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    All My Children CAST - Greenlee Smythe Lavery (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Greenlee Smythe Lavery (Past) Played by Sabine Singh on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sabine Singh

    Birthday: 1974
    Birthplace: New York, New York
    Marital Status: single
    Real Name: Sabine Singh


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    Aidan Hacks The Cambias Mainframe!

    Thursday, October 25 2007

    At The Comeback, Aidan begins to hack into Zach's computer files! Tad comes by and offers to help but Aidan would rather work alone. Tad goes back inside and Aidan breaks down another of Zach's firewalls. Greenlee calls and asks for an update. Aidan says he is making progress and Greenlee offers to join him at The Comeback. Aidan finally breaks through the last firewall and begins to search for the records in earnest.

    Greenlee goes to Jack's for a visit and some advice. She tells him she wants to have a baby! Jack is quiet and Greenlee begins to think he doesn't believe she deserves children of her own. Jack says she'll be a great mother and that starting her own family may be the best way to move on with her life. They hug. Jack is taken aback, though, when Greenlee tells him that her embryos weren't destroyed after all! Jack tells her that having Ryan's child isn't the answer. Greenlee says she doesn't want to have Ryan's child but that those embryos were hers and she wants them back. Jack tells her they should take what they know to the police but Greenlee insists that they keep the authorities out of it. Jack promises to keep her secret after Greenlee swears that Ryan is not the reason she wants the embryos back. Erica arrives. Greenlee makes a quick exit and Erica asks about the visit. He asks her why they can't just be together without the kids intruding but she can't drop the Greenlee subject. He asks about Bianca, annoying Erica. She tells Jack that she believes Greenlee is planning to kidnap Spike - again!

    A young girl comes on to Tad at The Comeback. Hannah interrupts and plants a hot kiss on Tad! The young girl stomps off. Tad tells Hannah that the young girl was doing great and didn't need any kissing tips; Hannah flirts with him, saying she just wanted him to have the best kiss. They banter about romantic entanglements and begin shooting pool. Colby and Dre arrive to pick up a to-go order for the band. Colby spies Tad and Hannah and wonders about them. She wonders if things are really over with Tad and Krystal. Dre advises her to have a family meeting to get everything out in the open but Colby can't picture making that kind of meeting happen. She grabs their food bags and they leave. Across the room Tad and Hannah have a few more drinks and a do a little more flirting. Both admit that the kiss affected them. Tad gets a tiny cut on his finger and Hannah invites him back to her place to bandage it up! They leave the bar as Greenlee arrives and asks Aidan what he has found out!

    Krystal and Adam Sleep Together!

    Tuesday, October 23 2007

    Meanwhile Aidan calls the airlines to book an extra seat - for Greenlee! - on his next flight to Chicago to research Richie. She stops him and tells him that she may want to have a baby! Greenlee tells Aidan what JR told her about her eggs, stunning Aidan. She shows him the folder of evidence but Aidan is still not sure that JR or the information is on the up and up. Aidan is also unsure why she would still want to have Ryan's child. Greens says it wouldn't be Ryan's child, it would be hers! She could care less who fertilized the eggs, as long as she can use them. Aidan doesn't like the idea of Greenlee having Ryan's child but starts to look through the papers JR gave her. After a while he asks Greenlee how she'll find a surrogate, raise the kids and how Ryan will react. Greenlee doesn't have any answers. He points out that she could have a child with newly fertilized eggs but she can't let go of the possibility that the old eggs still exist. "I have a right to them," she says, "I want them back. Aidan agrees to help her find out more about the embryos and asks Greenlee to keep a low profile until he finds out more. She agrees. They kiss and hug and Aidan leaves. Alone, Greenlee fantasizes about a life with Aidan - and kids! She dreams that they are all friends: Ryan and Annie, Kendall and Zach, she and Aidan. "One big, happy, extended family," she says and then closes the door.

    Stuck In An Elevator

    Monday, October 22 2007

    Zach and Greenlee are arguing at the hospital. She asks him about the embryos but he doesn't answer. Josh listens in from the hallway; Julia comes over and tells Greenlee that her appointment has been rescheduled. Greenlee walks off and Zach asks Josh about Greens' doctor - Josh says the doc is a fertility specialist! Zach likes this piece of information and leaves. Julia follows Greenlee and asks if she is okay. Greenlee vents a little about Zach and asks Julia if they can talk. They sit down and Greenlee apologizes for venting to her. "It's like one look at him and I'm right back there at the night of the blackout," she says. She goes on to tell Julia that she has to understand exactly what happened that night to be able to let it go. Julia isn't sure Greenlee should go there but offers to help her do some research. Julia tells Greenlee what she knows: that frozen embryos can be viable for a decade or more and that fertility docs prefer that women have all of the procedures done in the same office as that of the embryos. She asks Greenlee if she is thinking about having a baby. Greenlee admits that she is but isn't sure if she'll go through with it. They talk about becoming moms and Julia tells Greenlee about the things Greg did to her. Julia brings up adoption but Greenlee thinks she wants to try for a biological child first. Julia tells Greens not to give up, no matter which route she takes. The nurse joins them and tells Greenlee that the doctor is ready for her.

