersonating" Kendall to get answers from him. Finally Zach moves to the wall and pulls down a tarp. It is hiding a ladder! They realize they will have to climb to reach it. Greenlee volunteers and they work together to reach the ladder. Zach rigs a pulley system and Greenlee begins to climb. Greenlee reaches the ladder, which is attached to the wall. Zach encourages her when Greenlee gets scared. She continues to climb!

    JR Receives Prison Visitors

    Thursday, November 29 2007

    In the bomb shelter Greenlee watches Zach, who has passed out again. With only a few flashlights on, it is dark inside. She can't forget what Zach said - that he would hurt her again if he had to! She limps over to him, slaps his face and pretends to be Kendall again so she can get even more information from him. Zach wakes and sees Kendall, not Greenlee. He asks her not to leave him. Greenlee, pretending to be Kendall, asks Zach why he isn't grateful to Greenlee for saving his life! When Zach doesn't answer, Greenlee keeps going, asking why the Slater's kept up the lies to get to her. Zach doesn't want to talk about Greenlee so Greenlee talks to him anyway. She tells him that she was coming back with Spike and that she doesn't want to hurt any of them. In his delirium Zach says he will kill anyone who tries to hurt his family! He passes out again but Greenlee manages to wake him. He asks about the lobster and Greenlee pretends to know what he is talking about. Zach begins mumbling about paradise and says they can't go back. He brings up the court date and shocks Greenlee when he talks about Kendall wanting to tell the truth. She keeps pushing to find out why Kendall didn't tell the truth in court. Zach's vision clears and he realizes it is Greenlee questioning him.

    Zach's Delusional!

    Wednesday, November 28 2007

    Greenlee checks Zach's temperature in the bomb shelter and finds he is burning up. She begs him to wake up and yell at her so she won't be alone. Using a damp cloth to cool him, Greenlee is surprised when Zach wakes. He is delirious and asks about the light shining at him. Greenlee tells him to stay away from the light, not realizing that he is re-living the crash. She gets him to focus on her for a bit. "Where's Kendall?" Zach asks, believing that Greenlee has done something to Kendall! Greenlee tells Zach that she doesn't know where Kendall is and reminds him that she is the one who has been keeping him alive in the bomb shelter. Smiling at her, Zach loses himself in another delusion - he thinks Greenlee is Kendall and tells her that he loves her! Greenlee catches on that Zach believes he is talking to Kendall and goes along with the delusion. Zach pledges his love to Kendall and apologizes for not taking better care of her. Greenlee, still pretending to be Kendall, says she loves him too! Zach passes out again. Greenlee prays that Aidan will find her. Zach comes to, still delirious, talking about going home to Kendall and the boys. Greenlee cleans his head wound again. Since he is out of it, Greenlee asks a few pointed questions about Greenlee - wondering if he wants to drop the feud. Zach says they've already done everything but he'll do it again if he has to!

    It's Over!

    Tuesday, November 27 2007

    Meanwhile in the bomb shelter, Greenlee is freaking out because the hole has been sealed up. She thinks they are going to die down there! Zach stays quiet in the corner but the more Greenlee freaks out, the more annoyed he gets. She grabs several cans of food and throws them at the ceiling, yelling for help. Zach tries to hold her but Greenlee can't contain her rage and overturns a few shelves. Finally, she collapses on the cot. Zach sits down with Greens for a bit until she calms down. After a while, she gets up and begins to build a tower that they can climb to reach the top of the shelter. It isn't very high, which Zach points out, but Greenlee tries to climb to the steps anyhow. She is almost to the entrance when she falls. Zach grimaces and then goes to help her up. Greenlee is knocked out but Zach manages to rouse her. "Let me explain something to you: we're stuck in here, you and me," he says, "so pull it together." She hyperventilates and has a panic attack. To make her calm down, Zach kisses her! Greenlee begins to breath normally so Zach releases her but as soon as he draws away she begins to hyperventilate again. Zach tells her to think of someplace safe so in her mind, Greenlee goes to Aidan. He picks her up and takes her to a romantic meal being prepared in the shelter. Greenlee opens her eyes and thanks Zach for helping her calm down. He stands up and then collapses. Greenlee sits with him, begging him to wake up.

    Richie Seals Zach's Fate!

    Monday, November 26 2007

    Meanwhile in the bomb shelter, Greenlee and Zach hear a noise and begin calling for help. From above, Richie calls down to them and asks who they are; when he can't hear them well, he asks them to bang pots together if one of them is Zach Slater. Greenlee bangs the pots together and Richie knows he is in the right place. He tells them help is on the way. After a while, Greenlee realizes this isn't necessarily a good thing and begins ranting about going back to jail for a crime she didn't commit! Zach reminds her she isn't an innocent victim, but that only makes Greenlee more upset. She begins calling for help but no one answer. Outside, Richie has a coughing fit. "Your turkey's almost cooked," he whispers. Down below, Zach paces the room a little bit but becomes tired and starts to fall asleep. Greenlee grabs him, shakes him and yells at him, trying to get him to wake up. Above, Richie begins to drag a heavy metal plate over the bomb shelter's opening! When the room goes dark, Greenlee is surprised. Zach isn't. "He didn’t come to save us," he says and walks away from Greens.

    It's Thanksgiving!

    Wednesday, November 21 2007

    In the bomb shelter, Zach and Greenlee are resting. Greens wakes up first and sees a shaft of light through the hole they fell into. She limps over to Zach, who is in really bad shape, and places a cool cloth over his forehead. He is very groggy and seems to be having nightmares, which worries Greenlee. Finally he wakes but tries to push Greenlee away. She won't let him manhandle her and insists that he let her use a little water to keep him cool. Zach allows that. After a while, he realizes this is the day Ian was to come home from the hospital. He tells Greenlee they have to get out - now!

    Meanwhile, Richie is in the woods beginning to look for Zach! When he doesn't find a sign of the other man, Richie begins kicking up leaves and throws a bit of a fit. "Tell me you drug yourself into the woods to die," he says and continues into the woods. Richie wanders around for a while but doesn't find any sign of Zach. He trips and falls. A tall mountain man walks up and tells Richie he doesn't belong there! The mountain man yells at Richie a while and then walks away. A little freaked out, Richie goes the other direction. Richie is becoming weaker by the moment but refuses to give up the search. He falls time after time but keeps getting up. He falls once more, looks to the side, and sees Zach's lighter! With renewed strength, Richie gets up and continues his search. Richie falls again and is having trouble breathing but refuses to give up on the search for Zach. He crawls through the woods and knocks some leaves into the hole! Greenlee gets excited and runs to the opening!

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