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    All My Children CAST - Greenlee Smythe Lavery (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Greenlee Smythe Lavery (Past) Played by Sabine Singh on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sabine Singh

    Birthday: 1974
    Birthplace: New York, New York
    Marital Status: single
    Real Name: Sabine Singh


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    Ava Takes Control!

    Wednesday, October 17 2007

    JR gets a call and starts to leave the yacht club but Greenlee stops him. She wants to know if he is playing her! JR sits down with Greenlee, reminding her that the papers he found are very real looking and also brining up Zach's propensity for thinking way ahead. Greens asks about the location but JR doesn't know. Greenlee has a new mission: to find her frozen embryo's. "These belong to me and I'm going to be the one to get them back," she says! JR tells Greenlee that she needs help and he is just the guy to give it. He convinces her to lay low and let "his guys" keep digging to find all of the evidence. Greenlee sits down, wondering if Kendall is involved. JR tells her Kendall is probably in the dark but tells her that when they have all the evidence - and show it to her - it might be enough to pull her away from Zach! JR insists that she let him find the dirt and Greenlee pretends to agree. When JR is gone, she decides to do a little digging of her own.

    Hannah interrupts Josh, who is working at Zach's desk. She flirts with him and begins to question Josh about Chandler Enterprises. Josh hedges but Hannah pushes, asking why there haven't been employee changes or plant closures. Josh hedges a little more and Hannah brings up JR, wondering if he is involved. Josh gets really curious where Hannah is getting her information about Zach and JR working together and tells Hannah that Zach is definitely not working with JR. He gets a call; Hannah doesn't believe Josh for a second. They continue talking and Greenlee barges in, asking to see Josh. Hannah pretends to leaves but is listening in just outside when Greenlee tells Josh that Zach may still have her fertilized eggs! Josh asks where she got her information and when Greenlee won't tell him, suggests that whoever it was is just messing with her. Greenlee won't let go, though. She asks him to help her find out where Zach might be hiding her eggs, reminding him of the bad things Greg did and telling him that he isn't like Greg. She asks him to help her find the truth. Josh changes the subject and tells her to go on vacation for a while. She can't let it go but Josh refuses to help her. Greens asks him to keep her visit from Zach and he agrees, as long as she promises to stop looking in to the past. Greenlee leaves. In the hall she calls JR and tells him to keep looking! Hannah is listening from around the corner!

    In her old condo, Kendall lights a candle and calls Greenlee to set up a meeting! Greenlee arrives and sees candles lighting the room and Spike's mangled carseat sitting in the middle of the floor!

    JR Gives Greenlee Hope

    Tuesday, October 16 2007

    Aidan calls Greenlee at the yacht club. They flirt for a bit and then Aidan asks Greens to join him in Chicago. Greenlee turns him down by telling him about her meeting with Kendall in the park. Aidan points out that Kendall's change of heart has been very abrupt but Greenlee insists on looking at the positive - that they are both trying to work things out. Aidan isn't so sure that Kendall is fully on the forgive-and-forget bandwagon. He hangs up. Moments later the family of the dead child arrives at the house in Chicago. He asks them about Richie Novak. The couple tells Aidan about their son, Jay, who drowned on a camping trip with Richie. They sing Richie's praises, telling him that Richie helped them so much. The woman brings up another child who blamed Richie for the death and Aidan asks them more about that child. They tell him that the child who blamed Richie wasn't a credible witness and was severely disturbed himself. They remember the boy's name was Tommy but not much else and then go back to singing Richie's praises. They get a ball that all the scouts signed and Aidan finds Tommy's full name.

    JR arrives at the yacht club and tracks down Greenlee, inviting her to have breakfast with him. He tries to set things right by apologizing to her for his reactions the night Babe and little A disappeared with Richie. Greenlee gets up to leave but JR stops her. He says he has been investigating Zach since the hostile takeover of Chandler - he tells her that the blackout is not the reason she has no children! JR beats around the bush, making Greenlee more curious as he becomes even more vague about why the information he has on Zach may be interesting to her - and Ryan! Finally he hooks her by asking what happened to her eggs after the blackout. Greenlee reminds JR that Greg Madden disposed of the eggs after the blackout; JR reminds Greenlee that Zach always keeps something in his pocket to use as insurance. She becomes even more curious. Zach calls JR and tells him to hurry up with their Greenlee project. JR hangs up and asks Greenlee if she can be certain that her eggs were destroyed. Greenlee doesn't believe him until JR pulls out the file that Zach gave him to convince Greens. She can't believe what she is looking at.