    In the NICU, Josh tells Zach that he is having second thoughts about the Greenlee plan. Zach is focused on Ian until Josh talks about the harm they could do to Greenlee's psyche. He reminds Josh of the things Greenlee has done to Ian, Spike and Kendall. Josh tells Zach that he can't keep working on the next project because of the things that Greg did in the past. Zach is understanding and offers Josh an out. He, however, is going to keep working on the project because even if Greenlee stays in Pine Valley, Zach is certain that at least he can protect Kendall and the boys because Greens will be out of Fusion. "Greenlee is a threat to my family," he says, "and I will do what needs to be done." Greenlee walks past, sees Josh and Zach - they don't see her - and then walks away. Josh asks Zach how he will explain things to Spike and Ian; Zach doesn't have an answer to that. He tells Josh that he can't stop the plan but tells Josh that he can back away any time. He says Josh will understand when he has a woman in his life who is more important than anything else. Kendall calls and asks Zach to bring Spike home tonight.

    Aidan confronts Kendall, wondering where Greenlee is. They argue about the past - Zach and Greenlee specifically. He asks where Greens is now, worried about her. Kendall tells him she doesn't know and tells him to call Greenlee if he's so excited to see her. He refuses and asks about the package she brought in to Greenlee's apartment; Kendall makes up a story about a contract for Fusion but he doesn't buy it. Aidan tells Kendall exactly what he thinks: that she is setting Greenlee up for something! Kendall tells him that she is only trying to work through their issues so that they can work together somewhat peaceably. Aidan still doesn't believe her and pushes the issue but Kendall sticks to her story. She starts to leave and Aidan asks about the "contract" she brought with her. Frustrated she shows him the things in her bag - all clothes for Spike. She turns the tables and asks why he is so concerned with Greenlee. Aidan turns the subject back to Kendall and Greenlee. Finally she tells him a little about her plans - that she is trying to keep her relationship with Greenlee a secret with Zach because he wouldn't understand. She gets angry, believing that Greenlee has told Aidan everything and tells him to tell her that their deal is off! Aidan can't believe that Kendall is going to drop Greenlee just like that. As they argue, Greenlee listens in from the hall. Kendall finally admits that she wasn’t leaving anything for Greenlee - she says she was on her way over to apologize for their earlier disagreement. Aidan still doesn't believe her. She goes on to tell him about Spike's change in condition. Greenlee comes inside. Kendall apologizes to her and offers Greenlee the keys (Bianca's keys!) that she has been using to get into Greens' apartment. She starts to leave but Greenlee stops her. She starts to say something but then stops herself and says she'll see Kendall at the office the next day. Kendall leaves. Aidan hugs Greenlee and tells her they need to talk about Kendall. Greenlee kisses him and asks him to hold her.

    Richie Gets A Job Offer

    Friday, October 19 2007

    Kendall reminds Greenlee that Spike already has siblings and then realizes that Greenlee means her own child! Greens tells Kendall that she may still want children of her own but doesn't say anything about the eggs. Angry, Kendall tells Greenlee that their children couldn't be friends because Greenlee's children will never face the trials that Spike and Ian have already faced! Greenlee realizes that she and Kendall can never be friends and turns to leave. Kendall stops her. Greenlee tells Kendall that she won't allow her to continue walking all over on her and points out that Kendall still has her children - but Greenlee doesn't because of Zach! Kendall completely surprised Greens by saying they may just need more time to get past all of the drama of the last few months. Greenlee leaves.

    Greenlee goes straight to Pine Valley Memorial and asks a nurse to put her in touch with a fertility specialist. The nurse leaves and Zach walks up!

    Krystal Wants Adam Back!

    Thursday, October 18 2007

    Greenlee has no idea what is going on with Kendall and asks what she wants. Kendall reminds Greenlee about the accident (as if she could have forgotten) and then tells her about Spike's latest setback. She blames Greenlee for all of it! Emotionally, Greenlee asks Kendall to let her help but Kendall won't allow that. "It should have been you," Kendall says and is surprised when Greenlee agrees - and wishes it had been her who was hurt. Kendall leads Greenlee to the candle circle and they sit with Spike's car seat between them. Kendall points out the bloodstains and asks Greenlee to go over every detail of the accident. Greens phone rings - it's Aidan - but she doesn't answer it. Greenlee doesn't want to go back to that day but she can't help remembering. Kendall insists on knowing everything and won't let Greens leave. Greenlee's phone starts to ring and Kendall orders her to shut it off. Greenlee takes the phone and says the phone is what saved Spike's life. "Then who almost took it?" Kendall asks and Greenlee tearfully says she did! Kendall steps out of the circle and asks Greenlee to recreate the scene. Greens asks her to stop but Kendall won't. Crying, Greenlee picks up the seat and places it upside down across the room. Kendall begins to cry, too, and asks Greenlee what she said to Spike so she will know what were the last words that Spike heard! Greens swears she doesn't remember but Kendall doesn't buy it and demands to know. Greenlee tells Kendall that she told Spike he was going home to be with her; Kendall breaks down, crying. Greenlee holds her. Pulling herself together, Kendall backs away from Greenlee. She tells the other woman that she can't be nice to her and they can't be friends ever again. Greenlee says she would go back in time to fix things if she could and that gives her an idea. "Maybe we can," she says! Kendall tells her they can't go back in time. Greenlee suggests they become a family again - by having a brother or sister for Spike!

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