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    All My Children CAST - Greenlee Smythe Lavery (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Greenlee Smythe Lavery (Past) Played by Sabine Singh on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sabine Singh

    Birthday: 1974
    Birthplace: New York, New York
    Marital Status: single
    Real Name: Sabine Singh


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    Hannah's Nuts!

    Friday, January 04 2008

    Hannah checks her reflection in a mirror at her Yacht Club room and likes what she sees. Dressed only in her underwear she picks up a high-powered rifle and takes aim! Satisfied with her gun, she gets dressed. Hannah arrives at the rooftop across from Greenlee's penthouse! She sets up the gun and takes aim! Through the viewfinder Hannah watches Ryan, then Aidan, Greenlee and Zach and finally focuses on Kendall!

    Babe arrives at Greenlee's apartment as Ryan tries to reach Annie once more on the phone. She tells him about Richie dying and says Annie is with him; Ryan doesn't like that turn of events. Outside on the rooftop Hannah takes aim again but Kendall moves before she can get the shot off. Ryan turns to the group and sees the red dot from Hannah's gun on Kendall's forehead. He runs for Kendall and is shot in the head!

    Kendall Confesses In Court

    Thursday, January 03 2008

    Aidan walks in to Greenlee's hospital room, ready to take her home. Greens suggests going to Kendall's court hearing and Aidan tries to change her mind. He tells her she is too weak but Greenlee insists on going, even if she has to wheel herself over in a wheelchair. Joe walks in and listens for a second. He tells her that under no circumstances can she go to the hearing; Joe says he'll keep her in the hospital if she won't agree to go straight home.

    Meanwhile at the courthouse, Jack goes over the game plan with Kendall and Zach. He tells them they need to stick with their "emotional duress" plea but Kendall insists on total honesty, saying she wasn't going crazy and knew exactly what she was doing to Greenlee! Ryan listens. Zach steps in, saying she wasn't acting like a sane woman any more than he was acting like a sane man. When that doesn't work Ryan plays the Spike and Ian card, asking Kendall how she can be a mom from behind prison bars. Jack steps back in, telling Kendall if they don't take the plea she will spend 30 or 40 years in prison. Kendall asks what will happen with Greenlee. Jack doesn't have an answer. All of them go into the courtroom as it the judge arrives. She asks for Kendall's plea and before Jack can say anything, Kendall tells the judge that she is guilty of all the charges. The prosecutor and Jack are explaining the plea agreement when Kendall interrupts again and tells them all, "I wanted Greenlee Smythe to rot in hell!" The judge asks Kendall to explain and Kendall begins by telling her about Spike's injuries, then about Ian and then tells the judge that every time she turned around Greenlee was there. Zach tries to explain things, too, but the judge orders him to shut up and sit down. Kendall goes on with her explanation and tells the judge exactly how she set up Greenlee at the boathouse. Jack tries again to step in but the judge won't listen to him. Kendall tells the judge about the most recent events - from Greenlee's own injuries to the new findings about Spike. As she talks Aidan wheels Greenlee in to the courtroom. The judge thanks Kendall for finally telling the truth but says she still needs to be punished. Greenlee asks the judge if she can give her side of the story. The judge invites her forward and Greens is sworn in. Kendall tries to object but the judge won't hear it. Greenlee tells the judge about the happenings of two years before, explaining that she was obsessed with Spike when she returned to Pine Valley. As Greenlee is testifying Hannah walks in to the courtroom. Greenlee steps down and Jack takes center stage, telling the judge that Kendall's physical and psychological state pushed her terror level up. "She was under extreme emotional duress," Jack says. The judge still doesn't like the plea agreement that Jack and the prosecutor have set up. She asks everyone to stay in the courtroom while she reviews the facts. Greenlee comes up to Kendall and asks why she didn't tell the judge about the attempted kidnapping. Erica walks in as the judge calls the session back to order. She tells the gathering that Greenlee coming to Kendall's defense was helpful and she accepts the plea agreement. Kendall is sentenced to 5 years probation, a $50,000 fine and 5,000 hours of community service. Court is dismissed. Frowning, Hannah storms out of the courtroom as Zach, Kendall and the others celebrate.

    Hannah Makes A Move!

    Wednesday, January 02 2008

    At the hospital Jack tells Greenlee that he wants to defend Kendall against the charges. Greens can't believe it. Jack leaves. A few minutes later Aidan walks in and Greenlee tells him the news. She slips up and comments that Aidan is with Kendall, which unsettles him. Greenlee corrects her mistake and says she only meant that he is friends with Kendall. She asks Aidan why Kendall is turning herself in, worrying that Kendall is making a bad decision. Aidan tells her he'll find out what is going on with Kendall and leaves. Joe arrives a while later to check on Greenlee. She asks when she can go home and Joe says it will be a while because of the problems with her system. Greens begs him to allow her to go home and Joe caves in. He gives her specific instructions to cut out all stress and not to work, saying she isn't in immediate danger, and says she could go home the next day. Joe tells Greenlee she has to come back for regular testing beginning Monday. She agrees to his terms for her hospital dismissal.

    Aidan returns to Greenlee's hospital room and updates her on Kendall. He joins her in the bed and they snuggle together. "My dreams are starting to come true," Greenlee says and lays her head on Aidan's chest.

    Kendall Rings in 2008 in the Slammer

    Monday, December 31 2007

    Erica, in a ruffly red dress, enters the yacht club and immediately catches Jack’s eye. Both convinced that it was the other who sent the invitation, they sit to have a drink together. After talking awhile, they figure out that someone set them up to meet and deduce that it was Lily. Erica starts to leave, but Jack won’t let her go. He wants to celebrate with Erica that Greenlee’s alive and safe, but Erica brings up old hurts, namely when he’d told her that he didn’t love her anymore. “We’re destined to need each other, we’re fated to love each other. And you can’t look me in the eye and tell me that you don’t feel that, too,” she tells him.

    Kendall’s in mid-confession in Greenlee’s hospital room. “Greenlee didn’t try to kidnap Spike. I lied to the police. I’m the one who was guilty,” she tells Derek. Zach jumps in and tells Derek to arrest him instead of Kendall, saying Derek has the wrong suspect. Kendall won’t let Zach confess and things get confusing. Derek wants to ask questions, but both Greenlee and Aidan try to get Derek to leave them alone to recover. Derek says he’ll go back to the station but he expects someone to come in and “do the right thing.” He leaves.

    With Derek gone from Greenlee’s room, the gang argues about who is guilty of what. Kendall tells Greenlee that she has no idea all the ways she’s betrayed her. Greenlee’s curious: is there something else that Kendall’s done? Kendall backs off and steps out to “get some air.” Greenlee asks Aidan to get her a sandwich, leaving Greenlee and Zach alone. In steps Hannah. Zach gives Hannah her not-so-subtle walking papers, saying they’ll “talk at the office.” He and Greenlee are alone again, joking. Suddenly, Greenlee starts to feel ill, and passes out. Zach rushes for help.

    Aidan confronts Kendall in the hospital corridor. “Do I have to worry that you’re going to tell the truth that we slept together?” he asks. Kendall’s totally wracked with guilt over what they did, but Aidan calls her selfish for breaking Greenlee’s and Zach’s hearts to get the guilt off her chest. They’re interrupted by a nurse, who tells them to get back to Greenlee’s room, asap.

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