    Josh Madden: Hunky Spy!

    Monday, October 15 2007

    Kendall takes Spike to the park to meet Greenlee. She is very excited but Kendall is only playing the part. Greenlee begins to sign to Spike, angering Kendall! Greenlee apologizes, unsure what she did wrong. She tells Kendall that she is lucky to have Spike and that she is a great mom! She wonders why Kendall doesn't sign with Spike and she says that she communicates with Spike through expressions and talking. "It's almost magical," she says. Greens makes a quick move toward Spike, who has a leaf in his hair, and Kendall overreacts, pulling back from Greens. Greenlee backs off and they chat about Fusion for a while. Greenlee tells Kendall she needs to relax and stop worrying about work; Kendall agrees to try. Greens brings up the pregnancy with Spike, pointing out that the park looked the same then as it does now. She tells Kendall that if she could she would go back in time to that time so that they could be friends again. "You still hate me, don't you?" she asks. Kendall convinces Greenlee that she doesn't hate her but that she isn't sure how to recapture their old friendship. Both "agree" that they miss the good ol' days! Kendall asks if they can meet again the next day but Greenlee has a trip with Aidan in the works. She decides to forget about the trip so she can be there for Kendall and for Fusion. Kendall can't believe the sacrifice she is willing to make. Spike makes some fussy noises and Kendall decides it is time to go. Greenlee thanks Kendall for the time they spent together and then leaves. When she is alone Kendall promises Spike that he won't have to see Greens much longer.

    Ryan, Richie, and Revenge!

    Friday, October 12 2007

    At the Slater House, Kendall is telling off her Greenlee Ghost when Zach walks in. She blunders a bit when he asks who she’s talking to, but pulls it together, telling him that she ran into Greenlee at the hospital and it brought back so many memories and she was just blowing off steam. “You sure that’s all it is?” he asks, looking skeptical as he takes Spike out of her arms. She assures him she’s fine. She changes the subject to Ryan and Annie. Zach tells her that Ryan and Aidan got off the hook. Kendall wonders if everyone’s going to expect her to go easy on Greenlee now that Ryan is. Zach presses Kendall to start a new business, one away from Greenlee, but Kendall isn’t buying. “This whole thing with Greenlee…” Kendall says. “I’m going to deal with this my way.”

    Aidan and Greenlee are still at The Comeback, talking about their upcoming trip. She says Fusion won’t miss her, as long as she checks in. Lots of flirting ensues, and Aidan thanks Greenlee for standing by him and Ryan when they were arrested. He takes her hand and kisses it, then leans across the table and kisses her on the lips. This must be Greenlee’s good day! She turns and a woman smiles at her. She couldn’t be happier; it seems she’s finally shaking the image of “Town Pariah.” Things get heavy as Greenlee thanks Aidan for being there for her. Greenlee’s gotta go, but before she can head out, her phone rings. It’s Kendall! Kendall wants to meet, and now Greenlee’s torn – go out of town with Aidan or stay to meet with Kendall? “Will you hate me if I stuck around here for a few days more?” she asks Aidan, and, though Aidan is perturbed and he’s not exactly believing the whole “secret friendship pact” thing, he agrees.

    Zach and Kendall have gotten cozy on the couch by the fire. Kendall admits that she’s feeling apprehensive about Spike’s implant surgery. She goes into Fretting Mother mode, but before she can ramp up too much, Zach calms her, admitting he’s scared, too, but reminding her why they’d made the decision that this was best for Spike. Kendall starts in then about Greenlee and how everything is her fault, but Zach interrupts. “How about a cup of tea?” he says, and scurries off to the kitchen to make one. Kendall gets up and looks forlornly into Spike’s crib. Zach, out of earshot, makes a phone call.

    Back with the tea, Zach lays it on Kendall that he’s got to go to the office. “No more talking to the wall,” he admonishes before he leaves. Kendall promises that she’ll “vent in a more constructive manner.” No sooner is Zach out the door, Kendall has her laptop open and begins working on the “Greenlee Diary” once again. The phone rings and it’s Greenlee, telling Kendall she wants to meet after all. Kendall tells her to meet her in the park, then hangs up the phone and says, to Spike, “We’ve got her!”

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